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What Three Months Can Mean | by +Jo

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{text and images by +jo}


Three months.

A lot can happen in three months. For the past seven years my life has been defined by three month {10 week} increments. Even after I graduated from SCAD – things still continued to flow in and out of my life in the same pattern.

Three months can mean plenty of things:
a season
90 day rehab
break something, surgery to fix it and healed
15 college credits
a lot of money
not enough money


An Internship.

Three months. I was so used to throwing myself into everything for three month increments. I would get a small break and jump right back in – head first – sink or swim. Let’s say I learned how to tread water like a pro at SCAD. I spent 5 {five} years at that college. I had no idea in all that time I would end up being a photographer. But every moment helped.

Every second of every 3 months section of my life helped with the internship. Everything contributes to art.
At least that is a philosophy I discussed in one of my senior projects – the universality of†multidisciplinary†influences in art.

“Anyone can be an artist – it is just a matter of how much of your heart you are willing to show. “

So what on earth does all this mumbo-jumbo have to do with Leah and Mark’s internship?
I would have never tried.
I would not have given myself a shot.
I would have walked away from the idea.


The internship changed my life.

{Wow – that was a little melodramatic…}

But in all honesty, it did. It’s something I skimmed around in my intern postings. It was too fresh. Bare with me for a little bit – this is going to be a big circle. I promise, I have a point.

Back at SCAD I was dealt an improper hand by the school. I went through a senior portfolio class with a professor I did not select and who should not have taught the class. He made my life Hell. He broke contract with me on what was to be included in my portfolio and the chair of the department only had deaf ears to my problems. So I worked. And worked harder. I overworked and kept on working. I did not stop for three months. I ate once every couple of days. I slept only when my body forced me to on top of my art or when Eric {or a good friend} would make me lay down. I ended up passing the class with a portfolio that made the professor happy but was completely†unusable†for me. I also triggered an autoimmune disease that had been dormant in my body my entire life. I didn’t even know it was there until another three more months went by, I was in completely different classes and symptoms began to show.

The stress of that one class triggered it. And there was nothing I could do but ride it out and take the treatments. †That was few years ago now and I’ve done very well to keep myself level and less stressed. I’m more careful about my immune system and listen more to when my body is tired. I eat better than I ever have in my life. This included the senior project for my second degree – I blew out my ACL running up a wall {yes, parkor style, it dislocated on the landing and the ACL shredded when I poped it back into place} but I still had to put on my senior show, finish my dance minor and complete my stage combat training to certify as an actor combatant. That was a†stressful†three months but I took care of myself. At the end of it I passed out, had surgery to fix my knee and spent the following summer in rehab and relaxing. I listened to my body and I didn’t have a†relapse. That was the summer before I moved to Atlanta.


When I moved up here I gave myself three months to find a job and start my career. It was top priority. At first I thought I was doing a great job. I was getting interviews and a couple follow-up interviews… but never the job. I became more and more desperate. I started looking into internships… that were not†legitimate†internships. Some lead to other ‘opportunities’ that only wasted my time and I was never properly paid for… I just figured that’s how it goes. When you are not good enough.

I wasn’t good.
I surrendered.
I completely gave up on art. Myself.
I didn’t want to do it anymore. I wanted to walk away.

I told myself to get a normal job… but even the most common coffe shop did not have a spot to use me.
My three month mark was long gone and I was only a month away from the 1 year†anniversary†of graduating college. Jobless.



I didn’t want art anymore. It was useless and had become a distraction to what mattered in life. What society said was important. I have to pay off my debt. I need to take care of my family. I should get married and have kids. I can’t just keep dreaming my life away on useless things that no one wants from me…
Those types of thoughts plagued me. I cried so hard. All the time. I don’t think I ate much even with Eric placing amazing food in front of me everyday. I’m not sure how long I tried to strip the art from me. It must of been 2-3 weeks… I don’t remember now. What I do remember is waking up on my bedroom floor and just simply knowing – if removing art from my life meant tearing myself apart in the process – it would be the death of me if I was successful. I have never in my life had a†sducidal†thought. It woke me up. If art leaving my life means me withering away into death’s grasp… I would hold tight to my passion and grab life by the balls again. The grip might not be that tight at first but I knew I would figure it out eventually.


Art is and always will be the blood flowing through my veins.

