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Rachel + Kamil | Wedding Preview Part I by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark

You might have seen photos of Rachel & Kamil in yesterday’s post – and today we’ve got a whole bag more to show you. Actually – these aren’t from their actual wedding day which was the 3rd day of events. These shots are from the 2nd day of events and that day was just a warm-up to what would happen the day after.

Oh yeah – you may also remember Rachel & Kamil from their engagement session that I photographed over in San Francisco last October. YES. They actually flew me out to San Francisco just for their engagement session – I know – they’re a bit crazy and awesome and amazing – so we really tried to go all out for their wedding here in Atlanta. We photographed 3 days of events and on the final day there were a total of 4 of us for the event and running the photobooth. 

Keeping in line with yesterday’s post about storyboarding and catching multiple angles – you might notice that our team really tried to get multiple angles and viewpoints of everything that went on. Because it’s not enough to just take photos of interesting things – you need to actually make GOOD Photos that show us perspective and direct us to what you want us to see. At least that’s what we’re always try to do with our photos around here.

When you get to the end of these – don’t worry – we’ve got even more for you later.

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Photographing Stories

– Posted by Mark

Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling and exactly how we do that (or try to do that). If you look at our wedding portfolio (and many those of many other wedding photographers) – you’ll see a collection of epic/amazing/highlight shots – and not a storytelling series of anyone’s wedding day.

In one of our newsletters from a few years ago we wrote this:

As photographers we tell stories in a few single frames. Nothing does this better than a comic book. You want dramatic angles? Great composition? Strong images? Comic Books. 

Comics rarely show everything all at once. They piece everything together in 5-6 frames per page. The better wedding photographers know this already – whether they make the connection with comic books – they already work in this fashion. Their compositions are strong and varied with many, many different perspectives – the same way comic book artists will draw – because the illustrator isn’t restricted by things such as height, or chairs, not being able to get back far enough, or low enough.

Illustrators can take whatever perspective they wish. Photographers are bound by physical barriers – but most of them are also bound by how they’ve seen the world for most of their lives – a standing or sitting position – and not closeup zooms of objects and actions – especially actions and movement.

And so our measuring stick, our test – is how well would a series of our photographs hold up as a comic book. And then from there – as a film narrative. Of course – that’s a small leap since we’d be missing some frames but our photos in a series should make a sensible storyboard of what’s going, using multiple angles, reaction shots, smash zooms, close ups, and any other compositional tools we can pull from video/film technique. Of course – within those series we need to make sure that there are some iconic/epic photos that fully stand on their own and hit the viewer like a punch in the face (in a good way.)

Because movies are just 24 frames per second strung together right?