First off, you should know that I hate writing about myself. Especially when the purpose of said writing is to convey to you who I am and what I am about. That being said, I DO love writing in general, as long as I can just write and not have to think about the many rules of grammar that I may or may not be breaking, I was never a big fan of English class (notice the current long, run on sentence that I am continuing right now). I love music, and my music taste is about as eclectic as it gets with my favorite genres varying from Classical to Country to R&B. I am married and have two awesome, wild and constant kids (age 2 and 4). I pride myself in my spontaneity and couldn’t be more excited about where my life is at right now.

Photographically speaking, I am a bit over the top emotionally. I truly and honestly believe that pictures are worth a thousand words, and when I take pictures, my goal is make their worth in words priceless. I cannot imagine a better profession, than one where I get to freeze frame a fraction of second in someones life and make it something they cherish forever. ( I told you I was a little over the top :))

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