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This is what an Exit shot at Sugarboo farms CAN look like - right there in front of the main building. With Sparklers of course.

We Make Amazing Wedding Videos for You

Some wedding videographers insists that they don’t make wedding videos – they make wedding films.

We don’t make wedding films. We don’t elevate wedding videography into a cinematic, magical, and artistic endeavor that justifies our film school tuition. That’s not a bad thing – but we’re just not those people.

Your wedding day is not the day for a styled magazine photoshoot, and it’s not right to turn it into a movie set either. Our wedding photography isn’t for everyone and our wedding home movies are definitely not for everyone – they’re for people that want something a little different – something less cold, less perfect – and more real. The Wedding Home Movies that we make are like the home movies you would make (if you weren’t in your own wedding, and if you were wedding videographers!) – and that means they’re highly personal, very entertaining, and imperfectly perfect. Yes. Imperfectly perfect. Just like you. And us.

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Hi we’re Leah and Mark and Co! ha.


Wedding Home Movies by LeahAndMark: 

Options Include:

The stuff we make is always warm, always professional, and always personal. You’ll want to watch your wedding home movies over and over again – and so will your friends and family.

We try to keep things simple around here so we offer one movie package.

  • Full Coverage of your wedding day (up to 8 hours)
  • 3-5 Minute Highlight Reel (music video!)
  • Fully Edited Ceremony (Multiple Camera Angles)
  • Edited Footage of all Toasts, Speeches, Special Dances, & Exit
  • DVD Movie Disk
  • Online Upload of your videos (your selection)
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Lauren + Selemon | Wedding Home Movies from on Vimeo.

Wedding Home Movies by LeahAndMark & Co. | Brittany + Chris from on Vimeo.

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Backyard Wedding | Katie + Dave from on Vimeo.

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Wedding Home Movies by LeahAndMark | Paralee + Aaron from on Vimeo.

Wedding Home Movies | LeahAndMark & Co. from on Vimeo.

Jessica + Matt | Wedding Home Movies by LeahAndMark & Co. from on Vimeo.

Steph + Ryan | Wedding Home Movies by LeahAndMark from on Vimeo.

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Stephanie + Alastair | Wedding Home Movies by from on Vimeo.

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