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6 Tips for Planning a Last Minute Wedding

Planning a last minute wedding doesn’t have to be a super crazy, or impossible task. In fact – what does last minute mean anyway? Obviously if you decide to get married next week – that would be last minute. But what if you only gave yourself 3 months to plan your wedding? or 6 months? Or 9 months? Are those still last minute weddings? Yes, and no, and kind of. Well – anything under 6 months is closer to the ‘last minute’ category than 9 months and longer. Alright – glad we got that bit of nonsense out of the way.

The whole wedding industry is built on this idea of a year timeline for planning your wedding.

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How to Plan a Last Minute Wedding

But hey. Don’t worry – it’s okay. There are ALWAYS wedding venues and vendors available for you no matter the date. You just might have to be extremely flexible and creative to make it all work.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you plan your last minute wedding.

  • Check availability on the off/unpopular dates/days
    • Since many of the busiest (and arguably best) venues are often booked 12 months in advance – that doesn’t mean that you should rule them out. Saturdays are probably going to be impossible but maybe they have a Sunday available. Or maybe they have a Friday available. Check availability for all three of those days and at different times – maybe you’ll get lucky. And if you’re really wild and crazy – some venues might even be available for a Thursday evening. I know – Thursday evening wedding? Hey – people get married whenever they want. Maybe you’ll discover that you don’t mind getting married on a Thursday evening and saving a good bit of money in the process. Or maybe not.
  • Ceremony & Reception in the same location
    • If you weren’t already thinking of having your ceremony and reception at the same venue – now would be a good time to give that option some serious consideration. One location for everything literally simplifies nearly everything – and you don’t have to search for two locations (that was some pretty good circle talk right?) Plus you have a better chance of consolidating some of your fees.
  • Be creative and have an open mind about everything
    • When it’s a last minute wedding – you need to have an open mind about almost everything. But that can be a benefit! All of a sudden you can do whatever you want AND you have the legit excuse of ‘it’s a last minute wedding’ – so you HAVE to not spend the money on crazy amounts of flowers or decorations that you don’t want or really any other wedding things that you were told you ‘MUST HAVE’.
  • Call. Email. Skype.
    • Your available time to check out venues, meet with potential vendors, and everyone else is very limited or nonexistent. SO. Use technology. Instead of meeting with everyone in person – talk to them on the phone, video conference over skype/facebook/facetime – even if you spend an hour talking to a vendor over the phone you won’t be spending the 1 hour of travel time and the $5 for coffee. Of course you can have a sit down with your wedding team in person once you’ve booked them and they’re hired.
  • Packaged Deals are Your Friend
    • If you find a venue that has a package that takes care of EVERYTHING – give that some serious thought.
    • If your DJ provides a photobooth and/or videography – consider going with them
    • If your wedding planner also does floral design – GO WITH THEM
    • Consolidating your vendors can save you a lot of energy and probably some money
  • Contact Mark at LeahAndMark & Co.
    • Because Mark is ridiculous and crazy and he will photography your wedding next week if he’s not doing anything else. Literally. He WILL.


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Trash The Dress | by +Krista

Last Saturday, on perhaps the most perfectly beautiful Saturday of 2013 thus far, my lovely client Arley and I trashed her wedding dress. Abandoned houses. Countryside. Muddy (freezing) rivers. And a century-old cotton mill! Because rivers and muddy wedding dresses are awesome and everything, but they’re not quite enough to satisfy me (and my badass clients) on shoots like this. We need MORE. So we go get it.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (9) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (12) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (10) copy


Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (3) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (7) copy

Trash-the-dress shoots (or rock-the-frock or fearless bridal or whatever sassy/ Suessical name you want to call it) are controversial still. The very idea elicits impassioned responses from both sides, so much so that it can start to feel like election-month Facebook. Really. It gets people going. Maybe you loved your dress and want to preserve it forever and ever. That’s awesome. But maybe you only sorta loved it and love the idea of doing something crazy and artistic and ridiculous with it MORE. Or maybe you really loved your dress- that beautiful dress that fell serendipitously into your life at the perfect moment and it was just you… AND maybe you want to symbolize moving on to the next great adventure. Arley said the best thing to me during our shoot: “It’s a dress. It’s not my hopes and dreams. My marriage is a whole lot more than this dress.” BOOM. YES. What she said.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (1) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (14) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (6) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (8) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (13) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (4) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (2) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (15)

