Leah’s back in town and after finally getting up in the morning, we eventually met up with our friends and Pet-Sitters extraordinaire – Anna & Chris for lunch @ Sun in my Belly. The food is SO good there. It’s insanely awesome and if you’re looking for a new breakfast/lunch spot – check them out.

Sure, it looks like burned bacon – but it’s not! It’s really, honestly some of the best bacon you’ll find here in Atlanta. It’s honey glazed so what you see as a dark, burnt outer layer is actually a dark, magical layer of extra sweet bacon goodness. Coupled with eggs and a biscuit and you have a breakfast that anyone in Phoenix would be jealous of (since they have no such thing even close to a decent biscuit out there in Arizona.)

Our allergies were kicking up yesterday so even though we went through most of the day in a haze that eventually forced us to take a Sunday afternoon nap (those can be so great), we skipped out on the Picadilly excursion with our Yelp friends but got up to make it over to the StandUp for Kids benefit concert that was held at the institution that is Smith’s Olde Bar. – I could say more about StandUp in this post, but here’s the link to a description of what it’s like for me when I volunteer there – originally posted on Yelp.com – Click Here.

And so. On this busy Monday morning, first here’s a slideshow of the photos from the show last night, and then also just some video thrown together. 🙂 It’s the start of the week and this one isn’t any less busy than the last few.

Oh. The music playing in this first slideshow is the song Country Home by the first band last night – KneckDown. There were two other bands but we left early in the middle of the second act.

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  1. Oooh..before I gave up Pork I used to make this broiled bacon dipped in a mixture of brown sugar and cayenne pepper. We coined it “Sweet Jesus” bacon after somebody tasted it and said “sweet Jesus!!! … that’s good bacon!” I kinda miss it.

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