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This is us and our family. We are who you are hiring for your wedding.

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This is us. Leah, Mark, and Jonah! We photograph weddings all over the country and would love to be your wedding photographer. We make things affordable and easy. After 5+ years of busy wedding photography seasons – we’re at the point now where we just want to work with people that interests us. We want interesting and different weddings, and to be able to work with good people.

… ah f*ck it.

We make a living photographing weddings and we will photograph any wedding, anywhere, anytime – as long as you’re nice. Seriously. Our only rule is NO F*CKERS.

As in – we don’t want to work with horrible people. Your friends can be horrible, your family can be horrible – just don’t YOU be horrible.

But you’re not horrible.

You’re probably really great. And that means WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. (Which is a less desperate way of saying WE WANT YOU TO HIRE US.)

Atlanta Wedding Photographers LeahAndMark

We are your photographers. We are who you are hiring to photograph your wedding!

We might not be the right ones for you, and that’s okay.

But if you think we are the right photographers for you – then please, we’d love to talk more.

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