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Lace Cosmetics | Product Launch

In the past few weeks Iíve really focused on and have been surrounded by the spirit of entrepreneurship. Case in point, my new role with LeahAndMark has exposed me to a firm, independent, and successful business built upon perseverance, creativity, passion, and love.

Iím also fortunate to be working with a boutique owner that truly cares about what she does and, even more so the people that work with her, and the clients and friends of her business (thank you Linda, owner of Demure boutique).†All of these people have become mentors to me and have done so without question or hesitation and I could not be more grateful. I admire them for going after what they truly believe in and what they feel is at their core to do with their lives.

In the same light, a few months ago I worked with the founder of Lace Cosmetics, Amanda Ford-Boggs, to assist in providing photos for the launch of her new line of cosmetics. This was a shoot that I was invited to by Alumni Intern Niki who had been long time friends with Amanda. In the beginning I agreed to the shoot to get more practice with lighting, models, product modeling…. but after we began the shoot that day, I took a keen interest in what Amanda was doing as a twenty-something year old trying to figure out what all of us in our twenties are trying to figure out: what are we going to/supposed to be doing with our lives?? (and if you are in your twenties and reading this, let me try and put your mind at ease just a little here.. you probably think you are the only one who hasnít figured out the answer to this question and that every one of your friends seems/appears to have figured it out…youíre wrong…ask any of us…youíll realize all too quickly that you are a part of the majority…itís okay…weíre all getting there…and when we do…watch out world!)

This struck a chord with me not only because I love doing make-up, but also because Amanda had really stuck to what she is so passionate about and extremely talented in. †She has also accomplished this venture at an age that preceeds mine (Iíll let you keep guessing that number!)

Fast-forward to last weekend when it was time to officially launch Lace Cosmetics. A party was set to take place at the Defoors Center in honor of Amanda and her line. I volunteered to do photo coverage of the event and Amanda and I finally agreed that setting up a photo booth would be a great and fun addition to the night. I could not have been more excited for her and to have another opportunity to set-up a photo booth!

With a wide range of goofy props in tow and my lovely Alumni and current Intern assistants at hand, we went forth to cover Amandaís night. By the end of the evening, beautiful makeovers were done, Lace Cosmetics was introduced to the public, and a photo booth venture went off without a hitch!

I felt enormously happy for Amanda and was truly humbled that I was able to be there to support her. I also had one heck of a great time with the party goers and all the antics at the photo booth!

At this point in life Iíve decided to make the same sacrifices as everyone I mentioned above – to pursue the road less traveled. Itís been (at times) stressful, emotional, and crazy….but itís also been incredibly rewarding and has allowed for an immense amount of personal, professional, and even spiritual growth. I wouldnít change anything. I wouldnít take anything back, and I doubt anyone of these people would tell you any different. Get out there. Take risks. Donít look back. Keep moving.

View the Photobooth Gallery Here.

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