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Weekly Photo Challenge | HEAT

Every week we give the Interns a Theme. They can interpret this theme any way they’d like (as if ‘be creative’ had to be stressed) – but they must produce one photo by Thursday night at 9 p.m.

This week’s theme was Heat.

Now I know there are ‘no stupid questions’ – but there are bad photos. And if not bad – there are OBVIOUS Photos.

With a few excpetions – many of the photos that the Interns submitted this first week are possibly underwhelming and uninspired. And if you think that’s a little harsh – pretend you asked me to be creative, gave me a theme of Heat – and I gave you a photo of Fire. Does that give you confidence in my creative talents? If this was any other internship we’d make excuses for them or just gloss over the lack of ideas. Fortunately it’s not like any other internship.

Where’s mine? I didn’t do the challenge this week and I hadn’t planned on taking part – but I suppose I’m going to have to now.

Here are this week’s photos submitted by the Interns on the theme of Heat:



























Interns | Weekly Vol. One

We operate the largest Photography Internship in the country. Currently we have 11 Interns and every Friday at 9am they must post a blog entry. This is the weekly summary.

Intern Heather: “The river shoot, for me, was definitely my first threshold. I had to break away from old patterns of thinking.  I had to actually stop thinking at all, well, the critical thinking on my craft.”

Intern Joshua: “When presented with challenges and when you are placed in unfamiliar circumstances you either act or you do not. All of your experience, knowledge, and expertise mean absolutely nothing if you do not act.”

Intern Karley: “I really struggle with being comfortable having my picture taken.”

Intern Tanisha: “At first, I held back quite a bit. I was nervous, I did not know intern Stephanie at the time and I did not want to get in her way. I missed a ton of shots and I just sucked for a while.”

Intern Bonnie: “On the drive home I began to process everything and only then did I realize what an adventure I was truly going to have over the next 3 months and beyond.  I want to become a rockstar photographer.”

Intern Alexander: “This is my first internship with anybody.  I’ve never interned before in my life.”

Intern Delilah: “At first, I stayed comfortably along the edge of the river.  Shooting from the sidelines  – thinking I wouldn’t have to get in.  Or, get wet.  I was wrong.”

Intern Chad: “I had been looking at the blog posts from other interns in previous seasons about their various experiences and what to expect. It was so much more than what I expected”

Intern Stephanie: “I was  pretty much telling myself  too much sun, I’m not going to get any good pictures – what am I even doing here?

Intern Patricia: “I purchased a 50mm lens a few years ago because I heard it would be great for portrait shots.”