So I began†scouring†the internet once again. And there on CraigsList was an ad for a photography internship. I fthought “Why not? It’s something SCAD didn’t taint and something that has always been around in my life.” I was nervous at first because it was CraigsList, but after reading the ad and researching the site/company I thought it was more legit than any other gig I had seen in a while. I applied. {By that I mean I†rambled†in every box in such a way that seemingly answered the questions.} The days passed and I kept on searching because I honestly thought, with my track record, I wouldn’t get into the internship. Nothing new came along.

Then I was an intern. And I knew I could create again. The confines of the lens became a†sanctuary†and gateway. Something†familiar†but completely new territory. Something I wanted to explore but never fully†conquer. I gave myself the three months to see if art was supposed to be apart of my life. If it was, three months would be more than enough time to figure it out. So I dove in, head first.


Then my health decided to give out. The doctors told me something was wrong with my adrenal gland and thyroid. They did some testing and put me on one wacked out diet {No gluten, no dairy, no fruit} and a strong herbal†prescription†medication. I went through the most intense detox in my entire life lasting almost two months. Leah, Mark, Debra, Raven and all the other interns helped get me through that mess. The internship helped me focus every day. It made me get out of bed and do something new. Everyday.


I was so tired of hearing “No” to everything I was trying to do. Yet, †at every turn in the internship I had the opportunity to say “Yes. ” I was able to join in and help. I was able to work with professionals and learn. I was able to grow. In two days I shot more photos than I had in the previous two years. I was suddenly buying more photo equipment and setting up my own shoots. I was trying to take on my own clients. Friends started asking me “Photography is your job now right? Because it seems to make you so happy.” And I liked how that sounded. I was learning with a great group and assisting amazing people. I was challenged every moment and I was more focused in those three months than I had been in any previous quarter at SCAD.

I can’t really explain what the internship is – I think Alumni Intern Megan explained it the most†accurately. {She kinda took the words out of my mouth.} I gained so much from everyone durning the internship. I think I’m still processing it all. It is now five months later and I know art is in my life and will never leave again. As a little touch of cosmic irony – my autoimmune disease came back. I was shocked when I realized what was going on. I was pretty distracted with life, family, photography and art. I counted back and the number landed on the weeks where I tried to erase art from my life. I suppose my body truly, completely and wholly rejected the idea. It sounds crazy, I know. But this†relapse†is not as bad as the first time around. And even though I do not have health†insurance, I’m trying holistic/herbal approaches to healing my body. I don’t know where I would be right now if I had not been accepted to the internship. I don’t know the person I would have become if I was successful is banishing art from my life. But the internship put a stop to that†nonsense†and opened a brand new door for me.

Though this is an extreme case – I can†guarantee†you 100% Lean and Mark’s internship will change your life. Every ounce of energy you put into it will come back full force. It is a 1:1 ratio. I’m an intense person who has some strange limits to what I can do and everyone with was able to keep me energized. They made me check myself and quicken my pace. They reached into my life and pulled out a part of myself I never fully†acknowledged.


I like who I see. When people ask me what I do for a living, first the first time ever, I proudly announce “I’m a photographer and freelance artist.”




2011 Year in Review | Atlanta | Photographer | Photos | Weddings |

– Posted by Mark

2011 has been really great and we were fortunate to make some really great photos. When you start as a photographer as I did – with no real training, and having never attended photography school – you really don’t know what you’ll end up shooting. Even more so – you have no idea how you could possibly make a living just taking photos. Having worked as a business analyst/computer coder most of my life – the concept of being a full time photographer was something for other people.

Well we’re in our third year of business – just past my first full year of full time photography. This past year we photographed weddings all over the country and I visited more cities and met more people than I have in a very long time.

Here are some my favorite shots from 2011. Not all – but some. Let’s Go.

2011 Year in Review | Atlanta | Photographer | Photos | Weddings |
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2011 Year in Review | Atlanta | Photographer | Photos | Weddings |
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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | 2011 | Review | Photos |

Thanks. You. Are. Awesome.

one path | +Jo

-Posted by +Jo

Around here everyone is self taught. You pick up, shoot and figure everything out along the way. It’s just how it’s done. It’s even a selling point for Leah and Mark that they didn’t go to an art school to learn about photography. That makes it all the more impressive. There have been other situations in the past year of job hunting and figuring things out that people would see an art school as a†ridiculous†thing to invest in. †I can understand their viewpoint.

