say cheese!


hannah and tate wanted a hot cheesy mess of a couple shoot. so that’s what we gave them. (you really should click on +raven and krista‘s […]

so you think you can (model at a) dance (studio)?

power stance

there was something about this runway shoot that was hilariously difficult. it’s really the only way to describe it. +raven, intern edwin, and intern krista […]

junkyard, the return


my very first experience with leahandmark (outside of my numerous intern applications and facebook interactions) was an open shoot about 9 months ago at Old […]

reason #87 that I love this internship


before this internship, I’d been the the High Museum just once. to the the Dali exhibit (which was fabulous, by the way). since then I’ve […]

and now for something completely different…

for sale

no, not a sketch about the Ministry of Silly Walks. real estate photography! I was asked by the wonderful Sue Sneed of Origins Real Estate […]


walking the line

this was a +raven shoot. I’ve already told you she rocks. and she does. it ended up being a time crunch, so intern erik and […]

c’mon ride the train


this was my first official shoot with +debra. she’s wonderful. thought you should know. I loved how she ran the shoot. she gave the models […]



note: following is I post I wrote quite a while back. I actually abandoned it and decided to forego the whole thing, but I find […]



so this shoot, bhutanese refugee women. 50 Cents Period partnered with World Relief Atlanta (a local resettlement agency) to provide sanitary products for the first six months […]



Wedding Day Hooray. an everything hand-wrought, individually crafted, you-have-to-have-this-at-your-wedding kind of bridal show. etsy-esque, except with real live people to talk to, and actual product […]

I am woman, hear me ROCK!

rock the mic

leahandmark were very clear during the application process that this was going to be hard. sacrifices would likely be made, even if only for the […]



I was lucky to be at the shoots for all four WOW Wedding Contest Finalists. four very different couples, each with their own story. beautiful […]

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