So. I just wanted to say that I have gotten about a gazillion compliments and questions in regards to my laptop. Almost every time pull it out and set it up, a person will first stare at the laptop, and then ask me if it’s a real laptop.

They react the same way when Leah’s the one using the thing too. Just amazed at how small it is, and then that it does nearly everything you need it to – and then when we tell them it was only around $300 U.S. – well then, that’s just amazing. Ha.

Leah’s gonna get one now for when she starts up school in August – except she’ll get the blue one.

It’s been handy for work too – although it isn’t a good replacement for a computer, it allows/makes it possible for me to do my work – relatively speaking.

So this machine has simply been amazing and it’s enabled us to do a lot on this trip that we otherwise wouldn’t – mostly document it as much as we obviously have. But even then, it’s helped with storage of photos and communicating with people back home. Most importantly, we have rarely had to wait for an open computer at a hostel. Most of the hostels we’ve stayed at have WiFi so I can always get my own connection without having to wait.

Yes. I’d recommend this travel laptop for anyone who’s going abroad for a few months or a year. Weighing around a kilo, it’s practically nothing and it’s nearly indestructible – relatively speaking. And even if something does happen to it – the investment was pretty small – compared to other laptops of the same size and almost the same portability which costs at least twice as much or more.

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  1. good pic of the EEE ^^ it is the best mini pc under $1000 i have yet to find

    Do you mind if i repost this article and pic on our EEE fan blog ?

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