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Wednesday by Leah: Baby Stuff

– Posted by Leah

If you’ve ever been in one of those baby-stuff megastores, you know there is a TON of baby crap out there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and to think that you need more than you actually need. I know lots of soon-to-be-mamas now, so I thought it might be helpful to do a post on the stuff you actually need… and the stuff I personally liked/used a lot in the first 3 months of BabyRoX’s life. This post is in no way sponsored by anyone or anything. Just one mama’s advice about what worked for us.

So – if you are pregnant and reading this, first go watch the movie Babies. Pay extra-close attention to the babies from Namibia and Mongolia. They are crawling in the dirt. Getting stepped on by animals. Getting poked by bigger kids. Not surrounded by a bunch of plastic or electric stuff. They don’t even have diapers! And THEY ARE FINE. They are healthy, happy, thriving babies. So when it’s time to start getting stuff for your new addition, just keep those babies in mind. You really don’t need much…especially in those first few months.

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Of course, there are some things that even if you don’t NEED them, they can make your life easier and/or your baby more comfortable. So here are the products I’ve found really useful in the first 3 months of parenthood! I’ve already done a post about breastfeeding essentials, so I won’t repeat that advice…and since the first 3 months mainly involved holding and feeding the baby, you’ll see that reflected in my product recommendations!

Moby Wrap – BabyRoX loves being snuggled up in this. He’s starting to get heavy now, but until just recently, I could carry him around in this for very lengthy periods of time. Yes, there’s a learning curve with the Moby – for a similar-but-easier wrap, check out the K’Tan. I also own a ring sling, which is easy to take on and off, but hurts my shoulder after a while. Friends I know love the Ergo – we have one, but no infant insert, so we’ll be using that when our lil guy is a bit older.

Boppy Newborn Lounger- we actually had this BEFORE BabyRoX was born because it’s awesome for newborn photo shoots – just drape some fabric over it, position the baby, and start shooting! It’s a pillow with a little indent that is perfect for keeping little babies supported without being flat on their backs.

MamaRoo Swing- This is totally a luxury item and not at all a necessity – we call it the Jetsons Chair because it’s super space age looking! It has 5 different motions, 5 different sounds, and a mobile. Whew! The Car Ride motion is the current favorite, along with the womb sound. I put it in the bathroom and shower while keeping an eye on the RoXman.

Shatterproof Mirror- BabyRoX LOVES watching himself in the mirror! He has a cute snail mirror toy that lights up and makes sounds, and he also has an acrylic mirror on the wall in his room. He can watch himself for quite some time and really enjoys it.

Cooshee Changer- This is our changing pad, and it’s awesome. Instead of having a fabric cover that you have to wash all the time, it’s a soft, waterproof, antibacterial pad that I can just wipe down when it gets soiled. Which happens pretty much every day.

Leg Warmers- These are a.) super cute and b.) super convenient for diaper changes! No pants to unsnap/pull on or off.

Snuggin Go Infant Insert- This was super helpful for the first 2 months. It’s a soft, memory-foam insert that you can use in the car seat or stroller….or really any infant seat. We used it primarily in the car seat. Most inserts make the baby’s head fall forward, but this one kept BabyRoX comfortable and kept his head comfortably back.

Bubbles!Not just any bubbles, mind you, but the Gymboree ones! A friend of mine used to manage a Gymboree center in Boston and she sent us these nearly-indestructible bubbles. I’ll find them stuck on the carpet, still intact, over 24 hours after I’ve blown them! BabyRoX loves to watch the bubbles and try to touch them. And the wand makes blowing tons of bubbles super easy and not messy.

Shampoo Rinser- My baby was born with a full head of hair! And since I like to touch it all the time, it gets oily and needs to be washed. This awesome, soft pitcher-thingy lets me easily rinse the shampoo out his hair without getting water all over his face or in his eyes.

Hmmm… I think that’s it for now. I’m sure there are items I’ve forgotten, but these are some of the things we used a lot during the first 3 months. Hope it’s helpful for the rest of you!

Wednesday by Leah: Awkward

– Posted by Leah

There was a wonderfully beautiful post on Offbeat Mamathe other day – one that resonated with me on several levels – as an adoptee, as a parent, and as a person who loves to ponder the intricacies of identity, of transitions, and of family.

One quote in particular has been bouncing around in my brain: “Sometimes holding yourself back, playing your cards close to the chest, is the only defense we have. Our silence makes us secure.”

I’m a very open person, for the most part. But there are things I’d rather keep quiet. I don’t necessarily want everyone to know all of my weaknesses. I don’t want people witnessing all of my mistakes, my awkward moments.

