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2017 Top 10 Best Destination Wedding Locations in the U.S.

First – this list is the MOST OFFICIAL of Official Lists EVER in regards to the Top 10 Best Destination Wedding Locations in the U.S. for this year of 2017. 

2017 Best Destination Wedding Locations in the U.S.

So. Here are the best cities and/or locations for destinations weddings in the United States? Easy. We got this. 

  • Atlanta, Georgia

    • Okay – I’m completely biased here. But really – Atlanta is a great destination wedding location! In fact – many, many, many of our past couples that have gotten married here in Atlanta – don’t actually live in Atlanta. Why? Because it’s a great central location – with an amazing airport that everyone can fly into very easily. Plus – the food is crazy good. The city is super, SUPER. And you have about a billion amazing wedding photographers within walking distance of any area of the city. Seriously. I should know – we compete with ALL OF THEM. And honestly – they really are ALL AMAZING. 
    • But more so – the night life here is great (not that I know) and the food amazing (have I said that already?) and well – the rates for everything here will save you a good bit over the wedding rates in places such as New York or Southern California (well, really ALL of California). 
    • Also – no matter what kind of wedding venue you want (farm, mansion, museum, industrial warehouse, etc.) – you can find that in or near Atlanta. Okay except a beach.
  • Sea Island, Georgia

    • Hey! You wanted a beach wedding? SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA is your place. 
    • Because Sea Island is basically a private island and you can only stay there if you’re at one of the two resorts, OR you happen to own a house there. So you’ll be avoiding all of the crowds of people that are visiting the nearby public beaches… alright that totally sounds bougie and elitist – but come on – it’s YOUR wedding. You’re not inviting EVERYONE anyway. 
    • Oh yeah – and from the chamber of commerce – tourquoise waters and pristine beaches – it’s like the Carribean except, not. And you can do all the cool beach resort things. 

  • Florida Keys, Florida

    • It’s still technically winter and I’m still absolutely wishing I was at the beach. SO. Another beach destination.
    • Because COME ON. It’s the FLORIDA KEYS. You KNOW it’s super cool down there. And your wedding will be super beautiful. And you don’t know anyone else that’s even had their wedding down there. You will literally be THE ONLY ONE you know who’s ever gotten married down in the Florida Keys.
  • Aspen, Colorado

    • Seriously. Pick a medium to small town in the mountains in Colorado and done.
    • It’s F*cken AMAZING.
    • Now your wedding will automatically be F*cken Amazing just because of those mountains and all the mountain-y things 
    • People at the office will be bragging about how they got married at their Farm Barn and you can be like F*CK YOUR FARM. I got married at 8,000 feet. (or 13,000 if you get married at the top of a ski resort)

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    • You know why you pick Las Vegas for your wedding destination? Because all you do is tell people when to show up and you’re done. 
    • Literally – pick a hotel/venue, buy their package where THEY DO EVERYTHING – and then you’re done. People won’t even be bugging you about what they should be doing because it’s Vegas and they won’t really want to see you until your wedding day anyway. UNLIKE other resort destination weddings where you basically have to babysit the whole group to make sure they feel welcome or some other BS. 
    • And if anyone asks you where you got married you can just say Aspen, Colorado.

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    • I don’t know. I saw a photo and thought it would be a cool place. 
    • Maybe it’s too much like Aspen, Colorado.
    • Ah forget it – just get married in Aspen.
  • Coronado, California

    • I grew up there. (Silver Strands military housing yeah!) And it’s winter right now. I miss the beach. 
  • Wisconsin/Michigan

    • For us liberals that grew up on the coast – we would never, ever, think about having a wedding in Wisconsin or Michigan
    • But that’s too bad because it’s totally cool and beautiful there 
    • I know – Wisconsin and Michigan are two states and probably different from each other
    • But are they really? I don’t know – I’ve pretty much lived along the coastal states my whole life (except that part in Arizona – but even then everyone just escapes to San Diego whenever they can.)
    • So Wischigan. I’ve actually photographed 4 weddings there and one thing I can say is that THOSE PEOPLE ARE F*CKEN AWESOME. They love them their beer and I love them for loving their beer. 

