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Introducing | Season [X]

We held our 10th Intern Introduction last Friday night at our new home here in East Point, GA.

TEN. We’ve had 10 Sessions of this crazy Photography Internship and this one is literally going to be the best yet. Everything went so well last Friday night that I have a good feeling the whole program is going to be completely different and so much more than it has been in the past. I’ve said it several times here and on Facebook – but the main reason that we have this renewed focus, purpose, and energy for the Internship is because we hired Creative Director Joy to oversee the whole program – and basically boss me around.


We have more weddings already booked this year than ever before, which as also enabled us to take on bigger and bigger projects – with ridiculously amazing partners.

… everything has come a long way from when we started.

Our first Intern session (Season ONE!) had their introduction night back on My 4th, 2010. I remember being nervous and still wondering what the f*ck was I doing taking on 10 interns at once! Not only that – but our first night was a big outdoor event with models flying all over a trampoline as we photographed them with my 50 different speedlights. We obviously aimed pretty high from the start.


And now we have a team. Of crazy people. Of amazing, awesome, brilliant, crazy people. Along with CD Joy – we have +Elaine, +Krista, +Krisandra, and +Luiza. They’re in our +Photographer program which means they’ve all completed the Internship and have signed up for 6 more months of training and advanced workshops with us (and by advanced – I mean that we’re hiring outside instructors to teach private lessons to our team).

Hey. We’d like to Introduce our Season [X] Interns. You can click here to go to the main Intern Page or click each photo. Thank you.

Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship |  Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship |

Intern Selection & Season [X]

After a week of receiving Intern applications from literally all over the country – me, Leah and our creative director Joy sat down last night and battled it out over who be a part of our Season [X] of the Internship. I’ve written before about the entire process from our end – how we find applicants, how we look at them and what we’re looking for – and then also how with every season we’re looking for something different from the previous seasons. The applications these days are amazing, outstanding, and very difficult to turn down.

We’re about to being our 10th session, dubbed Season [X].

This is basically our 4th year in business and we’re nearly completely booked as far as weddings go. This is great! Other than for the normal reasons (not worrying as much about paying the bills) – but because it enables me to spend more time focusing on the Internship and making it better. True, Actually, and Honestly BETTER. 1,000 times Improved.

Of course – it’s not all because of me – in fact it’s mostly because we hired a creative director (Joy) to oversee and manage the logistics of the whole thing and to make sure that things happen the way they’re supposed to happen. Which in turn frees me up to teach/instruct/guide/make bad jokes. (Not that I ever held back my bad jokes.)


So we now have twelve (12) interns for the next three months. We have a course syllabus with 4 workshops!

  • Photo 101/Composition/Physicality
  • Lighting 101 / Off-Camera flash
  • Editing / Photoshop / Lightroom
  • Business/Marketing & Selling

And of course we have just as many set ‘group’ shoots in awesome locations (Junkyard, Train Museum, Secret River Spot, etc.)

Finally – with my renewed sense of purpose, and interest – we’ve turned our +Photographer program into a full-on extension of the Internship. Yeah. It’s… more than crazy what we’re doing.

What was once just something tacked onto our wedding photography business (the internship) and then something that was tacked onto that (the +photographer program) is now essentially a full-on department/component of our business. I’m giving it the focus, time, and funding that it needs in order to provide the best learning experience and environment for our Interns. Why go to so much trouble for our Interns?

Because they’re committing to working ridiculously hard with us – and so we commit to work ridiculously hard for them. It’s really that simple.

We say this is the largest photography internship in the country – and there are other ones out there – but this is hands-down the best one you could ever experience.

Let’s. GO.



Photography Interns Wanted | Season [X]

We are – and along with our Creative Director (Joy!) and our team of +Photographers – we operate the largest photography internship in the country. Leah and I picked up our cameras a little over three (3) years ago and started this business with no formal training, a little bit of luck and way too much hard work! We’ve gone from just two people who liked making pictures into wedding photographers that travel all over the United States photographing weddings. A lot of weddings.

We operate our business following three principles:

1. Be Different

2. Do things that matter

3. Show Everyone

This is our Portfolio and this is our Wedding Portfolio.

We’re looking for interns to work with us for three months – and possibly longer.

