Different Food & Dinner Options for Your Wedding

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I’m making a few assumptions with this post. You want food available/to feed your guests something You’re feeding them dinner Of course you absolutely have the option of not really providing any food for your guests (just make sure you let me know that this is NOT THAT KIND OF WEDDING). This is not unheard ofRead more

6 Tips for Planning a Last Minute Wedding

Planning a last minute wedding doesn’t have to be a super crazy, or impossible task. In fact – what does last minute mean anyway? Obviously if you decide to get married next week – that would be last minute. But what if you only gave yourself 3 months to plan your wedding? or 6 months? OrRead more

20 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Planner

The real reason you hire a wedding planner/coordinator is so that your wedding doesn’t end up being some kind of sh*t show. I mean – having a wedding planner is no guarantee that it won’t still be a total mess (because you know – crazy family, crazy friends, crazy YOU) – but your sanity willRead more

S + R | Backyard Ceremony & Reception | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Alright! It’s Halloween night as I write this and my son’s full of candy but still somehow he’s asleep now. So I’m writing this blog post – while Ash Vs. Evil Dead plays in the background and I myself have consumed way too much coffee. Am I foreshadowing how much this post is going toRead more