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You’re So Punk Rock

Funnest. Shoot. Ever!

Yeah, “funnest” isn’t really a word, but sometimes the English language, grammar snob that I am, fails even me. It’s better than “awesomesauce”. *shudders*

Remember Ivette? OF COURSE YOU DO. Since she and I  started talking, before the LeahAndMark days even began, we’ve been planning a punk rock styled shoot. Oh yes. PUNK ROCK. As in purple hair, safety pins, and the Sex Pistols. And after weeks of planning and discussing and shooting other just-as-fun-but-without-the-safety-pins shoots, we finally had this one. The One.

Our first stop was a laundromat that my husband, on his monthly trips here to wash our enormous king-sized comforter, has dubbed Amityville Laundry. And he’s right: it looks right out of a 70s horror movie with the orange vinyl floors, scary dark corners, and a huge industrial fan that could chop your hand off. But Amityville is also freakishly perfect for a photo shoot, so in I trotted with three HAWT models behind me, hair colored neon and tights gaping with holes. I was glad there was only one other customer there, because one thing I didn’t want was a crowd. I’m sure he wondered what we were doing- my models were rockin’ and climbed on washing machines, played Mortal Kombat, and clung to the clothesline. (My husband once built a soapbox car out of a cubicle frame and the shell of a car seat. He raced it with his coworkers’ soapbox cars and I was the only wife who climbed in, on more than one occasion, to race with the boys. Always with a helmet (I’m still a mom- safety first!) and now, forever with the scars I proudly sport on my ankles from a crash into my neighbor’s mailbox. Moral of my story? These girls are chicks I can totally be friends with.)

This time, Ivette brought JJ (who was also part of the Blood Wedding shoot and Modelpalooza) and another friend I hadn’t met yet, Clarissa. Having three models was a challenge but exactly what I needed. I remember on our first night of shooting, Mark positioned me and the other Interns on a set in the studio and he moved like clockwork: “Sit here. Lean in. Elbow out. Stand there.” Posing seven people is crazy and not as easy as it sounds. For my own shoots, I’ve only ever worked with families or couples, so posing multiple people together isn’t so complicated in those situations. But models? It’s different. I tried to change up my groupings and keep it interesting.


Our next stop was a school’s football field. (Most people have memories of Friday nights at their high school football games, I guess. Not me. Is it awful that a football field reminds me of the last scene in Dazed and Confused? “You just gotta keep livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.”)


True to Georgia weather, it was almost eighty degrees outside a few days ago and today, it was freezing cold and windy. The girls were brave and traded off coats while I shot.


We made a detour from the underpass I’d originally planned on using (with scary parking. I just got a new car last month, whom my daughter and I have named Grace Kelly, the classy blonde SUV. And Grace Kelly and I are still learning how to gel our views on parallel parking, so instead, we moved to a different spot to shoot.) and ended up in an alleyway that I’ve photographed in before. It’s easy to fall back on little nooks and crannies that you know will work; it’s better to force yourself to try new angles and switch it up so you’re not repeating shots. And that’s what we did.

Now excuse me while I go dye my hair pink and listen to the Clash.

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