But for me, the traditional route was the only way to go.

I’m part of a particular generation that grew up being told “You get good grades, go to college and get a great job.” Pretty simple philosophy and I stuck to it. But as soon as I entered into my college life the economy tanked and I hoped to wait it out. No such luck… Anyways. I’m not here to argue the point of the 99% movement or other political topics. I want to talk about SCAD. The good and the bad.



I was accepted to SCAD my junior year of high school. I didn’t really try for any other places. {Except†the London Art†Institute -†but I wouldn’t havebeen able to move overseas for school.} I wasn’t very worried about paying for it because I had been saving for college since I was 5. Yeah. Dead serious there. I knew from the beginning I wanted to study as much as possible while at SCAD. I wasn’t sure which areas, but I had a pretty good idea. Through a lot of trials with life, finances and school I figured out I wanted to get a double major and double minor. Sequential art {comic books} with a minor in Printmaking and Performing arts with a minor in Dance. I told myself I would do it in five years. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The†administration†thought I was nuts. The first 3.5 years every time I had to speak to anyone about my classes, finances or planning they would try to talk me out of it. I was tossed between so many advisors I really can’t recall any names. Around the time I was doing my senior project for my Sequential art degree they finally gave up and let me be.

The professors were amazing people. They are the reason I stuck it out at SCAD. They have so much†knowledge†packed away and as long as you put yourself out there, they would stuff as much as they could into your head. However, they all had the same reaction to my course of study. I “wasn’t focused enough”. Well, all†except†for one. Jeremy Mullins was the only professor to hear my long list of concentrations and responded†positivity. “That’s so awesome!” I still hear his words ringing loudly in Norris Hall’s computer lab. He really wanted to see me make it in everything I was studying. He wanted to see how I would apply it as a whole. Though I only had two of his classes, he was hands down the most†supportive†person I met at SCAD. †{R.I.P. Sweetwater – you are the cranky angel on so many student’s shoulders.}














The students were a strange force to reckon with. I can’t really talk about the student body with out specifically talking about the department they studied in. Each department produced {or attracted} a specific kind of student. It was strange… everyone was the punch line to a different department’s jokes. There was not a lot of†camaraderie†between everyone at SCAD. In each department, sure, but not really across departments. Theater kids didn’t really hang out with game design kids. Sequential kids didn’t chill with jewelry kids. †This was one thing that made me stand out in all my departments. I wasn’t a consistant face so people didn’t know how to respond to me. This was a good and bad thing. Good -†because†I wouldn’t get caught up in department drama. Bad – because I had a hard time making connections with people. In the end, my friends consisted of a†hodge-podged†group from all over the school.

I never took a break. I always worked and kept learning. I wore my body out doing it. In my final†quarters at SCAD things were a little dicy and I though I would have to drop a minor, possibly both, but the†administration†really pulled through. It was such a surreal moment when I was sitting in front of one of the many advisors and she was telling me “No, you’re going to finish the minors. You are so close. We are going to figure this out and you are going to do this.” I was flabbergasted. Years of fighting with them on being allowed to do it and then in the end, when I lost hope that it was possible, a couple people rallied behind me and helped me complete everything.

Five years and I met my goal head on.

So what does all of this even mean?

Nothing in particular. It was the path I took. It was a path that has now defined me in more ways than you can imagine. The past year has been very rough and there has been numerous occasions that I felt†embarrassed†not only about my degrees, but also about even attending one of the top art schools in the world. †I’ve taught myself many things over the years. Photography is one of them. But I don’t want to feel†embarrassed†about my time at SCAD. I don’t want to look down on my accomplishment. An accomplishment I tore my mind, body and spirit to pieces to achieve. I know art school isn’t for everyone. But neither is an alternative path.



Ymail? El Myr.

I signed up for a Ymail account (Yahoo’s new email system that’s supposed to be cool? awesome?) – I don’t really know what I’ll use it for since ummmm… since I have like 10 email addresses, all signed-up for various things that I no longer care for. But still. The chance to have another ‘’ email address is always too much for me to ignore.

For dinner we walked ourselves down the street to El Myr. Good stuff. And again – much better than The Albert. (I am still really annoyed by that place…) We’re definitely going to get our bikes all ready to go – just for these trips down the road because it always starts out as ‘not hot’ and then we end up dying from the humidity by the time we get there. And then the walk back? After we’re full of food and beer? Yeah. It’s even worse. So. Bikes!

