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The Solarium at Scottish Rite Wedding Venue Weddings

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Everything about a Solarium Decatur Wedding will make sure you end up with great photos. It is a great wedding venue deep in the heart of Decatur, Ga. It’s literally hidden away in a quiet neighborhood – just south of downtown Decatur. What’s also so amazing about the Solarium is how flexible you can be with the venue set up for your wedding.

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

Solarium Decatur Wedding Photos

You can have your wedding indoors – or outside in the main entrance area – and both are fantastic options. There are two main rooms connected by a short middle hallway and a side walkway window room as well. 

What’s also a great feature is that when it’s time for the real partying to begin – any one of the rooms can be turned into a crazy dance floor and people CAN DANCE ALL THEY WANT. It’ll feel close and comfortable as opposed to how sometimes it feels like you’re dancing in a big, empty reception hall… 

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers LeahAndMark & Co.

Of course – I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention how amazing the grounds and outside spaces are for wedding portrait photos. They are amazing and your talented photographer will have plenty to work with when it comes to make brilliant and beautiful photos of the two of you on your wedding day. Seriously. You will love your photos taken at the Solarium. You’ll love your wedding there too!

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

And if you needed more convincing – check out these amazing photos! We LOVE working there and we always have a great time. Partly because the people who book this venue are the best kinds of people. They’re looking for that balance of classic looks, but easy rules and comfort for their guests. A Solarium Decatur Wedding is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a GREAT TIME! Right? Right.

Check out the Venue Website here.

Need help creating a wedding day timeline? We have you covered.

How to Choose a Venue for Your Wedding Reception

We Make Amazing Wedding Photos for You

I know – you’ve seen photos of amazing wedding receptions with lots of flowers and/or paper goods all bought from green-vendors from Etsy with everything color coordinated and not just primary colors like you bought all of your decorations from Party City. And you’re just like whoa, I want my wedding reception to be exactly like that – you know – AWESOME.

First though – you have to find a venue to hold your wedding reception. Where do you start? You start by figuring out what style of reception you’d like to have (which might also determine the overall style of wedding you’ll have.)

Atlanta New Year's Eve Wedding | NYE 2017 | Wimbish House

SO. Again – where do you start? What types of venues exist? Church? Beach? Hotel with ugly carpet walls? Ugh.

Here you go – a list of different types of venues to consider:

  • Church (and their cafeteria reception hall)
  • Backyard (your house, relatives’ house, friends’ house)
  • Hotel Ballroom (you know – super high ceilings, carpet walls, but super convenient)
  • Country Club
  • Old House/Mansion/Plantation
  • Farm house/property
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Museum
  • Historical building
  • Concert hall/club
  • Beach
  • Beach clubhouse
  • Destination (um, beach again but a far away beach!)
  • Bar/restaurant
  • Vineyard
  • Brewery
  • Woods/Forest
  • Mountain

So basically… any space you can think of – you can have a wedding. Your only restriction is what you’re trying to stuff into that specific space (there’s a joke in there somewhere I know it!)

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Now – none of these venues are problem free – you just have to decide which problems you’d like to take on. Do you want to find all of your own vendors or do you want to have everything taken care of for you? You can buy the FULL WEDDING Package or you can build it yourself. Of course – I’m a photographer – so I have to ask – how do you want your wedding to look? Do you want beach photos? Do you want a private ceremony deep in the woods/mountains? Do you want a traditional church wedding ceremony? Do you want do you want do you want? What do you want?

Alright – here’s the real advice. See the list above? Pick your top three. Go FIND your top three locations and visit them. And then score them on these factors:

  • Are they available for the dates you want?
  • Can we fit everyone?
  • Do you like the staff/get a good vibe?
  • Will it look great in photos?
  • How easy is it for all of my vendors to work there?
  • How well does it fit our budget?

Those are the questions you need to answer when you’re choosing your venue. Oh – and finally – is this venue the place you want to get married and celebrate your wedding?

No really – ask yourself that question. It’s not about what’s available, or even what’s easy – it’s about where you want to get married and celebrate your love with all of your closest friends and family.


All photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

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