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ONLINE Wedding Photography Internship | Interns Wanted

This is the application page for the ONLINE Photography Internship – for the real-life-in-person internship application/experience – APPLY HERE.


If you don’t live ITP in the Atlanta area – you can still intern with me – through our online internship! I know – it’s amazing right? 2016 and the future is now. Online Photography Internship. WUT. Yup. Yeah. I KNOW.

OH – you’ll still be doing intern work for me – just different work than you would if you lived in Atlanta. Most of the same requirements as listed below – except you won’t get the chance to carry bags of heavy rocks. It’ll be a lot of webinars, live streaming the workshops, and you guys watching my screen while I do boring editing and watching anime in the corner of my screen.

Seriously though – if you’d like to work with me for the next two months – and learn a literal sh*t ton of photography information – let’s do this.

Application for the ONLINE Photography Internship down at the bottom – and again the In-Person Application is here.


A while back we operated one of the largest photography internships in the country for three-ish years. 10+ interns every three months for several years. Because we were crazy.

It kind of went like this:

And this:

Then we stopped. We sold almost everything we owned, left town for a year and traveled.

And now we’re back.

I’m back. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve learned a lot. I’m different now and yet the best I’ve ever been.

I’m full of sugar, and nice, and STFU.

And I’m looking for some great interns to work with this summer for two months – June and July. Eight weeks of Awesome. These people will do a lot of work for me – no lie or misunderstanding about that. But I’m going to provide a ridiculous amount of knowledge for them to take from my head – and I’ll show them things that no one else really does because other people are just normal.

I am not normal.

The last few years I averaged 43 weddings per year – and one of those years I shot more than 50. Not just my company. Me. Weddings I booked – not weddings for other shooters. I generally block off three-four months of the year to go travel and not photograph any weddings at all – and I still pack in 40+ weddings a year. I don’t have a photography degree, or art degree, or design degree – but photography is my thing.

I am not normal.

And people still hire me. This is my portfolio. Real weddings with real people – not a styled shoot in the bunch.


I’m not looking for normal photography interns. I’m looking for ones that start at ridiculous and go up from there.

This is what I’ll cover during the eight weeks:

  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • How to shoot with manual settings – faster
  • Physicality of Shooting (it’s not your camera that can’t focus – it’s probably YOU)
  • Workflow (from cards to computer to export)
  • Lightroom editing
  • Photoshop editing
  • Off-camera flash
  • Posing
  • Talking like a person who knows WTF they’re doing
  • Website (how to not have a sucky website)
  • Portfolio selection (picking photos that help book clients)
  • Wedding Day Flow (how to manage the wedding day so you’re not awful)
  • How to respond/handle client inquiries
  • Client-Meeting role play/what to say so clients don’t run away from you
  • How to get clients to sign the contract and not wait 3 months (we average 1 week)
  • How and what photography to ‘practice’ – perfect practice makes perfect. Not just practice.
  • Reception lighting
  • How to be a great 2nd shooter (too many people are awful at this)
  • Blogging (we have 1,098 posts published here – so we at least know how to… keep blogging)
  • SEO
  • Getting ranked in Google (our site has bounced around from page 1-5 depending on the search term – and many of the past interns’ sites are the same – we show up – how about your site?)
  • How to do things on social media so you’re not annoying AF, and so that a few people actually see what you post.
  • How to work harder at this photography thing than you ever have before.
  • How to be yourself and still get clients to hire you (unless you’re a creepy MF then uh, maybe go do something else and stay away from kids.)

What you will do as an intern:

  • Blog every week in your intern blog (Required. Miss one week and you’re dropped.)
  • Pinterest things for me (Required. Don’t meet the weekly quota and you’re dropped.)
  • Post everything to your own social media accounts
  • Instagram things
  • Teach me snapchat
  • Host a workshop (cause you’re all not coming to my house)
  • Watch me do boring editing things
  • Carry my bags full of rocks because I just wanted you to carry something heavy
  • Laugh at all my jokes (it means you’re paying attention)
  • Take selfies with me
  • Wear animal/monster masks
  • Probably do bad karaoke with me
  • Setup your own shoots as required
  • Maybe work a wedding with me
  • Maybe drive me to a job because that makes me feel like a BOSS
  • Be here to learn a few things – or everything


This photography internship last two months – June and July. – mostly weekends, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mondays.