I didn’t love my wedding dress. It just wasn’t me… AT ALL. It was given to me for free, and my parents were already paying for our entire [amazing] wedding and when you’re offered a free dress under circumstances like that, what you do is, you take it. And it’s okay. We’re in our ninth year now of post-wedding life and I’d rather have the marriage. I do still have the dress too- it’s lived in the back of our closet ever since our wedding- but not for long. I practice what I preach, and I’m trashing my own dress this year too. My grandma will probably think I’m crazy, my husband will tell me to go have fun, and I’ll come home with amazing pictures + more memories + more room in my closet. The definition of winning.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (5) copy

 Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Trash. The. Dress. +Krista.

Dancer | by +Krista

This weekend, I cheated.

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings lately… so to shoot something so different from what I’ve been doing almost every weekend this fall? Honestly, it felt like I was cheating on weddings. Oh, but dance. We have a history. A past. A connection that is so NOT like weddings- it’s gritty and tattooed and deeper than it looks on the outside. And while I’ve fallen in love with weddings and love and the amazingness of photographing weddings, that spark with dance is still there… and maybe, in a way, that chemistry makes me a better photographer all around. I delve into weddings with that little bit of dance I carry around with me. It’s all about perspective.

My little girl takes ballet. I decided upon ballet for her because, as a former dancer myself who quit too soon, I know that dance is tough, and builds you up in a way that simply cannot be rivaled. Most men I know- tough guys who can take on anything, no matter how big the challenge- couldn’t hold a candle to the physically- and psychologically-demanding requirements of being a dancer. Being a dancer builds discipline. Confidence. Resiliance. Character. It’s HARD. Harder than you think. But when you’re a dancer, spotlight in your face and lambswool shoved into the toes of your shoes, you eat/ breathe/ sleep it. It’s challenging and demanding and arduous and fulfilling… and worth it in ways that only other dancers really understand.


I’ve done several shoots with dancers now (here and here). And you know, I just really like it. I’m not afraid of repeating shots [because I don’t] or running out of ideas [because I don’t]. I’m shooting more and more weddings all the time and I’m not afraid of more weddings- because I love it so, so much. And shooting a dance concept is no different for me.

This is Greer. She’s a dancer, naturally. (She’s also an actor and a model and she sings, teaches dance, and does choreography, in case your brain needed to be demolished from all the talent she packs.) She and I have been trying to work with each other for months now, but our schedules never cooperated until this. And I’m so glad it worked out that way- true serendipitous alignment at the Goat Farm, with lifts and leaps and some non-dance stuff too. I like this niche I’ve found. A lot. And I want to do even more.

For now, my little girl still loves dancing. Maybe she’ll stick with it. I danced with girls who went on to Julliard and European tours and parts in Cats… and I won’t lie, I would love that for my daughter. But she is a girl who does her own thing- and if soccer or tae kwon do or fixing cars alongside her dad strikes her fancy, then we’ll move on to the next chapter in her life. But that feeling of spinning on stage has never left me. The peace from stretches and warm-ups- replaced by Yoga in my journey towards 30- that peace hasn’t left me either. And while the discipline and confidence have waned a little over the years (again, I blame that journey to 30), I remember my roots. And if I can satisfy that craving with the Pointe shoes still in my closet and the chance to make lovely photos of dancers, well… I’m pretty sure I’ve found my happy new medium.


 Atlanta. Dance. Photographer. Ballet. Jazz. Contemporary.

MacKenzie & Ryan | by +Krista

Through my journey with everything I’ve done and everywhere I’ve been this year, I’ve met a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE. A LOT OF REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE. Amazingly talented, artistic, funny, kind people- honestly, the gaggle of people that have come into my life this year are unlike any others I’ve ever known. Clients. Brides. Grooms. Families. Friends. Children. Performers. Artists. And most of all, fellow photographers from every far-flung corner imaginable… and some that went to high school right down the street from me.

Paralee is kind of a legend. She was the very first Intern- ever- and everyone who knows her thinks she’s the sweetest thing in existence. And so, when I got an email out of the blue from this Very Famous Paralee, asking if I’d like to partner up with her on a wedding in Savannah, I felt like I was entering this new level of being a photographer. My internship may be a thing of the past, but the challenge of what I’m doing never ends- and it’s never going to– and the idea of doing something OTHER than either second-shooting or lead-shooting, but instead, truly building a partnership for a wedding, almost literally split right down the middle, well, I was intrigued- I’d never photographed a wedding that way before. That, and I was thrilled and honored to work with Paralee.

