Boudoir | by +Krista

Boudoir packages are all-inclusive and start at $550.

There’s something powerful about feeling beautiful. Yes, it goes against the very foundation of feminism and the words we’ve screamed- our minds are more important. Our strength is more important. Our rights are more important than the way we look or how well we walk in heels. And that’s true- all of those things ARE more important. But the most important thing any woman, anywhere, can do for herself is to throw all her hang-ups about big thighs or boyish hips out the window and embrace feeling good. About her mind, her beliefs, her body, her flaws, everything. THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Seriously. Centuries’ worth of artistic masterpieces are hanging in museums all over the world- if Picasso and Klimt and Modigliani and Botticelli could understand that we are beautiful, then we should too.

As always, everything I do is totally customizable. If you have any questions, just ask.

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