Engagement shoot in Lil' 5 | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

It’s coming down to the wire here in my internship with Leah and Mark and my fellow interns in the intern army and the pluses.  I’m playing catch-up on my blog posts and am working to spit out my last couple here in the next week before it’s all said and done.  I really still can’t wrap my brain around that the three months is already over.  But I realize just about every person has written that in their blog at some point, so it’s […]read more

Night at the Museum

Halloween at the High Museum | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Wrapping up this past weekend included a shoot at the High Museum that Mark had asked Intern Jennifer and I to attend with him.  The museum was hosting a Halloween Masquerade with two bands and a DJ, DJ Kathleen Hanna.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to anything Halloween related, so it was really nice to be there in addition to photographing the event.  I arrived and met up with Mark in the High’s courtyard where they had pumpkins out on display and headstones. […]read more

A Fall Wedding – flower girls, fire pits, and a piñata - Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

First and foremost, I am so thankful for having gotten the opportunity to second shoot this wedding. Shooting a wedding is an entirely different beast than anything I’ve done in my whole internship with Leah and Mark and the pluses.  I guess I haven’t really thought what a task it is to take on to capture someone’s ONE day and try to stay focused on getting the shots. I learned a lot, a heck of a lot in a short period of time and I’m […]read more

the Betline takes Flight

Beltline takes Flight | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

I’m thinking either I have really bad timing with shoots or luck is just not on my side.  My shoot was set up to be at a unique area in Atlanta that is exhibiting Art on the Beltine.  What is Art on the Beltine you may ask? The public art initiative selected new and returning artists to showcase dynamic installations and performances on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, an emerging system of parks, trails, transit and development that reclaims a 22-mile loop of historic and mostly […]read more

Ohh Baby!

Kelly & Tim's Baby Shower! | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

I can’t remember the last time I went to a baby shower.  I actually haven’t been to one as an “adult” until this one I realized, and I think the last time I was at a baby shower I was probably 12?  So I don’t remember it well at all.  Our fellow intern Kelly is having a baby of her own here soon and she had a shower AND invited us!  I told her I would love to photograph it for her to capture a […]read more

Japanese fashion at its most frilly!

Lolitas in Atlanta! | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

I’ve been trying to play catch-up with shoots since I had a stretch of three weeks where I was swamped with work and life stuffs and wasn’t able to attend most of the shoots at all.  In doing so, I’ve now found myself a wee bit behind in posting my photos and blog posts…which I am usually never behind on.  At the same time, I don’t want to do short and pointless posts just to get my stuff out to the masses.  I’ve always been […]read more

Atlanta Chili Cook-Off 2011

Atlanta Chili Cook-Off 2011 | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

I used to go to the Atlanta Chili Cook-Off event every year with my family up until I moved away to NYC for 9 years and never seemed to make it back to the good ole state of Georgia at the right time.  My family and I even competed amongst the 200+ vendors back in 2001, battling for the first place prize of $5,000.  The event benefits Camp Twin Lakes, a set of camps for kids with illness and disabilities and donates all of the […]read more

a little bit of tweak-age

+Raven | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

It would seem like my weeks have been running together lately.  Life has been quite hectic and trying to make time to squeeze in shoots in all of the craziness has proved harder now than ever.  At the same time, since I’m part of the internship, I’ve never actually really tried to work my schedule all smushed like this until this internship….but that’s actually a good thing.  In the past I’ve always had artistic “passions” but it always seemed like I’d have excuses to […]read more

RELAX and have fun! :D

Jane Cookiedough | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

The more I’m doing these photoshoots, I’m starting to realize being personable and approachable key.  In addition to those factors, if you lack confidence in what you’re doing, you’re never going to convince a client you’re a decent photographer.  I have issues with these areas, so I’m challenging myself.  I decided to drag a friend of mine out and ask her to let me take her photo for about an hour or so. Lauren lives not too far from me so after work I was […]read more

Lighting Workshop 101

Kamile - Lighting Workshop 101 | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Ah lighting, you are my one and true nemesis, but thanks to the fabulous Leah and Mark, we had Lighting 101 on Wednesday night!  At the moment I’m having somewhat a hard time “figuring” all of this in my head to put down in a blog post for anybody reading.  This workshop was especially important for me since my biggest area of mis-information/lack of knowledge was in lighting.  I had specifically mentioned in my application for the internship that I hoped to learn more about […]read more

Fountain adventures with +Debra & Jo

Grace | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Alright, so the mornings are getting easier.  What can I say, I’m a night owl, however, I’m not really looking into shooting nighttime photography fulltime or anything (’cause I don’t know if I could even if I had to!) Sunday was to be chocked full o’ goodness, nope not nuts.  +Debra had posted on facebook inviting two interns to come with her during 3 separate days of shooting, so I hopped on to try and score a spot on Sunday morning.  I would have LOVED […]read more

Funshine or Sunlight Photography 101

Caroline in the door 3 | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Today was definitely a success.  Would I say that I’m 100% satisfied with all of my photos? No.  But there are a few things I did differently/learned today. 1.  I shot WAY more than I have during any other shoot we’ve done so far.  I think partially it was because of being outdoors and the light and needing to do more tester images, but also I just found myself shooting at every chance I had. 2.  I really worked on being more comfortable with the […]read more