Here is what our Alumni Interns have to say about how this Internship changed their lives:

Alumni Intern Meagan 
Alumni Intern Jo 
Alumni Intern Whitney 
Alumni Intern Raven 
Alumni Intern Gabriel 

You can read reviews of this internship from past Interns here: [Season Three] [Season Two] [Season One]

Our Interns work hard and most of them photographed more in the last three months than they did in the past year.

You should know what’s in it for you. Because if you’re considering working with us, then you should know exactly what you’re gaining – since it’s definitely not money!

Although it’s not really popular these days – we’re ‘generalists’. We don’t specialize in anything and that goes against the current trend of finding your ‘niche’ and specializing in one or two specific types of photography. We run the gamut and we photograph everything from weddings, to parties, to corporate headshots, to family and children portraits, to senior portraits, and even product photography. Without arguing if our photography is actually any good – we can only go on the fact that our clients REALLY like us, they keep coming back, and new ones seem to keep contacting us and asking us to work with them.

We’re very busy and as our intern you will have lots of opportunities to photograph in a wide range of different styles and subject matter.

What we need is for you to have some idea of what you’d like to focus on and learn from us. Some of what we can offer is:

  • How to pose subjects, especially strangers – and become confident at it
  • How to better handle light – off camera flash and natural
  • How to stop taking photos like everyone else (it’s easier than you think)
  • Get away from ‘technically’ perfect photos
  • Photographers learn by photographing – you’ll photograph a lot with us.
  • Stop feeling restricted by the gear you DON’T have

AND MARKETING subjects – because you want to be an actual paid and working photographer right?

AND Even More

  • Build the client base that you want
  • Find out if you do make photographs like everyone else – so you can stop
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Try crazy ideas because no one’s going to stop you
  • Push the boundaries of what your clients think they want – and keep delivering something just a little different
  • Be hired as an artist – and not just a button pusher

We also setup group photoshoots where the ratio is roughly 2-3 photographers per model – and sometimes it’s 1 photographer per model. We believe in getting the best position for the best shot – and you can’t do that if there are 20 photographers shooting 3 models in a group session.

Here is a list of the workshops we have scheduled on our calendar:

  1. Photo 101/Physicality of shooting and Composition
  2. Off-Camera Flash & Lighting
  3. Photoshop/Lightroom editing and digital workflow
  4. Photography Business & Marketing
A few of the scheduled group photoshoots include:
  1. Models in the river at our top secret location
  2. Southeastern Railway Museum
  3. Old-Car City Junkyard

That’s what we think we offer and what we think an Intern can learn from us.

Here’s what we’re asking from our Interns:

  • You own a DSLR camera
  • You have at least a rudimentary understanding of shutter speed and aperture
  • You have your own artistic ideas – even if you’re still working on them
  • You aren’t afraid to try everything
  • You don’t say ‘we can’t do that’
  • You are willing to photograph everything during your time with us – even if it’s not your style
  • You will read any materials we actually give you to read
  • You will be available for at least two (2) five hour photo shoots a month (and possibly more permitting your schedule)
  • You have a portfolio to show us – and you’re proud of your current work – no matter what
  • You are nice
  • You are stubborn
  • You want to learn
  • You can commit to working with us for three (3) months (roughly)
  • Possibly accompany us on photo shoots/weddings out of town (on our tab)

We’d like to make it clear that your progress during this internship is primarily moved forward by you. We work hard to facilitate learning – but we don’t hold your hand, and even though we might cover the basics, it’s on your shoulders as an intern to do your homework and practice on your own – so that we can get to the really good stuff. Also – this internship requires a lot of trial & error learning – so stop aiming for perfection right away.

Please understand, this is an Internship with workshops. It’s not a full blown training program, it’s not a photography bootcamp, it’s not anything resembling a teacher/student/classroom arrangement like you might be accustomed to. This is an Internship. You work along side us, you follow our instructions, and we answer your questions – sometimes (alright most of the time).

If you’ve read the reviews - nothing here is spoon fed. You’re applying to learn things you can’t learn in a book, or for some reason – things that you didn’t learn in class. If you don’t ask good questions, then we’re not giving up answers too easily. It’s your job to ask better questions – and it’s our job to answer the good questions. Remember that.

The internship last during February, March, & April | Three months.



Deadline for the application is Friday January 11th at 12pm NOON.


(Tip: Write as much as you can.)
(Pro Tip: Write As Much As You Possibly Can.)


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