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Emily + Scot | Wedding Preview

Two of the weddings we photographed this month were booked a year ago. A year ago, when we had only photographed two weddings. A year ago, when Mark worked full time and I was in grad school full time (and working on top of that!), and we were trying to see if this photography business could become a full-time gig. A year ago, when saying “I’m a photographer” did not roll off my tongue with any ease and I was still shooting with an entry-level DSLR that I didn’t fully understand.

Emily & Scot took a chance on us. A big chance. A chance we are very grateful for. When they asked to see our photos from other weddings, and we had just two to show them, we assured them that we would shoot plenty more weddings before theirs. We showed them family portraits, model shoots, and events we had photographed. And they decided “Sure! We’ll book you for our once-in-a-lifetime event, even though you are still new at this.”

When someone places that amount of faith in you, you can’t let them down. And you also think they’re really awesome. Which Emily and Scot most certainly are. And their wedding? Gorgeous on-the-river-at-sunset. Genuine. Laid back. Full of love. It was so evident how much these two mean to their friends and family. The tears shining in people’s eyes, the beaming smiles, the excitement. Emily and Scot are immensely loved. They are the kind of people who go out of their way for everyone else, who don’t really care to be in the spotlight. But their loved ones were bound and determined to make this day special for the bride & groom. There were heartfelt speeches, sweet notes hung on a little tree, and people pitching in to decorate, DJ, and coordinate the day.

The wedding décor? So awesome. It was like the magical backyard picnic from my childhood dreams come to life. Tree stumps and moss, gnomes and mushrooms. Mason jars with striped straws. A bazillion homemade desserts. The sun set over the river, the weather was a perfect autumn day, and Emily and Scot looked fantastic.

It was a great day.

Thank you, Scot & Emily! We wish you happy fairytale woodland adventures and a life full of love.

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