I’m Yelp Elite. Although kind of silly, I’ll add it to my list of distinctions that I have *earned* (earned? After writing a certain amount of reviews and generally being slightly active in your regional yelp online community, you write an email saying why you should be given Elite status!… I should dig mine up. It rocked.)

Yelp Elite!

Anyways. There are regular yelp events and then there are elite yelp events – the elite ones seem to have more/better food/drinks. Oh. So at a recent one which ocurred on a top secret date at a top secret location (nah, just kidding, but it did occur at Food Studio.) Leah and I went down and met up with some of the elite-ers.

Leah and Wallce

Leah and Wallace! – he’s a college professor at ummm… Moorehouse? Somewhere, but genius!

Leah & Tulie

Leah and Tulie – she’s awesomely the living life of the party. Always. I’m very happy that she moved to Atlanta to go to med-school ’cause now we know her!

Leah Mark Tulie Dio

Leah! Mark! Tulie! Dio! (not his real name apparently – but we’ll keep up the charade!)

Omg. Look. It’s me… standing next to two other asian people in the same picture! Having lived in Phoenix for so long, I’ve never had that happen! (and not even with my family – because my brother and sister are half black and so it would only be me and my mom who look really asian in our family photos – everyone else is still in the Philippines.)

– Mark