Deadline for the application is Friday May 27th at 12pm NOON.

(Tip: Write as much as you can.)

(Pro Tip: Write As Much As You Possibly Can.)

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Atlanta. Photography. Internship. LeahAndMark & Co. Training. Education. School. Summer. 2016.

Wedding Workshop Series

You might be like me. You’ve been a wedding photographer for a few months, or years even – but you still don’t feel like you know what the f*ck you’re doing. Why doesn’t anyone respond to your emails? Why don’t they book you? Why are they booking someone else?! You’re a little frustrated and things would be a lot easier if someone would sit down with you, and make it… a little easier. If you just had the answers to a few questions – maybe, just maybe – being a ‘wedding photographer’ would stop being a hobby.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAtlanta Photographer School

I’m Mark – a full time wedding photographer and I book roughly 93.5% of my inquiries. I photographed 53 weddings last year but usually only shoot about 35 weddings annually.

I can help you learn more about wedding photography than you probably ever wanted to know (at least from my warped perspective.)

Portfolio. Instagram. Facebook.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

With a lot of help I also operated one of the largest photography internships in the country (but got too busy and stopped a few years ago.)

Now I’m offering a Wedding Photography Business Workshop Series.

I know – it’s not exactly a catchy name. WPBWS doesn’t really roll off the tongue either. Aw F*ck it.

Here’s the pitch.

I believe I’m the best photographer for my clients on their wedding day – and they believe it as well.

I am not the best wedding photographer of all time, ever – but I am the best wedding photographer for my clients, on that day. Period.

I couldn’t continue to do this if I didn’t believe that.

Also – these workshops are completely free to you.

Here are the workshops:

  • What Your F*cken Wedding Photography Website Should Say, Be, and Do
    • This is about your MARKETING. (How and why I get away with using f*ck all over my wedding website)
    • Your Website’s ONLY job is to get people to contact you. That’s all.
    • It doesn’t do any selling – that’s YOUR JOB.
    • I’ll go over every part – your bio, your pricing page, your blog posts, your portfolio
  • How to Book Wedding Clients.
    • How to respond to initial inquiries so people actually respond
    • How to lower your closing window down to 2 weeks or less.
    • How to talk to people like people and not like they’re $$$
    • Why no one emails you back
    • How to get them to email you back
    • How and Why I went from closing 25% of the time to 93.5% of the time.
  • How to Run The Wedding Day Like. A. Boss.
    • How to look like you know WTF you’re doing.
    • Simple but dangerous mistakes to avoid
    • What you should expect
    • How to handle EVERYTHING
    • All the things you don’t know.
    • How to get F*cken amazing shots NO MATTER WHAT.
    • How to get F*cken amazing shots NO MATTER WHAT. (repeated on purpose)

If you’re interested in any (or all!) of these workshops – please fill out the form below. I’d absolutely love to work with you.

And hey. Thank you very much. It’s a big compliment that you would even consider learning with me.

The dates are subject to my schedule (hey I’m still working) and will take place between now and the end of December.

Oh. And remember – any and all of these workshops are completely free – but limited to 5 people only for each workshop.


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Atlanta. Wedding. Photography. Internship. Workshop. Business. Marketing. School.




Work and Life Balance | by +Krisandra

Have you ever been so wrapped up in something that everything else just seemed to ….Disappear.


Something like a new companion, school, a project, or WORK? Everything else like family, friends, but mostly YOU? Where you don’t realize what day of the week it is you just know what you have to do that particular day because the calendar says so. Where you can’t seem to remember when the last time you talked to your friend actually was. Where you can’t remember if you answered that text message. When you are at a red light and suddenly remember you had better cook that chicken that has been marinating in the fridge or it WILL go bad.