In case you haven’t noticed – we have a donation counter over there at the top of the sidebar. Actually, the reason it’s there is because I’m using it as an example of an online donation meter that we can use for this fundraiser we’re doing with StandUp for Kids. But – I thought it would be kind of funny to have a fund raiser for our lunch. So we’ll see right? Eh.

For some reason, I can’t take good pictures of beer. Bottles? Nope. No matter how cool a label they have, I just haven’t figured it out yet. This one? Blurry. I’ll have to practice more. (which obviously entails more beer drinking!)

Burritos are trouble for me too – I think mainly because I can’t hold still. In one had I’m holding the thing and in the other I’m pressing the camera button. 99% of the time it’s blurrrrrry. Still. This one was good. Probably the best grilled fish burrito I’ve ever had… but I haven’t really had too many if any. Still. Good. Awesome. Filling. Worth the $7. That’s another thing – El Myr isn’t over priced at all. AND, you can get a $6 pitcher of PBR. Sure it’s not super great beer… but there are times when PBR is the right choice.

This week… was pretty consistent and it didn’t fly by, but it didn’t exactly drag on either. I’m not worn out, I just see a lot of work ahead. I am happy that I’m learning quite a bit and it’s all going to payoff soon. Mostly computer junk and software that I should already know but for some reason don’t yet. Still. I’m brilliant and I can do anything because I wear glasses – and they help to maximize my knowledge intake.

If you aren’t on – you should get on there – and then you should stop by the Yelp event on the 17th so you can hangout with us for a while this Thursday. That’d be awesome.

At Least Monday is Over

Not sure why I’m standing straight in this photo but the room is all tilted.

Still. At least Monday is over. The start of an entire five-day week! Not too bad. Got some stuff done, worked on the school – (I actually finished ALL of the assignments – I didn’t have to not do one of them so that I could sleep – of course, that doens’t mean that the quality is there, but that doesn’t matter in this class ’cause I’ve been turning in garbage and still getting high marks.)

The weekend… Oh man. We ate some awesomely good food… and then there was the impressively bad food that we had at The Albert down the street from us here in Inman Park. Maybe we ordered the wrong stuff – who knew – but seriously, if you’re going to have “wok seared green beans” at all on your menu – maybe you should make them NOT SUCK. How about try to make them better than the “WORST EVER” – because ya know what? As Leah described them, “They tasted like someone let a bag of frozen green beans sit out on the counter all day, microwaved them until they were soft and limp and generally disgusting, put them in a bowl, poured cheap ‘Hong Kong Glaze’ on them, and served them up.”

Oh. My picture here makes them look much better than they actually were:

But that was Leah’s food. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. Expecting something awesomely delicious – I got some pretty awful stuff. Alright, to be fair it wasn’t as bad as Leah’s green beans – but it seriously, how do you screw up a grilled cheese sandwich? First – no cheddar option. Lame. So I took American Cheese – there was still a chance it could be good. But then they put it on bad wheat bread (wheat bread can work – but not this stuff) and then worse… they didn’t butter the sides. Okay. I know I know. It’s not healthy by any stretch of the imagination – but it’s like some sort of required rule that you butter the sides of the bread. It just makes the grilled cheese sandwich better – otherwise it sucks. Highly disappointing venture down to The Albert all around. Too bad really, ’cause we wanted to like the place.

Time for a yawn….*yawns*

For breakfast on Sunday – we went to Alon’s Bakery up the street on Highland. Great times! We weren’t in the mood for a heavy southern breakfast so we got pastries. A cinnamon twist, a chocolate danish and a cheese danish. Theirs are quite awesome and really… you can’t go wrong with anything from Alon’s.

I’m working on something top secret and I hope to be able to spill the beans sometime soon. But until then, only my LJ friends know.

So. To round out our weekend of bad bad bad eating – we walked down to Little Five Points and decided to try our luck at The Euclid Ave Yacht Club (bar). THIS was everything we had hope the Albert would be. It was just a gazillion times better. They were out of vege-burgers so Leah ended up getting the same thing I ordered – a grilled cheese sandwich! And guess what – they freakin did it RIGHT. No wheat bread option here – Texas Toasts! and buttered sides. That alone makes everything better – AND THEN they actually had a Cheddar option!. FTW bitches! Yeah. + cheap beer + good fries and the Yacht Club wins. Plus – the walk to the Yacht Club is level and flat – whereas the Albert is downhill one way, and then steep coming back up.