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Before I became a mom, I viewed the transition to parenthood as similar to other transitions in life: the transition to “adulthood” (which, for me, was defined by finishing college, moving across the country, and getting my first full-time job – and a bunch of bills!), the transition to domestic partnership, the transition to married life, and the transition to self-employment. These are all big steps and with them comes a shift in identity, a new role, a change in how others perceive and/or define me. And with any new role, there is a learning curve, a period of adjustment, while I figure out what this transition means to me, how I define this new role and the expectations that come with it, both from me and from others. Do I accept these expectations? Or do I need to adjust the definition of what being a “wife” or being “an adult” means to something more in line with who I am?

With any new role there is the opportunity for awkward moments. New experiences are rife with awkwardness. But in the past I could hide much of that awkwardness. Feigning confidence, self-assuredness… fumbling my way through my first apartment search, my first time filing taxes, my first year of paying bills… I could make mistakes quietly. No one had to know – or at the very least, only a few people had to know.

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Becoming a parent is similar to any other major life transition… but unlike so many of those other transitions, I’m finding this one much more public.As I figure out this new role of “Mom,” as I integrate it into the other aspects of my identity – my life story – there are many awkward moments. Trying to nurse in public – quickly before Jonah starts screaming for the milk. Trying to get Jonah in and out of the Moby wrapthe first few times. Trying to get the car seat adjusted properly. Trying to change a diaper without getting peed on. And because I refuse to stay shut up in my house, these things are all happening in public. With onlookers. Everyone out there is witnessing my transition to motherhood – my awkwardness and my fumbling. I can’t hide this part of me. I’m a new mom. And my baby is so darn cute, people can’t help but stare (haha, that’s what I tell myself!).

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Luckily for me, I’m not too easily embarrassed. Like any other transition, the newness will wear off. I will find my groove – in many ways, I already have. I’m so much more comfortable taking Jonah out and about. There will always be awkward moments – children aren’t the most predictable creatures on the planet, after all. But I’m not going to let a fear of looking/feeling uncomfortable stop me from exploring the world with my son. I’m embracing this awkwardness. It feels uncomfortable now, but it already feels less so. My 22-year-old baby adult self would have been horrified to be seen making a mistake or not knowing exactly what to do…my 30-year-old mom self is just going to shrug it off and kiss Jonah’s big squishy cheeks. I have WAY more important things to concern myself with these days. So bring on the awkwardness!

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Wednesday by Leah: My New Heart

– Posted by Leah

I love a lot of people. I love deeply, fiercely, easily. But I also love safely. I’ve never truly had a broken heart before. I love people I know will love me back. I surround myself with happy thoughts, happy dreams, happy places, happy faces, and then I let the love flow. It is a controlled love, as controlled as love can be. Which is perhaps why I resisted when I first met Mark – this was a love that threatened my sense of control. So I fought it, and then rationalized it, and finally surrendered to it. He loved me back. And my world continued to be a safe, happy place. And I continued to love.

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I never questioned whether I would love my child. I loved him before he was even growing inside of me – when he was still just an idea, a tentative thought… a possibility. I loved him more when he was 4 cells. And even more when he was thousands of cells…a fledgling brain and spinal cord. And more still when he had a little tail and arm buds.

I loved him to the point of tears when I saw his heart beating, when I saw the tiny bones in his fingers and toes. I loved him to the point of breathlessness when I felt his first kicks. My love for him exceeded any previous-felt sensations when he was wet and squirming in my hands. Speechless, senseless, intense. My baby. It was almost too much.

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Newborns | Maternity |

And as I stared at him day after day, hour after hour… as I heard his sounds and learned his gestures and stroked every square inch of his head, his torso, his legs… I realized that I could not bear the love I felt. At least not in my current state. For this was a dangerous love, a completely consuming, impossible-to-control love. I was changing. I had to change. I had to grow a new heart because my former one broke when Jonah was born. It cracked wide open, raw and bleeding from the intensity of this new love. And in the weeks since, my new heart has been growing over the jagged edges, mending the torn tissues, allowing me to accept the infinite abyss that is my love for my son.

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Newborns | Maternity |

I didn’t expect this. I thought that since I am so used to giving and receiving love, this whole motherhood thing would just mean I was adding people to my circle of loved ones. My child would be on the inner ring, orbiting a bit closer to my heart than others, easily incorporated into my existing circles of love. When people would tell my pregnant self about how there is no love like a parent’s love, I would smile and nod and think, “Well, of course I’m going to love my child an insane amount.”