The wedding was lovely. The weekend was lovely. The bride and her family, whom we stayed with in an incredible house right on the beach on Tybee Island, were lovely. The groom and the families and the friends and the beach and the entire three days… just lovely. Really. There was a lot of loveliness going on. The bride’s sister walked her down the aisle. There were fabulous yellow cardigans involved. From a First Look on the beach… ON THE BEACH… to a dock-side ceremony right on the bayou… to the envitable shrimp and grits as synonymous to Savannah as the Spanish moss that I miss again already… it was all just perfect. And fun. And romantic. And… lovely. It’s weddings like these that make me want to get married all over again- to my husband again of course- he humors the shrimp and grits thing so I think I’ll keep him.

Thank you to MacKenzie and Ryan and your families for everything- for opening your home to us and welcoming us so warmly into your family for the weekend. And I made a new friend out of the weekend- Paralee, thank you for everything and I’ll see you at the next one!

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Savannah. Tybee. Beach.

Sunday In The Park | by +Krista

So it’s October. Fall. Autumn. Pumpkin spice lattes (finally!) and pretending it’s colder than the Georgia weather allows. Halloween. Costumes. Things that go bump in the night. It’s my favorite time of year.

And guess what? It’s pretty much EVERYONE’S favorite time of year- yours too. (Didn’t you know that?) So partially to celebrate- and mostly just because I’m always looking/ working/ networking/ hustling to shoot things that are different, I’ve partnered up with Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta to photograph some things this month… things that are different.

Once a year, Oakland Cemetery puts on a huge event called Sunday In The Park. They call it a Victorian street festival, but really, it was one of the coolest events I’ve been to in the city in a very, very long time- and “street festival” doesn’t even begin to convey how awesome this was. To hold a huge festival in a cemetery is [apparently] creepy to some people. Those people, clearly, have never been to Oakland. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. And one of the loveliest places in all of Atlanta. Street performers. Tours. History. Storytelling. Music. Dancing. Food trucks. (And frozen chocolate-covered bananas. Amen.) An artist’s market. Carriage rides. Victorian costumes (to put it lightly). It was just… a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Cemeteries actually hold a lot of beauty in them- and photographers are known to be big fans of shooting in them. But what I (+ my awesome team: Intern Joy and Intern Kathryn) tried to focus on was something more than just pretty scenery. The tombstones are beautifully intricate. The leaves are all beginning to turn. It’s undoubtedly a photograph waiting to happen… but to see people- costumed or not, young and old, families and hipsters, from all walks of life- taking in Oakland and it was meant to be absorbed. That is what makes Oakland and especially an event like Sunday In The Park, so different. It’s why I’m so honored to have been a part of it. And it’s why you should spend more time in cemeteries- really- because they’re awesome. And so is Oakland.

Atlanta. Photographer. Historic. Oakland. Cemetery.

Cheers for Children

I have a really awesome job. Really. I love it for a lot of reasons - capturing moments, documenting emotion – and one of them is the fact that I never know where it’s going to take me next. Literally. Last Saturday, I woke up and had a garage sale at my house in the morning… and later that afternoon, I traded my flip-flops for my glamorous black “shooting shoes” (ugly yet functional) and found myself walking through the ballroom at the W Hotel in Buckhead, prepping to shoot an event I’d long been looking forward to: the Cheers for Children Ball, put on by the Friends Junior Committee to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. See? I also get to meet incredible people and be involved in the best events and goings-on around Atlanta. Awesome job indeed.

There are a lot (and by a lot, I mean over thirty) organizations under the Friends umbrella who host events and fundraisers to benefit CHOA. And that’s amazing. But Friends Junior Committee is unique in that it’s specifically dedicated to and comprised of young professionals in their twenties and thirties, a fact apparent when I admired how wonderful a sight it was to see young people, people that check the same age demographic box at the DMV that I do, organized together to throw a party for such an important cause as a children’s hospital. And, naturally, a bunch of twenty- and thirty-somethings are going to know how to throw a party.

