S. Andre

Why, hello! This here is andre.

I reckon yer here cause you wanna know a lil bit about me. Well, Id be happy to share a thing or two with ya!

Im from Texas.The child of two immigrants, my parents decided upon settling down deep in the heart of Texas (clap, clap). This here is where they met and this here is where I was born n raised.

Im not very Texan, but I have grown to be a southerner.
Im a bit of a cultural crossbreed.

I frequently feel like I walk along borders more than ever really feeling like I belong to just one side of anything.

I often wish that the inhabiting of this in-between space would once and for all be reckoned with. But nonetheless, its very much part of who I am and what influences my creative aesthetic.

And so, more than crossing lines, I like to blur them. This is to say; Id adorn myself in a cape of Fuchsia over red or purple any day!

I have never been a good storyteller.I have always wanted to be a good storyteller.

When recently asked why I like taking photos, it finally occurred to me that this was the reason.
What I want to do with photography is to create safe spaces of understanding in order to express and reveal that which is personal.

Once an intern, now I am excitedly a contributor for LeahAndMark!

Here is where I will post my current projects and I look forward to what may happen next

So, yall come back now.
(And thanks for coming in the first place.)