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– Posted by +Raven [First Wedding Preview by Mark] | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay WeddingWhen I was in High School, I was a theatre geek. Still am, actually.

Though I never made it into the production classes {those which put on performances people actually attended}, I dutifully took Acting I, II, and III. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty good. My teacher always complimented me, as did the other kids in the class. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

But one time, we got to partner with some of the kids from the production classes. It was my first on-stage kiss, and my first kiss ever, come to think of it. A Neil Simon scene. The guy I was working with was someone I greatly admired, someone I looked up to, someone with acting chops. Our performance came and went, but the comments from my teacher always stayed with me. She said it was the best I had ever done. And she’d seen me work through scenes for four years. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

I remain convinced that the better the people you surround yourself with, the better you are. I felt challenged when I was acting with him. Felt like I could be even better. Felt myself BE better.

And it was the same when I worked with Mark for the first time, down in Miami, Florida for Liz & Cristina’s wedding. Wait, first time? I know, it’s hard to believe. But Mark and I hadn’t ever shot a wedding together until Miami. Wouldn’t know it from how we worked together, though. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding
Working with Mark for the first time was a pleasure. I love seeing how other people run shoots, especially weddings. And Mark? He’s fast. I mean damned fast. I got to see how he works a wedding. How those shots come to life.

It seems weird, I know, but I’m still learning. I don’t ever plan on stopping, either. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

Liz & Cristina are . . . how can I put this? FRAKKING AMAZING. Even before we met, in fact as soon as she found out I was shooting her wedding with Mark, she contacted me, listing the things we have in common and the reasons we should be friends. I fell head over heels for these two. And she introduced me to The Supersizers, something for which I shall always be grateful.

Recently, I found myself wondering what to call my partner, Nick. “Boyfriend” seems almost contrived, and really doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of our relationship or my feelings for him. After meeting Liz & Cristina, I decided on “partner”. To see the two of them together is to completely and utterly understand how love is supposed to work. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

I know, love isn’t “supposed” to be anything. But they are it. They were more than together. Even before they were symbolically united as one person, they were two halves of a whole, and it was so radiantly obvious. They knew each other to an extent I was blown away by. Just being in the same room as them – hell, just in the same room as ONE of them – you feel brighter. They really are partners in life {and in crime!}. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

As we photographed the wedding weekend, I was a lucky witness to how they complemented each other, matched perfectly, worked together. The wedding was so beautiful, so well put together, so orchestrated while still being incredibly laidback.

Their wedding was one of the most absolutely happy events I’ve ever seen. Everyone was amazing. And I almost cried, TWICE. And although I’m a crybaby, weddings just don’t tend to get me often. Except this one. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

Thank you, Liz & Cristina. Thank you. I wish we could hang out EVERY DAY. Because you’re that awesome.

Theresa + Chris | Wedding Preview

Hello 2011.

Last weekend we were in Huntsville, Alabama to photograph Theresa and Chris’ awesome wedding. Theresa initially found us through – and a few weeks later Leah and I had dinner with her at Mi Barrio down here in Atlanta. I remember being about 30 minutes late to that meeting since I had gotten a flat tire after leaving the office that day (but hey! I’m a guy and you know, I totally changed that tire all by myself… and got really sweaty gross… yeah – that’s exactly how you want to be when you meet with a bride…)

Somehow Theresa overlooked the grease stains on my shirt and she was even okay with meeting up with us at a  run down Mexican food shack . (That was before we had a studio – and we were tired of meeting at Starbucks/another coffee shop.) A few months later we met up with Theresa and Chris in Nashville, Tennessee for their engagement session – and that was insane amounts of fun.

Finally – last Saturday we drove to Huntsville, Alabama for their wedding.

We left early on Saturday morning and instead of simply driving on the major interstates to save an hour – we took some smaller state highways through the Georgia and Alabama countryside. We left before dawn (to make sure we’d have enough tow truck time in case anything happened) and you know – there are worse things than watching the sunrise over the farms of northern Alabama. Sure I’m probably romanticizing things a bit – but to a large degree – I’m not. It’s a pretty great thing when it’s my job to wake up, watch a sunrise, and then spend the day with some seriously awesome people on one of the most special days of their lives.

We honestly could not have had a better 1st wedding of 2011.

Thank you Theresa & Chris. You. Are. Awesome.

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographers. Huntsville. Alabama. Nashville. Tennessee. Travel.

Emily + Scot | Wedding Preview

Two of the weddings we photographed this month were booked a year ago. A year ago, when we had only photographed two weddings. A year ago, when Mark worked full time and I was in grad school full time (and working on top of that!), and we were trying to see if this photography business could become a full-time gig. A year ago, when saying “I’m a photographer” did not roll off my tongue with any ease and I was still shooting with an entry-level DSLR that I didn’t fully understand.

Emily & Scot took a chance on us. A big chance. A chance we are very grateful for. When they asked to see our photos from other weddings, and we had just two to show them, we assured them that we would shoot plenty more weddings before theirs. We showed them family portraits, model shoots, and events we had photographed. And they decided “Sure! We’ll book you for our once-in-a-lifetime event, even though you are still new at this.”

When someone places that amount of faith in you, you can’t let them down. And you also think they’re really awesome. Which Emily and Scot most certainly are. And their wedding? Gorgeous on-the-river-at-sunset. Genuine. Laid back. Full of love. It was so evident how much these two mean to their friends and family. The tears shining in people’s eyes, the beaming smiles, the excitement. Emily and Scot are immensely loved. They are the kind of people who go out of their way for everyone else, who don’t really care to be in the spotlight. But their loved ones were bound and determined to make this day special for the bride & groom. There were heartfelt speeches, sweet notes hung on a little tree, and people pitching in to decorate, DJ, and coordinate the day.

The wedding décor? So awesome. It was like the magical backyard picnic from my childhood dreams come to life. Tree stumps and moss, gnomes and mushrooms. Mason jars with striped straws. A bazillion homemade desserts. The sun set over the river, the weather was a perfect autumn day, and Emily and Scot looked fantastic.

It was a great day.

Thank you, Scot & Emily! We wish you happy fairytale woodland adventures and a life full of love.

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer.