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I am +Debra.  You can call me Deb.  Everybody does. First things first, thank you for looking at my page, I hope to talk to you in the near future.

Couple fun facts about me, and then lets get on to you.  Because really, I want to know about you, and your life, and the moments that will become your memories.  I want to record those memories, and be your friend.

I am a wedding | portrait | family | birth | editorial photographer, based in Atlanta.

I love to travel and will go to great lengths to visit new places and meet new people.

I love photography.  All forms, and refuse to be stuck in a neat little box and confined to one style of photography.  Natural light, artificial light, moonlight…I love it all.  I don’t discriminate.

Before I was a photographer I was a chef.  Like, in professional kitchens for many many years.  Now, I am chef at home and make awesome mac and cheese.

I enjoy a good glass of wine.

I love the fact that if you look closely at the picture above, you will notice a missing shoe lace.  He used it to tie his brides dress tighter.  - Now that’s love.

I am deeply compassionate, and have lots of patience.

I am an attachment parent who believes in time away from baby because I know it truly takes a village to raise a child.  And a village to support a mother and father.  I am filled with gratitude each day for the wonderful people and blessings in my life.

I am getting married, sometime this year.  Are you getting married?! That’s awesome!!

I love photography, and all forms of art.  We have to rotate the art on the walls because there aren’t enough walls.  I am a sucker for paintings especially. My favorite painters include Balthus, Pino, Tooker, and Dali

I love cheese.  All cheese.  It’s rare for me to meet a cheese I don’t like.  Even the cheeses that smell like gym socks.  They’re good.

I like to wear silly hats.  

I have a degree in Linguistics and am constantly learning new words and exploring new cultures. I feel that a day well spent is a day I learned something new.

I love weddings, they are momentous, beautiful, emotional days filled with family and laughter.  They are the ultimate share the whole day with cool people, take pictures of everything from laughing to dancing to crying to dresses and flowers and smiling beautiful brides.

Weddings are challenging, fun, and super awesome.

I would love to be a part of your life story.  I shoot everything, from weddings to birth stories and the things in between and after.

Take Photos With Me.

Send me a note to debra@leahandmark.com or use the contact form below to start the conversation.

Thank you!

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