This is where I am. RIGHT NOW.


This past weekend was busy for me. I auditioned for a television commercial, I photographed a family at the Atlanta fair, I snuck into an abandoned building and finally did a shoot that I had been planning for months, I spoke at a photography workshop, I even photographed a sideshow event. But, you know what else happened? I heard (more than once I might add) from friends, “Where have ya been? Why don’t we talk anymore”.



Mark (I thought was joking) said a while ago that the only time friends get to see him is if they are at the event he is photographing. He wasn’t joking. While I can sit here and justify it to myself that this is a good thing, it really isn’t. Yes, this means I am working hard at mastering my craft. Yes, this means I finally feel like I am in a good place with my photography career. Yes, this means I am producing great images. Yes, this means I am finally doing what I love full time. But… this also means I have neglected friends, I have neglected my house chores, I am so tired a nap turns to anxiety because I am not sure if it is 6:30 a.m. or p.m. when I awake. I have forgotten ME.

I can balance this! Work and life! Even if it means I have to start putting my friends, chores and ME on my calendar. If that is what it takes, then so be it.

I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am today without you. I can’t forget who modeled for me before I really knew what I was doing. I can’t ignore the ones who supported me when I was 48 hours straight without sleep because I was working on my portfolio in school. I can’t neglect those who care.

This blog is dedicated to you.



Business Investment Decisions

We are often asked the question – why is your Internship so successful? Of course – the real question that’s usually being asked is ‘how do you continue to attract so many interns that work for free, and that seemingly work so hard for you? | Photography Internship Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Although we can easily come up with a complicated answer involving how we manage personalities, projects that we assign, and our extensive interview process – the real answer is simply the amount of energy and resources that we spend on the Internship. Between workshops that we provide (photo 101, lighting, marketing, photobooths, styled shoots,  a two day wedding workshop) and critique nights, and group shoots, and of course the introduction/graduation nights – this current season requires a substantial amount of effort to keep things running smoothly. There’s the time it takes to schedule everything, and get ready for workshops – and then of course the actual duration of the workshops… and online communications, and other last minute projects that come up with each season.

It’s so much work now that we hired our Creative Director (Joy) specifically to make sure everything operates awesomely.

So how much time does it take to operate our Internship? As much as possible. We spend as much time as we possibly can on the Internship because we decided that it was worth it to our business. Not only that – but the effectiveness and success of each Season directly relates to my level of involvement and focus – and past seasons have proved that to be very true.

Deciding to share our knowledge and teach it to others for free was one of the best business decisions we ever made. At least in the top 3.


We don’t spend too much time thinking about our branding, or what gear to buy – more than anything else we spend our time figuring out how we can share what we know. We don’t earn any profit for our workshops and our Internship is free and unpaid. We work very hard at trying to give away what we’ve learned.

It’s odd but yes – giving away as much of our ‘knowledge’ or secrets as we can is part of our business strategy – and it’s worked very well for us.


Weddings | Portraits | Photobooths


Introducing | Season [X]

We held our 10th Intern Introduction last Friday night at our new home here in East Point, GA.

TEN. We’ve had 10 Sessions of this crazy Photography Internship and this one is literally going to be the best yet. Everything went so well last Friday night that I have a good feeling the whole program is going to be completely different and so much more than it has been in the past. I’ve said it several times here and on Facebook – but the main reason that we have this renewed focus, purpose, and energy for the Internship is because we hired Creative Director Joy to oversee the whole program – and basically boss me around.


We have more weddings already booked this year than ever before, which as also enabled us to take on bigger and bigger projects – with ridiculously amazing partners.

… everything has come a long way from when we started.