(We like the sidewalks here.)

(See, we were just really disappointed and annoyed with the Albert. And now, for a few days, everyone and anyone looking them up on Google will click on our blog and us saying bad things about them.)

I mean, look at that. It’s just golden and brilliant and full of love. You can imagine the buttered bread and cheese melting in your mouth. In comparison, the one up above just looks like it’ll scratch and be cold and not like the grilled cheese sandwiches your father made when you were a kid (’cause it was the only thing he knew how to make really well.) Sure there’s that attachment to childhood foods – but those are the best kinds of food memories and that’s why we love the simple stuff and when someone screws it up – it annoys us/me even more.

And you’d think that we were done eating that day – but no, we’re over achievers in the food department. We capped everything off with an instantly gratifying but later-on-sick-to-our-stomachs ice cream from Cold Stone at Edgewood. Leah had cookie dough ice cream with peanut butter cups and I had cheesecake ice cream with butterfinger smashed in. Awesome at the time. Sick later on when we were trying to go to sleep. And so concludes our awesome food weekend – and today began our much more refrained and even somewhat healthy beginning to eating food – again. Sure why not. Just for fun.

I’m just happy that I actually finished all of my school work tonight. Amazing.

Tomorrow? Tuesday. Just think. Four more days of awesome.

Quick Post this Before it Gets Erased!

So on the day of the move (yesterday – Tuesday) I couldnít find my Canon A570 camera, so I ended up having to use my 1.3 megapixel A10! These shots (except for the glorious fried chicken) are at 1.3 um, quality. But still! Weíve moved to Inman Park and we are both very, very, very happy about that. Of course, we understand that itís a bit of a fortunate opportunity to be able to move a new place that you actually want to move to – as opposed to moving to a certain house/apartment out of necessity.

You know whatís also cool? There are at least two unsecured wifi signals here – and that helps a great deal since I was slow to call Comcast and have them transfer the internet/cable – and they wonít be out until this coming Tuesday – so that wouldíve been 7 days without internet if it werenít for these wifi signals. Plus, we donít get the free City of Decatur wifi out here either. And now itís time for a glorious fried chicken break!

Mmmmm. Itís golden breaded fat infused chicken goodness.

Hiring movers is totally worth the money if you can spare a few hundred. We used Mark the Mover (a bit on the high side I think @$140 per hour – but they worked hard and we had a lot of stuff) and this is the second time weíve used them. Both times have been good experiences. I think it also helped a lot that it was the perfect weather for a move. It was cool in the morning and it didnít get too hot by the time they finished. Oh yeah, we also bought them some Krispy Kreme donuts and water bottles + generous tips for each of the 3 people.

This is a picture of One-Two at the old house – if he looks big-as-in-size thatís because he IS a big cat, and so is Three-Four. Like usual, Three-Four has been brave and running all over the new apartment checking things out while One-Two has been hiding and slinking along the ground since we got here. The differences in their personalities are so much fun.

Oh look! More Glorious Fried Chicken and this time itís coming at ya!

Um. Did we mention that this is church property that we now live on? Yes.

So. Weíve started the unpacking process. Everythingís in boxes and weíre trying to make our way through all of the kitchen boxes so we can stop eating out so much and finally start cooking – at least dinner. Then we have to put our new Ikea bed together and the sofa!

Oh. So apparently – according to the excellent Lizerati – we were recognized while at Kroger getting groceries tonight. AND – I remember the three people too! (They were the only group of three giving us odd looks.) BUT that’s awesome. (You’d think that we were used to people looking at us oddly in general for no real reason at all anyways.)

As left by Lizerati in the comments section of the last post:

Internet fame has caught up with you guys! I found this site via the couch post on the atlanta lj community (or was it LJ-atlanta?) and added it to my google reader a week or two ago. Tonight, two of my friends and I (lorigami and glueandglitter on LJ) saw you at the Edgewood Kroger and had a whole discussion about if it was you two or not. And if it was creepy or not that we were staring at you and trying to figure out if it was leahandmark or not. (admittedly, this was after some sake at ru-sans)

So, um, welcome to the neighborhood!

And with that… goodnight. ūüôā