The Best Atlanta Wedding Venues (that I’ve photographed)

There are literally hundreds of wedding venues in the metro Atlanta area. Probably even more if you count all the venues that aren’t ‘wedding specific’ but could and can still provide more than amazing services for a wedding. While there are obviously some that are better than others – and some that are AMAZING –Read more

How to Create Your Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony doesn’t have to suck. Let’s say that again. Your wedding ceremony won’t suck. It’s 2017 and you are completely responsible for your wedding ceremony being however it is going to be. SO. Having said that – make it however YOU want it to be (and by ‘You’ I mean the both ofRead more

How Many People Should You Invite to Your Wedding?

Figuring out where your wedding is taking place (the venue(s)) generally requires that you have an idea of how many guests you’ll be having attend. So. How many people should you invite to your wedding? How do you figure out how many people? You could just pick a number from your head – how aboutRead more