The Team

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographers, LeahAndMark & Co.

You trust us. You’re trusting us. You trust Leah and Mark to make brilliant photos on your wedding day. You trust us to take care of you. You trust us to be everything we say we are and more. That’s a lot of trust you’ve put in us and we thank you so much. Thank you for trusting us.

We’re at the point now where we just want to work with people that interests us. We want interesting and different weddings, and to work with good people.

… ah man. Look. Our only rule is be nice. Be nice okay? Okay.

As in – we don’t want to work with horrible people. Your friends can be horrible, your family can be horrible – just don’t YOU be horrible.

But you’re not horrible.


You’re really great. At least we hope you are – because we don’t work with just anyone.

We don’t take on every client or every wedding.

Some people don’t get it. Some people don’t care what their wedding photos will look like. You are not those people. You care. You care a great deal about your wedding photos and you care about who you’re hiring as your wedding photographer.

So. Do. We.


Because you want amazing wedding photos. You want THE BEST wedding photos. You want experienced photographers that know what they’re doing on a wedding day – no matter how crazy and magnificent – because that’s what yours will be.

Crazy and Magnificent.


You want Professionals.

You want us.