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I really freakin’ love shooting weddings.  Which is funny, because when I first started shooting, I was terrified – TERRIFIED – of shooting them.  They’re so big, they’re so important, and there’s so much going on all the time.  And now?  That’s exactly why I love them .  🙂

It’s really important to me that I mesh well with my couples.  I want them to get my jokes, I want to get theirs.  I want to want the same things they do: awesome, natural-looking captures of their wedding day.

One of the things I love most about shooting weddings is that there’s so much completely raw emotion, and all kinds of it.  Throughout the day, I’ll see a complete range of feelings from everyone: the couple, the family, the bridal party, the guests.  The best is catching someone when they think no one else sees them cry, or smile, or what-have-you.  I’m in it for the raw emotion of the moment. {I’m also in it to win it, but that’s another story.}  For the details running throughout the day that either weren’t fully noticed or will be forgotten soon in all the madness of the day.

I think that it’s important that you know some things about me. I really like “that’s what she said” jokes. I pride myself in my sarcasm and my speed with a comeback. But don’t get me wrong, I’m kind, fiercely loyal, and love most people instantly. My style, both in photography and in life, is a little vintage, a little minimalistic, a little nerdy, and a lot of awesome.

I love the 1950’s, 1970’s, and Victorian & Regency eras. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens are two of my favorites {cheesy, but true}, and my favorite type of book is a retold fairy tale or a good historical fiction. I wanted to be a writer for a long time, and actually majored in English for my Bachelor’s. I’ve also written the next great American novel. In my mind. And I fully and completely believe that being an English major gives me permission to make up words on accident, like “complimentative.”

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark.com | +Raven Shutley

I started out as an English major in college, and have always been obsessed with the details of a thing.  I look for meaning in absolutely everything, a byproduct of one too many literature deconstructions.  I believe in the raw emotion of a moment.  I believe in clean pictures, free from over-processing.  I do not believe in “fixing” a picture in post.  I’m into avoiding trends unless they mean something to me, the same as I feel about planning a wedding: avoid tradition for the sake of tradition, especially if it’s meaningless to you and yours.

I believe that love is beautiful, and that counts for all kinds.  I believe in families and the way they work, how unique each one is, and how beautiful.  I believe in genuine smiles, from everyone.  It’s against my religion to say “cheese.”  I like to think of my style as organic; we’ll see how it goes naturally, and work from there.  Making connections is important: from me to you, from you to your fiance, from the subject to the viewer.

Pictures should evoke responses, feelings, memories, speechlessness.  I do my best to pull inspiration from everywhere and everyone: I’m a nerd and a geek.  I love literature, comics, movies, music, plays and musicals, Baz Lurhman, Audrey Hepburn, the Victorian age, the Regency, Dickens, Austen, fairy tales, folklore, psychology, design, do-it-yourself.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark.com | +Raven ShutleyAside from photography, I read, write, bake, ride bikes with Nick {my boyfriend}, sing, act. I love makeover shows {houses and people}, pastries, & DIY. Most of my guilty pleasures involve silly TV shows, like “Flavor of Love” or “Say Yes to the Dress.”

I’m a closet fangirl for more things than I’d like to admit. In fact, even though I can’t stand the Twilight saga, I find myself on Team Jacob, anyway. I’ve been a fan of werewolves since before Stephanie Meyer was born. Well, maybe not that long. My heroes are P!nk and Emma Thompson, though not necessarily in that order.

I grew up in a witty, sarcastic, and humorous family.  We still laugh together more than anything else.  I think that having silly guilty pleasures is healthy, and shouldn’t actually make you feel guilty.  I think there’s nothing wrong with reading a children’s book.  I overuse exclamation marks!  I’ve been shooting for about 6 years professionally, but even when I was younger, I remember seeing a picture in my head, wanting to create it, and being frustrated because I didn’t know how.  I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement.  Constantly figuring out how I can improve, learn, help, teach.  I love talking.  I judge our interactions on hugs.  If I feel like I can hug you at the end of our first meeting, I feel it’s been a success.  Otherwise, I know I have to try harder next time, or go our separate ways.  I believe it’s important to get along really well with your clients.  Most of mine I consider dear friends, whom I’d love to hang out with more often.

I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m a really big crybaby. And I may not know you, but I love you already.

I’m working with Leah and Mark and I’d love to work with you.

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Drop me a line for a detailed rate sheet or other inquiries at Raven@LeahAndMark.com! Or fill out the contact form below. Thank you!

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