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Jamie & Max | Wedding Preview

Jamie and Max are incredible.  I still think that perhaps they have figured out how to clone themselves, because I don’t know how they manage to do everything they do.  Grad school, jobs, planning Pride events around the world, an active social life, traveling, cooking, taking care of pets.  Anytime I start to feel overwhelmed with how busy Mark and I are, I just check out Jamie or Max’s Facebook page for some inspiration and motivation.

We photographed their engagement session waaaaay back in March of this year – so we were both really excited that the big day had finally arrived!

One of my favourite things about photography is getting to know people I might not otherwise have met.  I don’t think Jamie and Max realize how cool they are – which kinda makes them even more cool – but these are two people who are really and truly making a difference in the world.  And I admire that to no end.  Plus, they are some of the nicest people ever.  I’m so glad to know them now.  It just makes my heart smile to know that Jamie and Max are in the world, making it better for other people.

Ok, but this is about their wedding.  Which was so much fun, and totally made me cry like 50 times, from the moment Jamie stepped into her dress, to Max choking back tears of his own as he said his vows.  The whole day was amazing.  First the bride and groom and their awesome wedding party all got ready at the W, cuz Jamie and Max’s friends had pitched in to get them a few nights there.  So cool.  The W is one of those places where I feel like I’m not dressed right, but it didn’t matter because I had my camera.  See?  I’m working!  I don’t have to look like I’m out on the town.  Jamie and Max and their awesome wedding party all looked the part, though.  So we traipsed around the hotel and got some neat shots of everyone.

The reception took place in the same room as the ceremony, and the transformation was truly magical.  Jamie and Max are lucky to have friends who plan events much larger than weddings, so they made it the transition look easy.  I’m sure it wasn’t, but I was too busy taking pictures to notice.  I must note that, as a voracious reader, I absolutely LOVED that the table centerpieces included books. Books galore!  How awesome is that?  And the food?  Breakfast!  For dinner!  My fave.

And then there was cake.  A dozen or more!  Each one different and each one delicious.  (Ok, I only managed to try…. 6 of them.  But between me, Mark, and the interns we got each cake covered.  I think the caramel was my fave.)

And THEN there was dancing.  YES!  I love dancing.  Apparently, so do Jamie and Max’s friends.  Fun times were had.

Jamie and Max – congrats to you!  And thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful wedding.  It was an honor… and a blast!

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Park. Tavern.

Jamie & Max

This is Jamie and Max! They were one of the first couples to hire us after our write-up on OffBeat Bride and we were really happy that they wanted us to photograph an engagement session with them also. They both said they weren’t always comfortable in front of a camera but I think the photos definitely don’t show that, and hopefully Leah and I captured more than just nicely posed shots. With any couples session, what you’re really aiming to capture and convey is the connection, and more importantly, the love that two people have for each other. On top of that, we also aim to infuse the shots with some mood.

(all of that yarn was actually there already – left by someone… so we threw it into the shots.)

I think you can tell from the behind-the-scenes video that we had a great time! We photographed this session about a week and a half ago – and the creek water was REALLY cold – sadly, one of Leah’s boots wasn’t as waterproof as she had hoped, but Jamie and Max had no problem standing in the cold water for however long it took to get some fun shots.

We’ve got shoots lined up all weekend and our first Email goes out on Monday – sign up if you haven’t already – because we’re not posting them to the archives until we’re at least a month in, and I’ll always keep that month of lag time between when the Email went out, and when it gets posted to the archives for everyone else to read – and we’ll probably throw in a discount or five just for our friends who’ve signed up.

Hey. It’s Thursday. Let’s. Go.