I walked up and down the silent auction tables, shooting and reading, and I decided something: when you’re getting donations for your charity’s auction from the best spots in Atlanta – and beyond: everything from VIP tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to no-holds-barred luxury vacations to, um, a painting by Salvador Dali(!) – you know it’s going to be a pretty amazing auction. The dancing, the food, the red Moscato… well. It was quite a party, and for one of the single best causes I know. Tremendous. Also, the food and desserts were sublime. I brought a gaggle of Interns with me (Andrew, Christine, and Christina) who can attest to that. (They also rocked my face off with their hard work. To my own little team of awesomeness: thank you, guys!) 

I’m a mom- to two young children, specifically. And we’re lucky. Incredibly lucky and so very grateful that our children are healthy, happy, and here… because we should all remind ourselves more often that there’s nothing more important than having our children be those three things. When they struggle, and it doesn’t just come easy, we fight for our children- to have a life free of pain or struggles of their own, to walk or run or speak or kick a soccer ball or to become more independent. We fight for them to have a better life. Or a chance at life. And the greatest part of all is that you don’t even have to be a parent to help give a child a chance. So why not go do something good for someone who can’t ever repay you? You can volunteer. Read books. Bring flowers. Write letters. Help with homework. Donate toys. Rock babies. Give money. Go check out both CHOA and the Friends Junior Committee to see exactly how you can help too.

Thank you to Julianna, Kathy, Audrey, and Cristina for the honor of being involved in something as important as what you’re doing for the children and families at CHOA. You. Are. Awesome.

“I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring.”


Hi I’m +Mishaun
When I applied for the internship I was looking to shoot more, stretch the limits of my creativity, evolve as a photographer, and meet some new people.  From shooting in rivers and old cars to my first wedding, the three months proved to be so much more than what I had envisioned.  I know many people have talked about just how fast the internship goes by and it’s so true. When the three months were over I didn’t want it to end and now I’m so thrilled that I am now an actual part of the LeahandMark team. I shoot everything from weddings and events to families and babies, models, proposals, pets, just becauses and everything in between.  Anything you can dream up…I’ll shoot it. I love that each shoot is so vastly different from the next.  I love to collaborate with my clients and create photos that capture their unique personalities.  Whether it is a wedding or another type of event, I strive to create photos that take you back and help you re-live your memories.

I’m looking forward to helping the current interns to accomplish their goals for the next three months and watching their internship journey unfold. I’m also looking forward to seeing where the new journey of plus-dom takes me.

Hunter & Misti’s Wedding Preview by +Raven

Well, it’s my last official wedding post for From now on, you’ll have to get your Raven fix from

But anyway, I have a ton of stuff coming up for you, including “glamoir” shoots, singer/songwriter portraits, Renaissance paintings come to life, and as always, weddings.  Weddings from all over the US, including Florida, Connecticut, New York, California, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Hunter & Misti’s wedding, however, was in GA.  It was simple, elegant, and incredibly sweet. They were married at Red Top Mountain State Park, right by the edge of the water, on a gorgeous day.
They had tons of bits they made themselves, even the cupcakes, which were made by the bride herself!

Thanks, Hunter & Misti. You guys. Are. Awesome.

Wedding Preview | Brittani + Ernie | + Debra

brittani&ernie_wedding_debraedgar_leahandmark_atlantaweddingphotographers- (1)

My first wedding for the season was the awesome Brittani and Ernesto!

What a wonderful loving couple.  Congratulations to you both on your marriage.


 I had an awesome time spending the day with you and your friends and family.  I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you for having me as your photographer 😀


Sunny South Africa | The Cape | + Debra

Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (15)

Posted by + Debra

Whew! So I just got home from attending the “A Practical Wedding Book Tour” in Atlanta, hosted by Young Blood Gallery and “A Wedding Day Hooray“.  I am feeling energized! It’s always a pleasure to meet funny, open minded, outspoken, and honest people.  Meg of APW is all that and a bag of chips, probably a coke too.  She had everybody in stitches with funny stories, and sage advice for the female entrepenuers. I loved how she wore a dress that could have been for an ice skater, or dancer…I half expected her to pirouette across the floor, or just as easily strap on some skates and field questions from the audience.  In attendance where were loads of awesome couples, and a fistful of Alumni Interns, and current interns, and the awesome +Raven, and Baby Rox with his wonderful mom and cool pop.  It made me all the more grateful for the wonderful people here at the family.