Our first Intern session (Season ONE!) had their introduction night back on My 4th, 2010. I remember being nervous and still wondering what the f*ck was I doing taking on 10 interns at once! Not only that – but our first night was a big outdoor event with models flying all over a trampoline as we photographed them with my 50 different speedlights. We obviously aimed pretty high from the start.


And now we have a team. Of crazy people. Of amazing, awesome, brilliant, crazy people. Along with CD Joy – we have +Elaine, +Krista, +Krisandra, and +Luiza. They’re in our +Photographer program which means they’ve all completed the Internship and have signed up for 6 more months of training and advanced workshops with us (and by advanced – I mean that we’re hiring outside instructors to teach private lessons to our team).

Hey. We’d like to Introduce our Season [X] Interns. You can click here to go to the main Intern Page or click each photo. Thank you.

Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship |  Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship | Atlanta Photography Internship |

Intern Selection & Season [X]

After a week of receiving Intern applications from literally all over the country – me, Leah and our creative director Joy sat down last night and battled it out over who be a part of our Season [X] of the Internship. I’ve written before about the entire process from our end – how we find applicants, how we look at them and what we’re looking for – and then also how with every season we’re looking for something different from the previous seasons. The applications these days are amazing, outstanding, and very difficult to turn down.

We’re about to being our 10th session, dubbed Season [X].

This is basically our 4th year in business and we’re nearly completely booked as far as weddings go. This is great! Other than for the normal reasons (not worrying as much about paying the bills) – but because it enables me to spend more time focusing on the Internship and making it better. True, Actually, and Honestly BETTER. 1,000 times Improved.

Of course – it’s not all because of me – in fact it’s mostly because we hired a creative director (Joy) to oversee and manage the logistics of the whole thing and to make sure that things happen the way they’re supposed to happen. Which in turn frees me up to teach/instruct/guide/make bad jokes. (Not that I ever held back my bad jokes.)


So we now have twelve (12) interns for the next three months. We have a course syllabus with 4 workshops!

  • Photo 101/Composition/Physicality
  • Lighting 101 / Off-Camera flash
  • Editing / Photoshop / Lightroom
  • Business/Marketing & Selling

And of course we have just as many set ‘group’ shoots in awesome locations (Junkyard, Train Museum, Secret River Spot, etc.)

Finally – with my renewed sense of purpose, and interest – we’ve turned our +Photographer program into a full-on extension of the Internship. Yeah. It’s… more than crazy what we’re doing.

What was once just something tacked onto our wedding photography business (the internship) and then something that was tacked onto that (the +photographer program) is now essentially a full-on department/component of our business. I’m giving it the focus, time, and funding that it needs in order to provide the best learning experience and environment for our Interns. Why go to so much trouble for our Interns?

Because they’re committing to working ridiculously hard with us – and so we commit to work ridiculously hard for them. It’s really that simple.

We say this is the largest photography internship in the country – and there are other ones out there – but this is hands-down the best one you could ever experience.

Let’s. GO.



Photography Interns Wanted | Season [X]

We are – and along with our Creative Director (Joy!) and our team of +Photographers – we operate the largest photography internship in the country. Leah and I picked up our cameras a little over three (3) years ago and started this business with no formal training, a little bit of luck and way too much hard work! We’ve gone from just two people who liked making pictures into wedding photographers that travel all over the United States photographing weddings. A lot of weddings.

We operate our business following three principles:

1. Be Different

2. Do things that matter

3. Show Everyone

This is our Portfolio and this is our Wedding Portfolio.

We’re looking for interns to work with us for three months – and possibly longer.

Here is what our Alumni Interns have to say about how this Internship changed their lives:

Alumni Intern Meagan 
Alumni Intern Jo 
Alumni Intern Whitney 
Alumni Intern Raven 
Alumni Intern Gabriel 

You can read reviews of this internship from past Interns here: [Season Three] [Season Two] [Season One]

Our Interns work hard and most of them photographed more in the last three months than they did in the past year.

You should know what’s in it for you. Because if you’re considering working with us, then you should know exactly what you’re gaining – since it’s definitely not money!

