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One of our main goals is to deliver a set of photos that you couldn’t get from anyone else. You’ve probably noticed by now that we don’t ‘pose’ children and we don’t have them dress up in ‘outfits’. It’s just not our style. Kids are kids. We know that. We don’t stress out over the fact that they may take some time to warm up to the camera, or that they have really short attention spans – because so do we.

Simply put – we really enjoy photographing children. It’s fun. It’s crazy. It’s always a challenge and it’s so very tiring – but in the best kind of way. If you look through our portfolio – you’ll realize that what we do is simply make it possible for kids to be themselves, while we get in the best positions to photograph them. That’s it. That’s our formula, and we think we end up with not only beautiful photos, but honest photos.

And that’s what we’re really after – beautiful and honest photography.

If a child isn’t in a good mood – we probably won’t ask them to smile. We’ll work with them until they’re feeling a little more open, but we won’t ask them to fake an emotion just for a silly photo. Part of making people comfortable is allowing them to be themselves, however they are, no matter what.

We have basic session prices – and then multiple session packages that can add up to big savings. All sessions must take place within a year of purchase.

Each session doesn’t have to be strictly a ‘portrait’ session. You can purchase the three-session package and have us photograph a birthday party, or when the grandparents visit, or just invite us over in the morning so we can photograph your family at breakfast.

Beautiful photos just happen – you don’t need to make it an ‘official’ portrait session.

All Portrait Sessions include:

  • A dvd of all finalized/edited photos
  • An unlimited personal-use license so that you can order reprints at your convenience

If you would like to schedule a portrait session, purchase a package, or ask any questions – please fill out the contact form below:

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