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When Mark told us we were supposed to shoot models, I freaked out. While I was waiting for Shukri to arrive, +Jo made me practice with a lovely couple. I realized I needed so much practice with that. Im very shy and soft spoken, so  telling people how to pose was harder than Mark telling me to set something up that I have absolutely no clue about. I completely suck at telling models exactly what to do. So I took the easy way out and asked my friend Shukri to be my model for the day. I wanted to catch her unique features and beauty, and her sense of style. She’s so different and loves to model. I basically just kept shooting my model until I ran out of ideas. We just ran with it and had so much fun. Enjoy:)I                                                                          I experienced with a lot of colors and natural lighting.
                                                             I love how we decided to keep the green chuck taylors with every outfit change.                                                      Thanks to the lovely couple who made directing models 10x easier.

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