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In a few years after your wedding has long passed, you and your spouse will sit down on a Sunday afternoon and pull out the box of photos from that day and remember everything. You’ll remember how you sat still and didn’t fidget as much as you thought you would – until you finished getting dressed and saw yourself in the mirror. Or how your mother started to tear up, trying her best not to cry and ruin her makeup – because it finally hit her that you’re really getting married. You’ll see the photos of your closest friends all dressed up – because they clean up well – surrounding you with the biggest grins you’ve ever seen.

And you won’t think about your photographers, you won’t even remember us. And that’s okay. Because your photos are about you – and not who made them. You’ll sit there holding hands with your spouse and re-live some of that anxious energy. Because these are your wedding photos and you look amazing.

We truly enjoy the creativity inherent in offbeat weddings, and we believe that the photography should do more than simply document the event. We’ll arrive when you begin getting ready with hair and make up – and as you sit nursing a mimosa with your best friends, we’ll snap away, appearing and disappearing – without fanfare or distraction. We’ll be invisible and on the morning of your wedding day you won’t be worrying about whether or not you look good in your photos.

You’ll be hanging out with your closest friends and family, as the day’s excitement begins to sink in – all the while knowing that your photos will be nothing short of amazing. And you’ll smile. A lot.

When it’s time for your first look we’ll guide your partner to a designated location where they’ll anxiously wait for you. Then you’ll tap them on the shoulder, they’ll turn around and the magic sparks will fly like crazy all over the place – as we take photos like madmen to capture the entire thing on film (digital film anyway!) And you’ll see each other. And you’ll smile. A lot.

A good photo shouldn’t tell you it’s good, you should feel that way just by seeing it. The clients that hire us understand that their pictures aren’t going to look like anyone else’s wedding photos. We believe more often than not, the coolest shot isn’t necessarily one that’s setup and meant to be cool. The coolest photos to us are the ones that embody the love, emotion and atmosphere of the wedding day.

LeahAndMark & Co. Family | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

This is us and our family. We are who you are hiring for your wedding.

Whether we’re photographing an intimate wedding with 8 people total or 400 guests – you’ll hardly remember us when you’re holding hands with your spouse, looking through your photos a few years later on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and smiling. A lot.

Leah was born and raised in the South but spent some time abroad in India, Nepal, Tibet and China and can now speak some Mandarin, a smidgen of Tibetan, and even a bit of French. Mark was born in the Philippines, raised on the West Coast, and caught the travel bug from Leah. We love eating in sketchy run down food stalls, talking with strangers, visiting places our parents warned us about, and always taking photos. We were engaged on the Great Wall of China after spending a month roaming the country aimlessly and now couples hire us to make their amazing photos.

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