Friends and family like to joke that I have been photographing for ”like 50 years“. I’m Krisandra and I clearly haven’t been photographing for 50 years, but my life is dedicated to photography and preserving your memories.

I am a graduate from 2 different colleges majoring in photography including one of the top photography schools in the U.S. and one internship to study photography with Leah and Mark. I have spent my adult life dedicated to mastering my craft and I have no plans on stopping. I do believe when we stop learning we stop growing. Photography is what I do! It is what balances me.

I have been lucky enough to have photograph a few names to fame including, but not limiting to the legendary horror writer/director/producer George A. Romero, Big Boi of the Atlanta hip hop group Outkast, GZA of the ever popular Wu-Tang Clan, and Captain&Maybelle finalists of Americas Got Talent. Yes, I am totally name dropping right now.

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Amongst that I have photographed everything from weddings to newborns to pets to families and even an Army graduation in over 8 different U.S. states during my career thus far. So, yes, I will travel (rather enthusiastically) to photograph!

My photography has been published in the “24 hours in the Life of Ocala” coffee table book, in the local Atlanta PRICK tattoo magazine, I was a finalist in The Best Of College Photography and had my image published in their annual book, I have an image in the permanent collection at the Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography. I have also have had an image published in the local Douglasville Sentinel newspaper. Not to mention the numerous posters, ads and flyers you may see around. Is it obvious I like to see my work in print? Having my work published is what drives the competitiveness in me and I am very competitive. I can’t help it. I was once told I am only as good as my last photograph and I truly believe in this.

But, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people backing me. My family is my life. I talk to my mother and grandmother everyday. They are the passion behind how hard I work. My number one fan is my boyfriend of 13 years. He is an example of what sacrifice and dedication really mean. But, I wouldn’t be who I am today without my sister; my backbone. And I can’t leave out the ones who are by my side no matter what time of day it is, no matter how long I have been working, letting me know they are sleeping comfortable; my cats Feliz Noel and Princess Kitty Kitty.

I love to photograph everything. If you want to make a memory of it let’s do it! I will never consider a photo session “too easy” or “boring“. Every session I am involved with is important in it’s own unique way. I know the importance of what a single photograph can mean. It doesn’t matter what is going on, as soon as, I pick my camera up all I see through the viewfinder is YOU.