Although it’s not really popular these days – we’re ‘generalists’. We don’t specialize in anything and that goes against the current trend of finding your ‘niche’ and specializing in one or two specific types of photography. We run the gamut and we photograph everything from weddings, to parties, to corporate headshots, to family and children portraits, to senior portraits, and even product photography. Without arguing if our photography is actually any good – we can only go on the fact that our clients REALLY like us, they keep coming back, and new ones seem to keep contacting us and asking us to work with them.

We’re very busy and as our intern you will have lots of opportunities to photograph in a wide range of different styles and subject matter.

What we need is for you to have some idea of what you’d like to focus on and learn from us. Some of what we can offer is:

  • How to pose subjects, especially strangers – and become confident at it
  • How to better handle light – off camera flash and natural
  • How to stop taking photos like everyone else (it’s easier than you think)
  • Get away from ‘technically’ perfect photos
  • Photographers learn by photographing – you’ll photograph a lot with us.
  • Stop feeling restricted by the gear you DON’T have

AND MARKETING subjects – because you want to be an actual paid and working photographer right?

AND Even More

  • Build the client base that you want
  • Find out if you do make photographs like everyone else – so you can stop
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Try crazy ideas because no one’s going to stop you
  • Push the boundaries of what your clients think they want – and keep delivering something just a little different
  • Be hired as an artist – and not just a button pusher

We also setup group photoshoots where the ratio is roughly 2-3 photographers per model – and sometimes it’s 1 photographer per model. We believe in getting the best position for the best shot – and you can’t do that if there are 20 photographers shooting 3 models in a group session.

Here is a list of the workshops we have scheduled on our calendar:

  1. Photo 101/Physicality of shooting and Composition
  2. Off-Camera Flash & Lighting
  3. Photoshop/Lightroom editing and digital workflow
  4. Photography Business & Marketing
A few of the scheduled group photoshoots include:
  1. Models in the river at our top secret location
  2. Southeastern Railway Museum
  3. Old-Car City Junkyard

That’s what we think we offer and what we think an Intern can learn from us.

Here’s what we’re asking from our Interns:

  • You own a DSLR camera
  • You have at least a rudimentary understanding of shutter speed and aperture
  • You have your own artistic ideas – even if you’re still working on them
  • You aren’t afraid to try everything
  • You don’t say ‘we can’t do that’
  • You are willing to photograph everything during your time with us – even if it’s not your style
  • You will read any materials we actually give you to read
  • You will be available for at least two (2) five hour photo shoots a month (and possibly more permitting your schedule)
  • You have a portfolio to show us – and you’re proud of your current work – no matter what
  • You are nice
  • You are stubborn
  • You want to learn
  • You can commit to working with us for three (3) months (roughly)
  • Possibly accompany us on photo shoots/weddings out of town (on our tab)

We’d like to make it clear that your progress during this internship is primarily moved forward by you. We work hard to facilitate learning – but we don’t hold your hand, and even though we might cover the basics, it’s on your shoulders as an intern to do your homework and practice on your own – so that we can get to the really good stuff. Also – this internship requires a lot of trial & error learning – so stop aiming for perfection right away.

Please understand, this is an Internship with workshops. It’s not a full blown training program, it’s not a photography bootcamp, it’s not anything resembling a teacher/student/classroom arrangement like you might be accustomed to. This is an Internship. You work along side us, you follow our instructions, and we answer your questions – sometimes (alright most of the time).

If you’ve read the reviews - nothing here is spoon fed. You’re applying to learn things you can’t learn in a book, or for some reason – things that you didn’t learn in class. If you don’t ask good questions, then we’re not giving up answers too easily. It’s your job to ask better questions – and it’s our job to answer the good questions. Remember that.

The internship last during February, March, & April | Three months.



Deadline for the application is Friday January 11th at 12pm NOON.


(Tip: Write as much as you can.)
(Pro Tip: Write As Much As You Possibly Can.)


