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SugarComa Redux

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Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That’s how I felt merely 2 stops in to the SugarComa tour. (SugarComa is a tour of amazing sweet spots around town.) Breakfast at No Mas Cantina was a great start to the morning – I can’t imagine my blood-sugar level had I not first eaten some delicious eggs benedict, burritos, quesadillas, etc. The Mexican Hot Chocolate got my sugar rush started, however.

We were then treated to delicious baked goods at Highland Bakery. The margarita cupcakes were ahhhhhh-mazing. And of course the red velvet is the best in town (which is why we chose it for our wedding cake last year). Next stop: Cacao. Best. Chocolate. Ever. Bonus: backstage tour of the chocolate laboratory where we were regaled with adventurous tales of cocoa bean gathering expeditions.

By the time we hit Bakeshop, I was reeling from both the sugar high and the social high. Y’all know I am a people person, and this was my first social outing since finishing grad school, so I was super excited to meet all these new, awesome folks on the tour and be able to socialize without thinking about the next paper I have to write.

I didn’t get to try the cupcakes pictured above, but don’t they look fab? That was from the afternoon tour. Mark photographed that one while I went home…in a complete Sugar Coma. (He warned me to pace myself, but with all these amazing goodies to try, I had a hard time resisting.)

Mission accomplished! The Broke Socialite (and all the fabulous bakeries/event spaces/sugary stores participating) crafted a fantastic experience for us. Check out Mark’s photos – and get your tickets for the next tour!

SugarComa Redux | Preview

I generally don’t like ‘Preview’ posts from other photographers because I think it’s a cop-out to post a single photo, and then say ‘Hey! I posted a preview from my latest engagement session/wedding/family portrait’. Don’t waste everyone’s time with just one photo! Show Us the Good Stuff! – at least more than a single photo.

So in an effort to not suck in the ways that other people annoy me – here are Twenty (20) preview photos from today’s SugarComa Redux Tour.

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Here are the preview photos. Thank you.



Click Here for SugarComa Photos:

Last Saturday morning I photographed the a.m. SugarComa tour.

Organized by The Broke Socialite, SugarComa is a tour of some of Atlanta’s finest bakeries. Essentially 30 people hopping into four brand new Cadillac SRX’s and criss-crossing Atlanta to devour some awesome sugar specialties. Sadly, I was only able to shoot the a.m. tour since Leah and I were scheduled to shoot a SteamPunk Ball later that evening. Still – SugarComa was considerably awesome.

It was an interesting event in that most of the attendees were a mixture of hyphenates: PR – Marketer – Blogger – Cook – Baker – Mother – Teacher – Photographer – Stylist – Foodie – Freelancer – Writer – Author – Columnist – Editor – Etc. Seriously – the case can be made that some of the people have ALL of those descriptions on their resumes. Yeah. Not only that, but this was also a full-on Twitter event. Before, during, and after each stop the attendees would twitter various ummm… tweets? Yeah. Check the hashtag #SugarComa on Twitter and you’ll see them all.


Now with the obligatory disclaimer (this may be cheesy) – I’m honestly always impressed by full-blown-all-out-passion. Whether it’s B-boys all over the world, a deaf percussionists teaching people how to listen, or Kristen Hard of Cacao. When she describes how she ventured off into the jungles of Central America in search of cocoa beans – along with the part where it’s unheard of that a woman do this – along with the very real risk involved – it’s difficult to not be impressed if not inspired. I was also fortunate enough to be riding along with ShameekaThe Broke Socialite herself, Helen of Tartelette and her friend Bina. I say fortunate because these women are very passionate about living with intention – whether you consider their careers, their art, writing, cooking, or raising their children – they go all out – and it’s always a good thing when you’re around that kind of energy.

I think it definitely helped with our portrait booth later that evening at the SteamPunk Ball.


Hey. It’s Tuesday.

Click Here for SugarComa Photos:

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Sugar Coma and a SteamPunk Ball!


We are shooting two events this weekend:

Sugar Coma presented by


Mechanical Masquerade: A SteamPunk Ball presented byThe Syrens of the South.

Even though it seems like we photograph everything under the sun – which is why we don’t have one of those sentences that goes:

“We Specialize in weddings, family and children portraits, model portfolios, headshots, events, food and product photography – in a natural photojournalistic style.”

Yeah. We just photograph what we like – which for the most part is People Photography. So it feels like it’s been a long while since we’ve shot any events even though it’s only been a few weeks ( MensWear Fashion Show)

I’ll be honest with you – I pretty much enjoy photographing anything except parades. If you ask me to photograph a parade I’ll zzzzzzzzzzz fall asleep on you. For some reason I just… eh, no parades okay?

But I digress… a lot. So this Saturday we’re photographing the morning Sugar Coma tour and then that evening we’ll be shooting the SteamPunk ball AND we’ll have a Portrait Booth setup there as well (much like but different from this one at the Indie Craft Experience) – with a backdrop and everything – I know, it’s like we’re professionals or something 😉


So we’re actually pretty excited about photographing these two very different events on the same day. I’m excited because I’ll probably bring my lights and try different things and do run-and-gun strobist stuff that will either work or fail miserably – but that’s partly why we shoot events – because we like to think that our event photography will look different from other photographer’s event photography… even if we’re wrong about that (opinions vary) – it’s always what we work towards.


On a different note, our write-up on OffBeat Bride was posted last Tuesday and the response has been considerably awesome. The number of weddings we’ve booked this year has jumped and we’re even flying across the country for a few of them. We know we have a lot of work to do – but it’s nice that the response to our photography has generally been favorable. We’re really surprised and appreciative of everyone who’s been supporting us and taking a chance on us since we started this endeavor back in August – really, thank you.

If you haven’t checked it out yet – here’s our write-up on OffBeat Bride – they say nice things about us – Click on the Picture:

Hey. Have a great rest of the week.