  • Hawaii, Hawaii

    • Pick an island
  • PNW (Pacific Northwest)

    • If you like trees they have lots. Pick a state up there. Make some #LiveAuthentic #Kinfolk #GetOutside Instagram posts 
    • You can visit my cats that live with my sister in Portland, Oregon
    • There are a lot of waterfalls apparently
    • But no really – visit my cats in Portland.

2017 Top 10 Best Wedding Destination Locations in the U.S.

The Top 10 Best Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Best Atlanta Wedding Photographer Whitecrest Farm LeahAndMark

Here’s the thing right? I’m a wedding photographer. So of course I’m going to include myself on this list – and that’s not just some crazy amount of pride. It’s just… well… why wouldn’t you include yourself in the top 10 of your profession in a specific category? Why Not. Besides – maybe we ARE one of the top 10 best Atlanta wedding photographers. Maybe not. It’s not exactly a science that can be measured with math and more math. 

Atlanta New Year's Eve Wedding | NYE 2017 | Wimbish House

The Top 10 Best Atlanta Wedding Photographers

It’s art right? That’s what we’d all have you believe. Wedding Photography is art and so you’re hiring an artist along with a professional. Because you definitely want a ‘Professional’ wedding photographer and not just a talented every now and then wedding photographer. I’m not talking about everyone – I’m talking about YOU. I’m talking about YOU and what you want. There’s a reason you’ve spent more time searching for a wedding photographer than your officiant. There’s a reason you’ve spent more time looking at wedding photo gallery after gallery and more galleries. Because you’ve seen SO MANY bad wedding photos. You’ve experienced so many bad wedding photographers – and now it’s your turn and you want great photos, a great experience, and… all around awesome from your wedding photographer.

But how do you find them? How do you find these elusive amazingly talented wedding photographers that aren’t a scam, that aren’t jerks (well, jerks in a way that doesn’t rock with how you’re a jerk) and that can be the ONLY person you’re paying to hangout with you for 10 hours on your wedding day. I know – you might be paying for a planner as well but honestly – they’re busy planning and running your wedding. While you’re photographer? They’re busy… watching you guys. ALL. DAY. 

Well, now that sounds creepy. AND IT COULD BE.

The Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

SO obviously you’ll want someone you’re comfortable with. Someone who doesn’t creep you out. Along with them being able to make ridiculously amazing photos. Right? Right. 

Now. Who are these people? Maybe you know someone already. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you know someone but they’re already booked. NOW WHAT? 

Keep searching. There are about 9 billion wedding photographers out there in the greater metro Atlanta area – so I’m sure you can find one that IS available and happy to be there with you. 

And now. We come to the list. Well. In a little bit. Because obviously I have a pitch. You know. A Pitch. Because obviously we would like to be your wedding photographer. We want to be there making all the amazing photos on your wedding day. Right? Of course. It’s practically why we exists. We’re full time wedding photographers and THIS IS WHAT WE DO. We don’t dabble. We don’t only do this on the weekends while we go back to our day jobs on Monday.

This is our profession. Wedding Photography is OUR JOB. Your wedding photography IS OUR JOB. 

Atlanta’s Best Wedding Photographers 

And that’s why we’re all here. You. Us. Me. We. That’s why we’re here. Because you’re searching for that special wedding photographer that will flat out KICK ASS at your wedding while being all kinds of Ninja and not weird and not creepy or lame – and still delivering bags full of AWESOME PHOTOS. You know. You’re looking for that wedding photographer that will BRING IT and make magic that just shows the world HOW F*CKEN BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, LeahAndMark, Wedding Exits, Sparklers, Monday Night Brewing

Alright! YEAH! Hi-FIVE!

Let’s do this.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss Thank you.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers, LeahAndMark, Trees Atlanta, Weddings, Black, Mexican, Multi racial, Multi Cultural

The Best Atlanta Wedding Photographers. Top 10. Best in Atlanta.