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Our good friend JennyMac has an a cuter-than-cute son that we photographed last fall.  See?

I know.  The cuteness.  Oh, the cuteness.  He’s even more adorable in person, especially when he busts out with The Eagles or some Springsteen.  This kid has got some serious talent.  And he’s ONLY THREE!

Anyways, JennyMac also has an awesome blog that has three very important blog-reading qualities: 1. It gets updated super regularly.  More than  Almost daily, in fact.  2. It runs the gamut from laugh-out-loud, splatter my coffee on my monitor hilarity to grab-the-tissues, cry into my coffee tenderness.  3. It has awesome recipes.

Ok, that third item might not be what everyone is looking for in a blog.  But that’s just because you haven’t seen or tasted JennyMac’s recipes.  Since I am her in-real-life friend, too, I have had the supreme pleasure of tasting her creations.  So I already knew that the recipes she posted would be fantastic.  I am not a great chef.  I am hesitant to buy a bunch of ingredients and try a new recipe if I’m not sure it’s going to come out.  Thankfully, JennyMac spells it all out for folks like me.  I’ve made some super fancy and delicious things that I never thought I’d be able to make.

Anyhow, this post is not just about singing JennyMac’s praises.  It’s about this really cool thing she did with one of our photos.  LOOK!

It’s ART!  That will hang on her wall!  Courtesy of the folks at Modern Bird Studios.  So, if you have awesome photos that you think would make fantastic art, hit ’em up.  And if you want a discount, check out JennyMac’s blog: Let’s Have a Cocktail.  Oh, and if you DON’T have amazing, art-worthy photos… well, you know who to call.  Actually, email.  Definitely email.  Thanks.

Have yourselves a fantastic day, y’hear?

Email by

We get a lot of questions about our photos. How do you take them? Where is the light? What type of camera do you use?

Sadly, people don’t realize that when they ask us a photography question, they’re in for an excited stream of consciousness flow where we tell them everything we can in the span of 2 minutes.

We have a light here! And Here! And over there! We had to slow the shutter speed down to 1/30th and f/1.8 because man, the light in there sucked. Oh, and I had to use a tracking maneuver + the McNally kung fu grip because they kept moving AND it was dark in there!

So yeah. You could say we like making photos. A lot. Times Infinity.

But we can’t keep what we know to ourselves ’cause that’s no fun and we want our friends (you!) to have as much fun as we do.

So we’re starting Email by – it’s our weekly email where we send out tips and tricks and other ideas. Basically – things that are rolling around in our heads that somehow help us make our photos – and that we would otherwise keep to ourselves for fear of embarrassment. I mean really – there’s a huge section in my head devoted just to DIY photography gear made from parts of things from IKEA. If you’ve ever thought that your gear was pretty low-tech and even ghetto – I’m pretty sure that I’ve made and USED something way, way worse – in public, and for an event. Trust me. Very few things stop me from trying/doing whatever I think it takes to get the photo I have in my head.

Those were just a few of the sessions we photographed during our 10 hour photo shoot last Tuesday while we were in Phoenix.

Even from this short video you can tell that our setup isn’t fancy. We have some $10 flashes from ebay (they pretty much have two settings – On and Off), an umbrella, and then models who’ll struggle through my not so great posing ideas until we get to something pretty awesome. Couple that with some know-how-to-use-my-camera stuff and you’re pretty set.

Of course – that’s all gear talk.

You probably don’t have ‘gear’. You might not even have a DSLR. It doesn’t matter – because according to the stats office, something like 98% of DSLR owners never get off the automatic setting.

Automatic is where mediocre lives and if you’re using it – it’s one of the reasons why your photos aren’t exciting.

And Leah and I are all about making photos that we find exciting.

Honestly? Our learning curve was pretty steep. It wasn’t until last year that we seriously picked up our cameras and ever since then we’ve been running. Hard. We know a lot and there’s still so much to learn. We’d like you to sign up for our weekly Email so we can give you a few of the things we’ve picked up, and throw some random ideas at you – because we’re ALL ABOUT IDEAS – and we’re even more all about fun ideas.

