Pengyou Time

Pengyou = Friend, and yesterday was a friend-filled day.  First we went to the Dirt Market, Panjiayuan.  This place is only open on weekends and it is packed full of vendors, shoppers, and pretty much any Chinese art, souvenir, antique, etc. you could ever hope to find.  Some people get uncomfortable with the constant shouts […]

Leaving Beijing – And Coming Back!

We are leaving Beijing today – and coming back at the end of the month. It will be nice because we’re staying at the same hostel when we get back – and the staff is kind of like extended family almost. Just very friendly, helpful, casual, and always up for conversation – language barrier be […]

The Beijing Dirt Market & 798 District

On this day in Beijing, China we made new friends and everything felt a little less touristy, less foreign, and more like we belonged, or at least could eventually find our groove when we choose to leave the US and make the move not across the pond, but across the ocean that is the Pacific. […]

Beijing Is Wearing Me Out

Yes. I am getting run down and I’ve only been here for three days. Fortunately, instead of taking a 2 hour + bus ride to the Great Wall tomorrow, we’re just going to relax a little – and I’m going to work on my reports that I really need to get done for work. So […]