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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | +Jo Arellanes | LeahAndMark.comHi! I’m Jo Arellanes and this is my bio page. I could give you my credentials and all the normal things but I think in the end all that stuff (as nice as it may be) won’t really show you who I am. This is probably the first time you’ve ever seen or heard about me and that is great, becaus e you found me! So before we get to all the stuff about me why don’t you take a look at my portfolios. :)

So a little about me… I tend to ramble so here are some bullet points in no particular order:

  • I’m a little bag of tricks who loves to capture moments with my little camera.
  • I’m a gamer chick.
  • I love reading comic books.
  • A few of my favorite artist are Wassily Kandinsky, Bob Fosse, Erte, Alphonse Mucha, Amano, Alvin Ailey, and… well the list could go on and on.
  • I know how to play the drums and taught myself the basics of piano.
  • I love cars and know how to keep mine running. (Manual transmission all the way!)
  • I go to the movies as often as I can – there is a certain thrill of seeing a film on the big screen.
  • I love to travel – anywhere- and expose myself to new cultures.
  • I’m always researching and learning about something. Everyday.
  • I grew up in a little town in Arkansas (literally, there was only one stop light) and now I live in Atlanta with my boyfriend and our two cats.
  • I have big dreams and immense goals.
  • I have a nick name: Estrelinha, which translates to “Little Shooting Star Girl”
  • I paint, draw, design and printmake in my spare time. I’m traditionally trained but fit into the modern digital world.
  • There’s nothing in life that a good laugh or long walk won’t fix.
  • I’m a theater geek.
  • I’ve trained in multiple dance forms and martial arts.
  • I’m a SCUBA diver. I was a little fish growing up.
  • My family is one of the most important things in my life.
  • My parents are two of my closest friends
  • My first camera was a 124 Kodak Instamatic
  • I have a couple pieces of paper from SCAD saying I have a couple BFAs and a couple minors.
  • I love food: fruit, raw veggies, sushi, perfectly cooked steak, break, tall glass of ice cold whole milk.
  • I hate spiders, roller coasters, bananas, and asparagus.

I believe photography catches moments –people, places, and things – captures them so they can be revisited. Photographs act as a gateway to our past or to the unknown places in life. I want to share memories and the unknown with people. I want to help preserve memories and the past through my photography.

I hope this helped you know a little bit about me. I also hope you liked what you found. I would love to be your photographer.


Drop me a line for a detailed rate sheet or other inquiries at Jo@LeahAndMark.com! Or fill out the contact form below. Thank you!


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