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Make Time to Connect w/Your Partner at Your Wedding | Vlog

When you’re making the schedule for your wedding day – one of the things you’ll want to do is actually planning and scheduling about 10-15 minutes of quiet, private time for the two of you. I know – it’s a super busy day and you have lots of people waiting, wanting, hoping to spend a few minutes with you.

But it’s also really easy – too easy to let the day slip by without ever actually connecting with your partner. So it’s very important to make the time to be together. Really be together – without your photographer or videographer. Don’t worry – our feelings won’t be hurt (well maybe mine will – but I’ll get over it!)

In Jewish tradition – this time is called the Yichud (seclusion) – and I think it’s a great idea for EVERYONE. Your wedding day is going to be crazy and everyone’s going to be trying to pull you two apart so they can get a moment with you, do this to make sure that at least one part of your day is actually YOUR DAY together.

Alright – if I don’t see you on your day, have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.

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Elisabeth + Sam | Wedding Preview by LeahAndMark

 - Posted by Mark

A few weekends ago I had a wedding in Virginia on Saturday – and then I flew back to Atlanta on Sunday morning so I could be at Elisabeth & Sam’s wedding!

Weddings are an interesting thing – especially if you plan for an outdoor ceremony. It rained that day – heavy – and so everything was moved indoors – and you know what? I think it worked out great. It was just as intimate, and awesome, and perfect as planned. You can tell by the genuine smiles on everyone’s faces. It was an amazing day and I’m honored that Lis & Sam asked me to be there.

Because hey – it’s my job to be invited to these very important ‘parties’ and I’m still blown away by that – and no matter what happens, how crazy the schedule gets or gear malfunctions, I have an amazing job. The clients that hire us – all of them- they’re just… the best. Ever.

Elisabeth & Sam – You. Are. Awesome.

And thank you very much.


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