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grease is the word | by +elaine

tonight is the night.

after months of work, over a dozen metro atlanta locations, a bunch of good-sport man models, and so much laughter it should be illegal…it’s finally here! the big launch. the “Greaser’s Ball” release party. the unveiling of The First Annual Atlanta Man Calendar to benefit, at Fallen Arrows, and co-sponsored by Native Crave.

there were two categories of models. good sports, and not-a-drop-of-shame-over-the-top. tito and andrew of fallen arrows were definitely in the latter category. I can’t show you most of the images I ended up with, because…well, just because. but here are some:

and also for your visual enjoyment, the man candy that is Chris Appleton of WonderRoot, and the visual artist PLF.

have you ever been part of project that was wonderful and fulfilling, and once you get to the other side of it, you’re happy and satisfied, and proud of yourself and your work and that of everyone who was there to help make it happen (people like the season 9 interns)? yeah, that. it was awkwardness and awesomeness. it was epic. and the calendar ended up being just as incredible as we had hoped it would be all those months ago.

so come to fallen arrows tonight. dress up in your best greaser costume. sample the yumminess of native crave. have fun, and ultimately support some incredible people and a great cause.