2008 Bacon Party @ Tulie’s!

Last night I attended a bacon party @ Tulie’s house. The theme being that we brought as many bacon dishes as possible – mostly they were variations of bacon sandwiches, but there were some inspired creations, specifically a bacon-wrapped chicken & portabello with cheese concoction, candied bacon ice cream (Yes, Bacon ICE CREAM) and then […]

Atlanta Yelp Elite!

So instead of being tired and bumming around the house after work yesterday – we decided to wake up and actually go out and do the things we planned on doing. (Sometimes we decide that we’re just tired.) So we rushed to get ready and leave the house then arrived at Valentina’s book signing at […]

Lauren’s Graduation

Woohoo- fun weekend in Baltimore with my loooooooong-time, super awesome friend (and Maid of Honor!), Lauren. She just graduated from UMB with her Master’s in Social Work and I’m so very proud of her. We had a great time celebrating with her family and her boyfriend, Silas. Check out the slideshow!

Sun in My Belly & StandUp for Kids!

Leah’s back in town and after finally getting up in the morning, we eventually met up with our friends and Pet-Sitters extraordinaire – Anna & Chris for lunch @ Sun in my Belly. The food is SO good there. It’s insanely awesome and if you’re looking for a new breakfast/lunch spot – check them out. […]

Kiva.org – DIY Micro Lending!

I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to discover Kiva.org – But I’m glad that I eventually did – because while we volunteer at StandUp for Kids on Wednesday nights, it’s a very different endeavor than loaning money to someone in a developing nation. For those who have no idea what micro […]

43 Things & Our List is Growing

So. A while back – as in like over a year ago, I signed up on 43things.com – and could only muster a short list of about 11 things. It’s grown to 23things now – and I’ve even completed a few of the ‘goals’ that I put down. However, getting up to 43things and making […]