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Jenn Tice ( wrote:
Mark & Leah were absolutely amazing! Our wedding wasn’t your average wedding, and we needed someone who not only had a great eye for the shot, but was also fun to work with. Mark & Leah went above and beyond, and the shots were more than I could have hoped for. Our dream wedding forever captured on film. *Repeat Client

Whitney ( wrote:
I had a great experience working with Leah & Mark! We shot outdoors, and they were very creative and fun. When I received my pictures they looked great, both the full-size and web-sized versions. Overall, it was a very positive and satisfactory experience. I would definitely love to work with them again!

Dean D’Angelo ( wrote:
Leah and Mark are the best set of photographers i have ever had the pleasure towork with. they are professional, thorough and extremely talented. each hastheir own unique style and vision for a photo… they compliment each other sowell. * Repeat Client

Megan Hamilton ( wrote:
My husband and I loved working with Leah and Mark. It was truely an enjoyablephoto shoot, and who enjoys getting their picture taken? Not me! Our pictureswere fabulous! They were creative and told exactly the story we were looking totell. We get compliments all the time on the unique photography style used inour Christmas cards! Mark is definitely a multi-talented photographer. I havenot seen a picture I didnt like! I cant wait for them to [photograph] our baby when hearrives! * Repeat Client

Haley V. Sheehy wrote:
Mark and Leah were the cherry on top of a perfect wedding day. They are a joy towork with, they go above and beyond to meet expectations, and the work they dois truly amazing. They are talented, on time, polite, and most of all they lovetaking pictures.

Our wedding album is flawless, and was captured exactly how I’d always imaginedit would be. As far as my photography needs go, there’s no one else at thispoint that could touch the work these guys do.Easily a perfect 10, in skills and professionalism.

Preview Review by Scot LeVan (Yelp Review Link):
I should preface this review by stating LeahAndMark haven’t actually taken any photos for us YET but I feel I can review them based on other factors.

They will be the photographers for our wedding in October and we recently hired them for a family photo session for my new nephew as well, born just a few days ago.

They are exceptionally easy to work with through emails, ease of payment with paypal options, have a great website showcasing their portfolio, and were a pleasure to meet to arrange the initial contract for the wedding. And they are a wonderful couple as well (as it seems many people on yelp already know.)

My fiancee and I look forward to working with them in the future and have no qualms recommending them based on our interactions with them thus far. They are truly a class act. Book them now before they get even more popular, they already have been featured on Offbeat Bride.

Addy C. ( wrote:
I had so much fun getting photographed by Mark & Leah. I loved that Mark & Leahmade me feel like a model (even though I’m FAR from being one). The wholeprocess was stress-free which I think was mostly due to Mark & Leah’s verydown-to-earth personalities. They’re the perfect team, with personalities andskill sets that really complement each other which I got to see firsthand duringmy photo shoot.

I also liked that they helped me discover some new things about myself. Like howI scowl when I try to have a serious pose. That I like my smiling picturesbetter than my scowl. And how I need to imitate a turtle if I don’t want adouble chin.Mark & Leah are awesome to work with. They’re cool, they’re sweet, and they’regreat at what they do. I follow their work on Facebook and their blog, and loveseeing the wide variety of subject types in their portfolio.

Preview Review by Rachel Chitwood (Tennessee Wedding) wrote:
I am SO excited for Leah and Mark to photograph my wedding in Tennessee inOctober. While we haven’t had any actual photography shoots yet, I can stillattest to their effeciency and professionalism.

They get back to me veryquickly and have never been pushy, nor have they ever made me feel like my 900questions I’ve had have annoyed them. I can tell they truly value therelationship between themselves and their clients. Not only am I excited aboutthem [photographing] our wedding, I feel as if they are really excited about it, aswell!

Samantha Rascle wrote:
As a performer I really needed to update my headshots. Mark was phenomenal andso easy to relax with. I could not imagine a colder afternoon when he suggestedto walk down the street and take some shots outside. Those three shots were myfavorite of the whole day and we went on a whim. The headshots have beencomplimented on by my professors and already helped score me an audition for agreat summer program!

Melissa F. wrote (Yelp Review):
I can not reccomend these two enough~really.

I recently hosted and coordinated a wedding on my farm (November 2009). We hired Mark and Leah to document the event and they more than delivered. They are beyond accomodating and really have a eye that is unique. The images that came out of the wedding were stunning. Absolutely stunning. They managed not only to capture the essence of the bride and groom but to document the entire event in a way that no one else could.

If we could give them 10 stars I would.

JennyMac ( wrote:
I have known of Leah and Mark’s creative talent for years so I was veryinterested in doing a photo shoot for our family. We spent several hours atPiedmont Park one morning and I hoped for at least a handful of great pics.

Thesample pic selection Mark shared was incredible and when I saw the caliber ofphotos, I was blown away. I have so many favorites from this particular shootand one of the best pictures I have ever seen of our son. Plus, Leah and Markhave the perfect blend of fun and laid back personalities with savvy businessacumen and creative style. Love you guys!

Tracy Steen wrote:
Working with Leah and Mark was like having guests in our house who loved hangingout with our kids. We were all very relaxed, and the kids even asked when theywere coming back. And the pictures we got as a result are amazing, definitelysome of our favorites.

Zack E. wrote: (Yelp Review)
Having seen the photo shoots that Leah and Mark had done in the past, therewasn’t much debate as to who was going to do our portraits once the latestaddition to our family arrived.

The quality of their work speaks for itself. They are some of the mostcreative, talented people you could possibly work with. However, not only arethey awesome at what they do, but they are equally sweet, amazing people. Theyare thoughtful, fun and easy to work with.

Having a newborn boy is a special, once in a lifetime event. Leah and Markmanaged to make it even more special for us by providing us with theseabsolutely amazing pictures that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

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