I really appreciated Meg’s candor, as I have also been appreciating her blog and the many people who contribute to it.  I gotta be honest, I just love anybody who can call bull$___ out in public, and say what they mean, and mean what they say, and all that jazz.  How awesome to have people telling you that your wedding doesn’t have to equal a downpayment on a house? I feel if you got and want to spend it, then good for you.  But, if your like me and “don’t got it” and don’t want to spend it, then you should be able to have your wedding day be just as special, and just as amazing.  this is of course coming from the same girl who was planning on getting married in jeans, at least up until a few hours ago (Thanks Lucy for the inspirational quip).   A very cool group of people this evening, and I can’t wait to read the book, I have a feeling it will be just as funny, honest, and candid as Meg was in person.

Ok, onward to my blog post.  This is the last installment of my trip to South Africa.  This time focused on the Cape.  Now the region of the Cape is very large, there are hundreds of small towns, and one very large city.  It is a diverse and beautiful part of the country with mountains stretching on for days, oceans going on for miles and miles, and epic sunsets every night with great people, awesome food, and amazing wine.  There is no way I could sum up the Cape in just a few blog posts, the end message is really that a country and place as amazing as South Africa can take an entire lifetime to experience.  I could spend a month in the Southern Cape and still feel like I barely scratched the surface.


Hout Bay: Home of Seal Island.  We rode a small boat out to Seal Island, and got to eat some seriously awesome amazing fish and chips.  OMG YUMMY! Really tasty fresh fish.  It was quite difficult to photograph the seals as the water was very choppy.  My trusty little Lumix did well to get at least this 1 clear shot.  Be advised, if you get seasick, you may want to skip this one.  The waves combined with the intense stench of the seals will turn even the steel lined stomach of the hardiest person.  I was a bit green, and I notoriously can handle just about anything! I absolutely loved getting to see the baby seal with the mom, and the man who cared for them.  We all cheered and such.

Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (26)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (25)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (16)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (24)Boulders Beach: Ok, ok, I have a mild obsession with arctic animals, and the only thing better than seeing flipping penguins could have been seeing polar bears.  But there were no polar bears, so the penguins definitely took the cake for my Cape Town experience.  And the only thing better than seeing penguins, was getting to swim with them.  Sit with them.  Sunbathe with them.  YES! I know right, how cool is that!! Boulders beach is a small private beach with limited entry and gives you a chance to sit, sunbathe, and SWIM with penguins.  Best morning on the beach ever.  There is a small fee, and the beach fills up quickly.  If you happen to go, go to the outskirts, it involves some climbing but gives you a very secluded morning with the penguins (eeeep! so cool!).  Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (22)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (20)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (13)Cape Point: The national park that is home of the continental tip of Africa, and surrounding bays and Capes.  It is a full afternoon, and I recommend a snack, a sweater, and some sneakers.  You will do ALOT of walking.  It is a national wildlife refuge.  The salty air is voluptuous, and hinders the growth of most plants.  Only very hardy and native plants thrive in the park.  These trees are quintessential African trees, strong, tall, and proud.  There are a few of them scattered through the park.  For the most part the horizon is flat, and both sides are flanked by the ocean, making it all the more obvious that you are approaching the tip of the continent.  It was very exciting!Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (1)It felt like the sky and ocean were one and the same here.  Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (7)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (8)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (19)In case you were wondering, the very tip of continental Africa is VERY VERY windy. We had a good laugh trying to get this self portrait of us 3.  My brother would have lost his eyes to my hair if not for his glasses.  We all scribbled on the rocks the initials of the multiple people we love, temporary markings of the time we were in that special place.  Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (21)This is the very tippy tip of Africa! The lighthouse is newish from 1918. Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (17)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (18)These ostriches were on the side of the road, and looked a mite mean.  I didn’t dare roll down the window, I swear I thought he would peck my eyes out. Ostriches are magnificent creatures, and their eggs are made into costly curios quite regularly.

Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (15)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (14)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (9)Sentinel Hill:  offers wonderful sunset views of the Cape and surrounding bays, including Table Mountain.  This evening was special in and of itself because as soon as the sun was down, you were greeted by the rising moon.  Another example of the wild, untamable beauty to be found in the Cape. Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (6)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (5)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (4)Robben Island: Island Prison 11km from Cape Town for Political Prisoners, including Nelson Mandela. Living conditions were unbearable, and many prisoners lost their eye sight working in the direct sunlight in the lime quarry.  It was bright, hot, and an incredible sparse place.  The amazing thing to remember and walk away with after visiting Robben Island is the heroic stories of how the men held captive were able to boost eachothers spirits and work on becoming educated.  They shared letters, and books, songs, and love. It is a testament to the intrinsic wealth of mankind when we turn ourselves inward and love one another despite the misfortune or fortune they might be in the midst of.  Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (10)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (11)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (12)Table Mountain: The wind and weather of Table Mountain is world renowned, almost as well known as the spectacular views.  We tried 2 times to go up the mountain only to be turned away because of the fierce winds howling down.  Wind BTW looks just like clouds.  Who knew? We did finally make it up the mountain the day I flew out of South Africa, it was the perfect last morning in Sunny South Africa.  The views were amazing, all around.  Cape Town and all surrounding areas are beyond breath taking.  Truly one of the most amazing places in the world.  Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (3)Debra Edgar | South Africa | Cape Town | (2)

– All photos taken with the Panasonic DMC ZS8 and the iPhone 3.

Gabrielle + Quinton | Wedding Preview By + Debra

When I first met Gabrielle and Quinton we were sitting outdoors at a small cafe.  The entire conversation I kept seeing them steal shy glances and share secret smiles.  At one point, I thought the napkin holder on the table between them would fly ten feet into the air because of the electricity between them.  It was obvious immediately that they were, and are, deeply and madly in love with one another.  I was thankful at once for the happenstance connection that had brought them to me as a photographer for their wedding.

It turns out that they are both very creative and resourceful people, our banter easily moved around from details of the day, the amazing story of their friendship blossoming into a deep and abiding love, and who else knows.  We talked about everything, and I watched them share their story, and could feel the love they shared.  It was a rare and delightful thing to encounter, the intensity of them is energizing and exciting.  As the wedding day approached I chatted multiple times with Gabs, I knew the moment I saw her initial G chat message of ” taps microphone, is this thing on” pop up on my computer I had made a new friend.  A vivacious, funny, and witty friend at that.

As a photographer I always become invested in the people I shoot, after all I am sharing moments of their lives, being entrusted to record events to shape memories for years down the road.  It’s a calling, and not just a fact of picking up a fancy camera.  On their wedding day   we all hugged multiple times, and they trusted me to take them walking through downtown Atlanta to shoot some memorable and lasting photos.  we traipsed around Fox Theatre, popped into the Livingston and borrowed somebody else’s wedding guests, and stood on the corner laughing at the multiple people honking and cheering out the car window.  It was a day to remember.

My second shooter was the wonderful Alumni Intern Whitney from Season Four, and I was lucky to have her there.  Throughout the day we oohed and aahed over photos, laughed with the wedding party, and all in all had an amazing day.  Thanks again for everything Whitney, you are awesome.

The wedding party photos involved me hopping out into the street.  Literally, jumping into Piedmont Ave between red lights to get just the right amount of space for the shots.  Thankfully I had ten sets of eyes to call out when cars were coming.   We take our art seriously around here at 😉

Big special thanks to Gabs and Quinton for having me be a part of their special day.  Best of luck to you in the future, I look forward to watching and capturing the momentous occasions to come.  Ya’ll are awesome!  <3

Introductions and Sneak Peaks

Oh wow… I’m a plus now?
I’m a plus.


I don’t think I can say or {or think} that enough right now.





Thank you Leah and Mark.
Thank you Raven and Debra.




I’m so happy to be a bigger part of this family you have created.
I will keep pushing myself to always learn and become a better and better photographer.
Thank you for letting me explore with my camera attached.
Thank you for pushing me.
guiding me.
using me.
keeping me busy.
taking the risk in asking me.






I learned so much in the internship. I’m beyond excited to be able to continue to grow, learn, share and write for everyone.
There were so many things I wasn’t able to get to durning the internship. So many things I didn’t get a chance to show.

SO! Here’s a sampling of things seen and things new.



















Whew! Keep your eyes out for more photos from the sneak peeks shown.
If you don’t know which were sneak peeks, check out my intern posts. 😉
Already new assignments are lining up.
This will be an amazing time.