I didn’t realize just how insane, just how fierce, just how mightily I would love this child. I didn’t know it was a type of love that would rip through me like a tornado, leaving me shaking and sobbing in its wake, unable to put the pieces of my shattered, sheltered heart back together.

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Every day I melt. Every day I surrender. Every day I fall a bit deeper into this abyss of love. Goodbye control. Goodbye safety. My new heart is one without boundaries, without defenses, without rules or rationality. It just beats and bleeds and loves.

And now I know what all those people were trying to tell me… but there really is no preparation for parenthood. You just have to get bowled over, to let yourself drown. I’m here to tell you that you’ll resurface. Not in the same shape or form, but in a more raw and vulnerable state than ever before. Stripped down. Beating and bleeding and loving.

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Newborns | Maternity |

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Newborns | Maternity |

Wednesday by Leah: Motherhood

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | | Newborn

– Posted by Leah

Wow, so I’m really and truly somebody’s mother now. A month ago I was in labor. Has it really been a month? Jonah will be 4 weeks tomorrow!Mark and I are so very lucky to have such a healthy, amazing son. Jonah is the sweetest little guy ever. It’s been so much fun watching his personality start to unfold, getting to know him – getting to know myself as a mother and Mark as a father.

Right now my life consists of a lot of nursing, a lot of singing, a lot of kisses, a lot of diaper changes, and not a lot of sleep. The sleep thing is not Jonah’s fault, though – he sleeps a lot! I just lost my ability to nap once I stopped being pregnant, unfortunately. He is still nursing every 2 hours, but we usually get one stretch of 3 – 3.5 hours in the middle of the night, which is great for both of us.

Honestly, I started feeling like a mom when I found out I was pregnant. It was a rather passive type of mothering, though. This first month of mothering a child outside of my body is definitely more “real” and active than being a mom to a fetus. Has it been different than I expected? Yes and no. I expected to be completely consumed with my new role, and totally in love in with my sweet boy. I did not expect it to be quite so easy. I expected to feel more exhausted, perhaps a bit harried, overwhelmed, unsure of myself. But it feels very natural, this motherhood thing. Mark and I are a great team, and he’s able to be home with us a lot, so I have plenty of support. Jonah is an angel – a laid-back, easy-to-soothe, hardly-ever-fusses baby.

Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | | Newborn

The intensity of the love I feel for Jonah – and the love Mark feels for him, too – is impossible to put into words. We just look at Jonah, and look at each other, and say again and again, “I love him so much!!!” But “so much” pales in comparison to just how much we love our son. I’ve never ever ever felt a love like this before. I miss Jonah if someone else has been holding him for an hour or so. I sleep better when he’s asleep on my chest. My body still feels very connected to him. He cries and my boobs leak. He smiles and I can’t look away. He snuggles up against me and I am instantly relaxed and at peace.

I’m happy to say that I’m completely loving being a mom. I was scared to take this huge leap, to take on this new identity, but so far it has been the absolute best adventure of my life. I was meant to do this. Jonah was meant to be in our lives. Everything feels so right.

And isn’t he cute???! =) I’m one proud mama.


Wednesday by Leah: No Crib for a Bed | Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographers

– Posted by Leah

I have a song I sing to Jonah – I changed the words to the Christmas carol “Away in a Manger”…

Away in Atlanta, no crib for a bed

My little boy Jonah laid down his sweet head

The stars in the sky twinkled with delight

As my little Jonah slept all through the night

Okay, so the sleeping through the night part might be wishful thinking, at least at first… but it’s true that we won’t have a crib for Jonah. Why? Well… most people have heard of the Montessori approach to education – there are Montessori schools all over the place. The Montessori method encourages creativity, self-directed learning, and independence. The learning environment is set up to facilitate the child’s development – books, simple toys, plants, etc. are kept within reach of the child. Child-size tables, sinks, and real plates and glasses enable children to wash and eat on their own, as well as handle fragile items with care – no sippy cups here! | Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographers

You don’t have to wait for preschool to implement the Montessori method, though – you can do it in your own home, starting in infancy. We are creating a Montessori-style room for Jonah. This includes a low bookshelf with a few simple, age-appropriate toys, a basket of books, an activity bar – which is sort of like a movable mobile, a mirror along the wall near the floor, and a floor bed – which will be a twin foam mattress on the floor. No crib. People are a little surprised when they find out we’re not putting our child in a crib. But… is that safe? What happens when he wakes up or doesn’t want to sleep?

