17 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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We’d like to give you something – a little report we call:

Seventeen (17) Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Photographer!

I know – not the catchiest title – but these are SERIOUS tips – not lame tips like the ones you find in some wedding magazine checklist. We didn’t hold back, and we absolutely think you’ll find all of them useful, if not surprising. What could be surprising? Well – how about:

Tip #7: Negotiate (a little):

IT IS NOT TACKY TO ASK FOR A LOWER PRICE. The worst the photographer will do is say no.  Not, “No, you cheapskate, how dare you disrespect and devalue my art!”  (If they do say or think that, they are a**holes!) Maybe the photographer would really love to add a mountain-top wedding to his or her portfolio.  Maybe the photographer was already planning a beach vacation and would LOVE to photograph your wedding in the Bahamas.  There might be something about you or your particular wedding that offers incentives beyond monetary compensation.  You won’t know if you don’t ask.

That said, please understand that photography involves a lot of time, hard work, and rather expensive equipment… most weddings take place on weekends, and there are only 52 weekends in a year.  Most photographers don’t work every.single.weekend. either.  We have lives, too.  And if we’re traveling for your wedding, we usually can’t do two weddings in a weekend. So we have to balance earning enough to pay the bills with providing affordable rates – hence the prices we charge.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate, but do please understand when we can’t go below a certain amount.

Also – you don’t always have to negotiate over the rate. You may want other things that are specifically needed for your wedding – like a little bit more time, or a photobooth, or you can offer up something for a trade. You never know until you ask. Money isn’t the most important thing, and sometimes it doesn’t take much more than someone asking nicely for us to give in. Crazy as it sounds – but yes, sometimes we just like to hear from good people and make them happy.

What are the other tips? Well here are a few more:

  • Tip #4: Make Jokes
  • Tip #12: Pay Attention to their communication and availability
  • Tip #17: Go with your gut! Follow your instincts.
  • Tip #2: Find out what they Guarantee – If Anything.

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