Contributor Meagan | Photography Internship Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Family Portraits
Who am I?
Meagan O’Neal. Season Six Alumni and BIG BIG fan of Leah and Mark. Let’s be honest, they’re awesome.
Why am I a photographer?
When I was a little girl, I used to love fairy-tales. Ok…who am I kidding-I still love fairy-tales! I believe that within each of us is a fierce and epic story. A magical story. As a photographer, I think of myself as a huntress of these moments. Capturing one is proof of the ever-present, magical artistry that paints each of our daily lives together. Plus, it’s kind of the best job on the planet!
 Little more about me?
Well, I love finding funky scarves in thrift stores, an endless evening with a nice bottle of wine and inspiring individuals, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen (wish it tasted that way!-well, maybe not), watching for the first signs that Christmas is approaching, learning something new, freshly painted toes, dancing my heart out, performing on stage or on camera, singing Broadway show-tunes, getting kisses from my puppy, Max, laughing about auto-corrects with my husband, ferrer rocher chocolates, a great cup of coffee, going to indie movies by myself, an early morning run (sometimes), quoting any FRIENDS episode, puzzles, meeting couples who are totally in love and getting to take pictures of them, playing super competitive card games that may or may not end in physical combat, pushing the elevator button, snuggling, loooonng baths with a great book, a great book, seeing live theatre, going to fine dining restaurants and pretending to be a “foodie”, laughing til I cry over something completely silly, feeling the sun between my toes, spending time with my amazing, albeit crazy family!

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