What happens is that the entire room is childproof. We’ll close off the door with a baby gate. The whole room is a safe place for Jonah to explore. Once he is mobile, if he wakes up he can roll around on his bed, crawl over to his bookshelf to play, etc. Freedom of movement encourages more movement – which supports muscle development, motor skill development, and, of course, brain development.

We plan on keeping Jonah in our room in a co-sleeper bed for the first few months. But once he is moving around and sleeping a bit longer between feedings, we’ll move him to his own room. I’ll post photos and updates once the nursery is all set up! (Nudge, nudge Marky Mark) | Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographers

To see examples of other Montessori-style nurseries, go Here and Here andHere and Here! For more info about implementing Montessori in the home, here are some useful resources: Montessori from the Start, Montessori at Home, Feeding the Soil, and At Home with Montessori.

The Weekend, Phoenix, and More

It’s been busy around here lately. This past week was pretty awesome – a good number of new people signed up for our photography newsletter through our mention on Scoutmob!, and we’ve been working with the interns a good bit.

We’ve also received a good number of emails asking for photography/light classes – and it’s always a big compliment when someone wants to learn from you – and believe me, we’re really flattered by the idea. So yeah. One day, when we’re ready, we’ll offer actual photography classes. Until then, we’re just going to focus on working with our interns and polishing up our delivery – because teaching is a totally different skill and just because you do something well, doesn’t mean you can effectively convey that knowledge to others. We respect good teachers and we don’t want to be bad ones. So we’re practicing.

In two week’s we’re actually going to be holding a Photography Business Marketing class for all of our interns. We don’t really know what’s taught at other ‘photography marketing’ classes but what we do is outline what we’ve done over the past year since we started last August, and then some of the principles we follow. I’ve said this before so none of it’s new, but our three main principles are:

1. Be different

2. Do things that matter

3. Show everyone

To give you an idea of how we go about things – this book is actually one of our recommendations for all of our interns. Fundamentals don’t change. Creative advertising that doesn’t sell product is still failed advertising.

I’ve been working with the interns lately and going on some of their photoshoots with them. I’ll usually help out with lighting and some shot ideas – but they’re leading the shoot. They have to find subjects, the location and basically make it happen. I just show up, help out, answer questions, make up ideas, and we’ll work on different shot setups.

Sometimes people just need a little push to do more. Sometimes we need a big shove. In order to attend our marketing class, interns are required to schedule a photoshoot on their own so that I can come along and work with them. Sure they work with me on my shoots, but it’s something different when it’s your own clients. There is also a quota of deliverables and effort. Just because our internship is free, doesn’t mean that everyone finishes. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans, sometimes it’s just not a good fit – but no matter what, the set deliverables are required (kind of like when you have clients!) and basically everyone has to work hard or they won’t be an intern anymore – and I do mean that in the nicest way possible 🙂

This weekend is the halfway point for our 3 month internship. That means six weeks have gone by, photos have been made and blog posts have been written. Check them out here.

I’ll be in Phoenix for a bit of time in November and I’m booking portrait sessions, but I’m also looking for a few assistants to work with me out there. If you know anyone interested in a portrait session, or helping out – let me know. That would be awesome. Just email us at or hey, you can drop a line at my facebook page.

Oh yeah, and I suppose I could also mention that we do portrait sessions here in Atlanta too. All the time. Just ask for one 🙂

This weekend, me and the Intern Army are going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta (anime convention!). We’ve acquired some staff badges so we have better access and hopefully we’ll make photos that are completely different from your average ‘con’ photo.

These are the test shots we did at Dragon*Con – oh and these too.

Now we’re going to really start shooting. Along with our staff badges we’ll have these super bright orange LeahAndMark Intern Badges. Because you know – we don’t want to be confused with any Counterfeit Interns.

Oh – we’re also going to be competing with each other. We’ll be in teams of two and we’ll be covering the convention however we see fit. The main requirement is that we do not make standard convention photos. Basically – we’re going to be working in a way you couldn’t work if you were shooting alone. Off-camera flash and human light stands.

And then we’ll all get together and photograph the Lolita Fashion show.

I photographed it last year and made these photos. It was really exciting because all of the other photographers never showed up – so I had free reign (and lots of time) to do whatever I wanted. Sure I was naive and I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing (remember, at that point I had only been shooting for about a month). Still – this year I’m going to try some brand new things because why would we try the same old stuff?

Check back on Monday. All of the interns are required to have some new posts up – or they’re cut. Yeah, we’re going all out now.

Atlanta. Photographer. Interns. Internship. Phoenix. Portraits.