A General Stroke of Randomness

Whoa. It’s slowly been getting warmer and warmer here in Atlanta. We’re moving to our new apartment in Inman Park in about a month and we just can’t wait! The place is great but the location is even more fun. Especially after growing up deep in the suburbs of west Phoenix – we’re talking 91stRead more

PBR & Midnight Moving

I saw these the other day on my commute to work – I’m a sucker for advertising that I like. Yes, it’s like taking a photo of a photo. But Look! She has a PBR Grill! Our Friends Anna & Chris called us up last night so we could help them with a midnight moveRead more

Natasha Beddingfield @ The Variety

So. We had tickets to this concert down the street but after coming home from work, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go anymore – plus I wasn’t feeling right, even after taking a nap – but instead of wasting the money and just sitting around home we decided to suck it up andRead more

It Doesn’t Stop. Good Morning.

Whoa. That was a pretty great weekend. On Sunday we met up with some of Leah’s old friends from high school and went down to the Shakespeare Tavern to watch Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead – it was a pretty good production, but it does get wordy in parts. Still. This was the 3rd playRead more