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We’ve been photographing weddings for over a decade. We’re based in Atlanta, Ga. but of course we photograph weddings all over the country. In that 10 years – we’ve photographed roughly 300+ weddings (we were BUSY) and they’ve all been amazing. AMAZING. Life is different when it’s your job to make art for people on their wedding day. 

And that IS our job – one of them – to make Art from your wedding day. 

And it’s our job to take care of you. I know – all of you wedding vendors say that. And it’s true – but honestly – on your wedding day, your photographer will be there with you more than anyone else. From start to finish, by your side. Hiring a good wedding photographer isn’t only about the photos. It’s about the person/s that will be spending 10 hours with you on your wedding day. 

It’s about their calm, their energy, their abilities and demeanor. It’s about whether or not you like their dumb jokes. Because if you don’t jive with your wedding photographer… it’s going to be a looooooooooooooooonnnnnng day. 

Our main rule is this – No F*ckers.

As in – we don’t want to work with horrible people. Your friends can be horrible, your family can be horrible – just don’t YOU be horrible.

But you’re not horrible.

Because you want amazing wedding photos. You want THE BEST wedding photos. You want experienced photographers that know what they’re doing on a wedding day – no matter how crazy and magnificent – because that’s what yours will be.

Crazy and Magnificent.

You want Professionals.

You want us.

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Mark Tioxon is the main photographer here at LeahAndMark & Co – but he is also an associate editor at the country’s number one wedding website publication, A Practical Wedding.