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Sarah + Dawn | Wedding Preview by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is simply the fact that I get to attend so many different types of weddings. Along with all of the traveling I do – the many variations of ‘wedding’ is one of the reasons I’m never bored – and why every wedding is both a challenge and honestly still very entertaining to me.

This year so far I’ve photographed engagement sessions in San Francisco, weddings in the Bahamas, Arizona and of course here in Atlanta – and even flying up to Chicago and down again for back to back weddings. Last year’s weddings included stops in New York, Maine, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, California, Alabama, and New Jersey.

This year we’re still headed to Connecticut, back to California, back to Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan (Three times!), Nebraska, Virginia,and Colorado. And that’s just what we have so far. There’s still so much year left and somehow, we’re still getting booked for 2012.

Even though I’m not likely to say this to your face, or act like I get choked up – weddings are one of the few things that hit me hard, and that do get me choked up. Because you know what? Weddings are badass. All that love and emotion flying around and filling the air – just makes me want to hide behind my camera rig. It’s powerful stuff and when I think about how many couples have decided that I should be there for them; that I should be the one to photograph such an important and meaningful celebration – well – that’s probably the main reason we work so hard while we’re photographing a wedding. I just can’t F*ck it up. Ever. And you know – that’s alright.

Sarah is the awesome artist behind The Small Object. Just like us – she and Dawn are regulars at the Indie Craft Experience and over the past few years we’ve been fortunate to know them both.

[vimeo 41811202 w=600 h=337]

Sarah & Dawn. You. Are. Awesome.



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WOW Wedding Winners | Ronnie + Brent

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Same-Sex Couples |

– Posted by Mark

Last year when we first came up with the idea of doing a full wedding giveaway, we were excited and crazy and not very sure the whole thing would work. I mean – giveaway an entire wedding? US? LeahAndMark? ha. We’re just photographers – and we KNOW how much effort it takes to put on even a simple wedding, nevermind a big production like the one that we wanted to giveaway.

And then somehow with the help of some very good friends, past Interns, and brand new friends and partnerships – we’re about to pull this off. There were moments when we weren’t sure if this was going to happen – like when this state’s largest bridal show wanted it contractually stipulated that same-sex couples couldn’t win (we said F*ck that and decided that they just weren’t the right people to work with us – because we want everyone to be able to marry) and then when early on we just couldn’t find anyone who would support us and our crazy idea… but now here we are.

We have some of the best wedding vendors in the business working with us, and now we have an amazing couple that’s getting married.

Introducing the winners of our WOW Wedding Contest with the most votes: Ronnie & Brent

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

“A WOW Wedding has always been a dream of ours, but financially out of reach. This opportunity would give us the chance to finally bring our families together and share in the love we’ve felt for each other these past 11 years. We understand we may be a long shot, but we think Atlanta is progressive enough to see a loving, committed couple break down some barriers. I hope you let our love for each other out shine any prejudice. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Same-Sex Couples |

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We’re in Atlanta, Georgia and yes, nevermind the law! – Ronnie & Brent’s wedding is this weekend!