Our first email will go out this coming Monday, March 22nd. Although we’ll continue to post pictures and stories to our blog – our Email will tell you how we really made the photo, what we were thinking – but more importantly, some methods you can actually use – no matter what camera you have.

Sign up and be our friend!

Get the Email by
* indicates required

EARTH University


We were hired to shoot a charity event for EARTH University. Straight from their website:

EARTH University is an international institution created out of a deep conviction that the environmental and social challenges confronting the planet can be resolved through education that promotes science, technology and entrepreneurship while focusing on essential human values, leadership and a commitment to social and environmental service. EARTH offers an undergraduate program in agricultural sciences and the rational use of natural resources leading to the licenciatura degree. The campus is located in Guacimo, Limon Province, Costa Rica.

It was held at the Sweetwater Brewery and we felt pretty confident that it we wouldn’t have any problems since I had already shot a Yelp event there before. And it really wouldn’t have been any problem at all – except for the part where on every shoot I have to try something new, or at the very least, try something different.

This was also the first real event where Leah came along to shoot (since we finally got her a camera of her own.) So the first light set up really, really sucked. It just wasn’t doing anything. Then the 2nd light setup really sucked. That one was even worse than the first. But I still didn’t want to just go completely back to what I did the last time I shot at this brewery, so I had to find something else.

Now, the shots we took with the first two setups weren’t bad, they just weren’t anything different. They were safe… and that’s not why we shoot…


Since we aren’t shooting magazine coverage for the event, we don’t have to stick with clear, bright shots. Now, that may sound like a big obvious of course that’s what you want – but if you’ve ever seen the ‘people’ photos of any charity event in a magazine, they just want clear, posed shots of the attendees – so that people can be easily identified. We however, don’t always want that. In fact… I think we rarely want that. No just kidding. We want to see people’s faces – but we don’t want them lit in a boring way.


Since Leah shot at this event – we’ll have her write some of this entry – see below.


Hi it’s Leah!  Right after I took this photo, the lady on the left said to me, “Oh, so you’re the photographer?”  And I stammered, “Uh…well, not really… I mean, my husband is…but he needed an assistant, so now I’m taking photos, too.  He just started taking photos professionally, as well.  It’s a new thing. So yeah, actually, I guess I’m a photographer now.”  (I word-vomit when I’m caught off guard.) Clearly I’m not quite comfortable marketing myself as a photographer.  This is still so new to me. So it’s weird to be at an event as the official photographer.  But I guess I just need to own it.  Yes.  I am here to take photos.  Thus, I am a photographer. Even though I’m also in grad school for social work.  I can wear multiple hats, right?  So there you have it. One more shot from me below (because Mark’s not the only one who likes interesting light in the photos). Leah, signing off.


We took a break over Halloween weekend – but November is packed + we’ve scheduled some shoots just for portfolio building/practice/to try out some new ideas that we can’t do on a paid assignment.


Keep Shooting


Click HERE for the Pig Race & Corn Maze Gallery:

I’m sure that I’ve crossed that line of annoying where ‘photographers talking about photography’ is as mind numbing as ‘actors talking acting’ – except actors would call it ‘the craft’ or use some other name that causes us to roll our eyes, hoping they notice and so they will stop talking about ‘being the character and not acting’…

I’ve been guilty of both – being an actor talking about acting (thankfully I didn’t have a blog back then) and a beginning photographer talking about photography, discovering the things that every photographer discovers as they continue to shoot.

I’m still trying to figure out what ‘type’ of photographer I am – if that’s even possible. I have a hard time writing the common tagline I see on so many photographer websites that literally says, “I specialize in high fashion, children and family portraiture, weddings, events, headshots…” what else is there? Is that really specializing in anything? I know I’m all over the board as far as what I shoot – but as long as I’m shooting ‘people’ – I’m generally okay. Because I like people – but don’t tell anyone I said so.


