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Yelp Event @ Java Vino + Friday

Yelp Atlanta

After a grueling day of work (more preparation in general for the telecommuting from China, and then also just general stuff that I had to get done that… is actual work but it’s the type of thing that no one knows you do even though it saves everyone a lot of extra work if you do it) and then it was time for the Yelpy Office Hours Event @ Java Vino.

This event was run/submitted by the regional Yelp boss, Deanna J. and she rocks – because when it’s an official yelp event (or somewhat) you get free stuff, like free drinks and then of course… there’s always free yelp junk like um, yelp stick, stickers, buttons, and all this other stuff that I never really take. But it’s still cool cause again, we get to hangout with people that we can have great conversations with and who actually have lives and goals. It’s just so different from other online social groups – AND it doesn’t have that whole ‘networking’ feel that most ‘events’ have for people in our age group.

Deanna is the one in red wearing the I *heart* Yelp – of course.

Java Vino was a nice spot for this, especially since it was a small group of around 7 people and we had a good time talking to each other about stuff – even though as far as guys, it was just me and one other guy. But our friend Yuna was there and it was really great to get a chance to talk to her for a bit about Korea and just getting to know her in general. (She’s the one the first picture with the blurry hands.)

We also got to talk to Laura D. – the person there sitting on the table. Here’s the thing about Yelp events, you never really have to worry about not getting around to talking to people because eventually, you’ll get a chance to actually talk to them beyond the ‘hello I’m Mark T.’ introduction. You initially want to have some sort of conversation with these people who you’ve known ‘online’ but then if you’re awkward like me, you freak out when you actually have to meet them in person the first time… so usually I don’t actually talk to these people until at least the 2nd time I meet them at a yelp event. 🙂

I know. This may have been a totally boring entry. But still. I can’t keep talking about China – it’ll get better when we actually fly out on Tuesday morning.

Oh yeah. I got a haircut – by my favorite Cambodian lady who cuts my hair at the GreatClips on Windward Parkway.

Oh, and one more – This is Three-Four, I’ve been giving him reiki everyday since I got my chakras attuned. He’s really come around. Whereas when I first started, he really wouldn’t sit still for it, and he didn’t really absorb any at all. But now he totally relaxes and stretches out – more than he’s ever done before in his life – and these last few days he’s been absorbing A LOT of energy. It’s an interesting feeling and when I reiki either of our cats I feel them pulling much more energy than any of the actual humans I’ve given reiki to… anyways… it’s just cool.

Anna & Chris – Petsitters For Hire

This is Anna. She and her boyfriend Chris are going to be watching our cats One-Two and Three-Four during the month that we’re away. We furiously cleaned our house over the past two days so that they could come over and we could give them the rundown of how to refill the automatic feeders and change the automatic waterfall that they drink from. And then also give them the calendar of days that they absolutely must come in order to refill the feeders.

So then I’m trying to explain everything and show them how to work the machines when Anna is like… can’t I just come over everyday and feed them?

Ha! We bought all these electronic gadgets to feed them automatically so that they wouldn’t absolutely have to come over everyday, and could come over at least every other day and have some leeway. And then Anna’s just like… it’d be much easier if I just came over everyday. She totally side-swiped us with both the simplicity, but mostly her efforts. We just didn’t want to be THAT much of an imposition (even though we’re paying them a fair amount of money – but it’s not about that obviously.)

So they came over last night, we had a pizza from Mellow Mushroom and then Leah and Anna went in the back room and Leah gave Anna a Reiki Session.

They’re awesome and although both Leah and I were slightly worried about leaving our cats for a month, it helps to feel much better knowing that we have Chris and Anna to watch over them and that they would do anything to make sure they’re both safe and doing well while we’re away.