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SugarComa Redux

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Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That’s how I felt merely 2 stops in to the SugarComa tour. (SugarComa is a tour of amazing sweet spots around town.)  Breakfast at No Mas Cantina was a great start to the morning – I can’t imagine my blood-sugar level had I not first eaten some delicious eggs benedict, burritos, quesadillas, etc.  The Mexican Hot Chocolate got my sugar rush started, however.

We were then treated to delicious baked goods at Highland Bakery.  The margarita cupcakes were ahhhhhh-mazing.  And of course the red velvet is the best in town (which is why we chose it for our wedding cake last year).  Next stop: Cacao.  Best. Chocolate. Ever.  Bonus: backstage tour of the chocolate laboratory where we were regaled with adventurous tales of cocoa bean gathering expeditions.

By the time we hit Bakeshop, I was reeling from both the sugar high and the social high.  Y’all know I am a people person, and this was my first social outing since finishing grad school, so I was super excited to meet all these new, awesome folks on the tour and be able to socialize without thinking about the next paper I have to write.

I didn’t get to try the cupcakes pictured above, but don’t they look fab?  That was from the afternoon tour.  Mark photographed that one while I went home…in a complete Sugar Coma. (He warned me to pace myself, but with all these amazing goodies to try, I had a hard time resisting.)

Mission accomplished!  The Broke Socialite (and all the fabulous bakeries/event spaces/sugary stores participating) crafted a fantastic experience for us.  Check out Mark’s photos – and get your tickets for the next tour!