Still. Saying you’re a photographer these days has replaced saying you’re in a band.


Pack Everything in a Box

Even though this is only a four day work week – it’s still Monday – so we’ll begin with something that makes us happy – Baklava! Honestly, I hadn’t ever eaten ANY baklava until… about 3 years ago when Leah’s grandparents? sent her some in the mail (well, you know, ordered it and had it delivered so it was still relatively fresh – and absolutely awesome.) Baklava has got to be in my top 10 ummm… dessert/pastry/type things ever. Seriously. Unfortunately, I could eat it for days. If by some unfortunate circumstance you’ve lived without ever having eaten any baklava – go and get some right now. Like RIGHT NOW.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we made our way to Ikea this past weekend. We bought a new sofa and a new bed/mattress. In the picture below, Leah’s pushing the Sofa and I’m pushing the bed frame parts. It was a good thing I had so much practice pushing our other sofa/bed combo to the curb the other day because I had to pull this down from the shelving and onto the cart since there were no Ikea reps around in sight. (On a completely side-note, I wasn’t sore or hurting at all after any of the furniture moving and hauling – and I normally would be all screwed up someplace, probably my back and shoulders area – except I’ve been doing workouts that mostly consist of running a lot, and using heavy kettlebells that they have my gym now. Ummmmmmm. Offtrack.)

These are Leah’s vegetarian Chiknuggets – which we ate at around 2am on Saturday night because she couldn’t sleep and was watching the 2nd season of Dexter (you have GOT to see this show) and I was attempting to work on some homework. Which brings me to another subject – how we don’t really have much actual FOOD inside of our fridge. It’s that weird situation where our fridge is FULL of stuff… but nothing to eat. We do have a large collection of condiments and parts – oh yeah, and of course Eggs… but not much real food.

Sunday morning? Belly of course! But I’ll spare you the latest pictures of the latest Nutella & Banana Panino sandwich. We also bought two Sunday papers for packing paper (and then realized that I could’ve just grabbed 4 or 5 of those ‘free’ papers like Creative Loafing or… Sunday Paper.

Looking back – it was a really, really long weekend – partly because we had the moving/packing/boxing job looming over us the whole time. We did get a whole lot done – about 3/4ths of the stuff and we even did yard work. Part of the problem is that I feel the need to box EVERYTHING. I mean almost EVERYTHING – and anything that’s not in a box… well, then it’s in a bag that we’re taking over and not having the movers bring over.

I just have this whole thing about having movers move anything that’s not big enough to be considered furniture, and stuff that’s not in a proper box that’s been taped closed. So that means I want to pack EVERYTHING in a proper box that can be taped shut and stacked. Other wise I feel it’s like… handing them a rolling cart full of loose items. I don’t know. Plus, we’re also trying to cut down on the time that the movers have to be there so the more ‘packed’ we are, the less ‘packing’ that actually has to go on when they get there – saving us money.

We ate a spot called ‘Tin Drum’ over in Sandy Springs this weekend and it was a good choice – not anything adventurous, but after our relatively terrible lunch at Saigon Cafe in Decatur… yeah, Tin Drum was awesome in comparison.

Penang chicken up above. Seriously. Lately I’ve been on this big um, ‘penang’ kick. It’s such a good flavor!… and I’m sure the coconut milk has relatively few calories right? I mean, like none. And fat? zero. Definitely. Well. Um. I guess I’ll take comfort in that it’s not ‘breaded and fried’ chicken right?

So. Work today. Homework. Yeah. Like every class, this latest one is really a bit of a struggle only because of the timing – but about half the time it’s really inconvenient anyways. I can’t not do the paper this week because it’s worth double the number of points of last week’s paper (which I did not due after the cost/benefit analysis of time vs. paper) so… this week’s paper, a MUST do. Hopefully I can knock it out relatively easy. Sometimes… it’s a real battle. Tonight? It’s the battle of me against the clothes.