In long car rides with my daddy growing up, he used to always tell me that he knew I was his girl because I was constantly looking out the window and asking questions. I sometimes feel like Iím still traveling through life in a fast-moving car, taking in everything I can and learning everything I can.

If you know me, you know I move in many different directions at one timeÖ and I love living that wayÖ Iím a total idealist and Iím pretty convinced that anything is possible. I come up with a lot of crazy ideas and I like to surround myself with people that have a little craziness in them too (thatís why I hang out with MarkÖ well that, and weíre cousins so I have to). I donít sleep often and I drink a lot of coffee but I am absolutely living the life I want to live.

Really, everything I do is about experiencing, learning, and creating Ė I have a pretty constant need for creativity. Whether Iím painting trees on the walls in my hallway, planting a garden in my backyard, or playing music with one of my bandsÖ I am always creating in some way.

In the past year or so, I have been completely enthralled by creating art within the context of a frame. There is something about taking real people, doing real things, in real places and making them beautiful and turning them into art. Making a still image convey a message and show emotion. Iím completely intrigued.

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