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C & R | Wimbish House NYE Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wimbish House; Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

Having a Wimbish House Wedding? On New Year’s Eve?! I’ve said it before and I’ve said it over and over again – when you have a New Year’s Eve wedding you are deciding to host a New Year’s Eve PARTY. Don’t try to be low key about your wedding if it’s on NYE. You’re asking people to spend a party holiday with YOU – so you need to put on a party.

Wimbish House; Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

I mean you don’t HAVE TO – because I’ll never say you HAVE TO do anything for your own wedding (but seriously – if you invite more than 10 people then… don’t be lame and have a party.)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer LeahAndMark & Co.

Wimbish House; Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

I’ve photographed several new year’s eve weddings and fortunately – they’ve all lived up to the hype – they’ve all had crazy crazy great parties for the reception. It’s simple really. In fact it’s almost easier to have a great party reception on New Year’s Eve because people are in the mood to party. That’s not always the case with other wedding receptions. Sometimes people are just like… laaaaaaaaaaaaaame. And then other times they’re just tired. But on NYE – they won’t be. 

Plus – all you really need to get the party going is a decent DJ, party hats, and some noise makers. Seriously – if you have party hats all of a sudden it’s a CRAZY party. In fact – if you want to have a great party reception at your regular, non-NYE-wedding – then just make sure you have enough fun party hats. And Sunglasses. AND alcohol. 

Wimbish House Wedding

Wimbish House Wedding Photos

I know I know – alcohol is not a must have – but if you want to play percentages and just have a better chance at a better party… do not have a dry wedding. A dry wedding is a 100% reason for guests to leave your reception early – like right after the cake cutting early – or even right after dinner. Because damn if most people are gonna hangout with you til midnight without any alcohol. What are they? 12 years old? I mean… okay unless it’s a religious decision then just label your wedding reception as a ‘lock-in’. You know, like back in your Christian teen youth group days. Remember those? A “Lock-In” and you raised money by saying you were going to talk or dance or sing the whole time/every hour or something. And you were raising money for your youth group to go on some missionary trip to help indigenous peoples of wherever with their poor lives and poor living. 

Oh – but your NYE wedding. Right. 

New Year’s Eve Wedding in Atlanta

Wimbish House Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

So what else do you need? Food. Snacks. Well – at least a great dinner. This is not the time for one of those receptions where you just serve heavy appetizers and think that people will be satisfied. F*ck that. You need to serve them dinner and have a decent amount of dessert. Now you don’t need to buy the $1,000 cake – just have more than enough cheap cake and spend the money on the alcohol – cause then that cheap cake will TASTE AMAZING.

In conclusion, Caroline and Ryan are AMAZING and Full of Awesome. 

Wimbish House Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

Wimbish House Wedding; New Year's Eve; NYE; Atlanta Wedding Photorapher LeahAndMark

Atlanta Wedding Photographer. Wimbish House wedding. New Year’s Eve Wedding. LeahAndMark & Co.

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This Post is About Having a NYE (New Year’s Eve) Wedding

Let’s get to it.

If you’re planning on having your wedding on New Year’s Eve – it better be a great party. Like a GREAT PARTY.

Otherwise you fail your guests. Sure – you can take comfort in the whole “my guests just want to celebrate us getting married blahblahblah” – not on New Year’s Eve. Of course they do want you to be happy and get married – but chances are good that they also, definitely want a great party. A great NYE Party. So that’s what you’re putting on. OR ELSE.

Or else you’re putting on some low key affair and asking people to have a low key NYE. That’s cool too. If you’re inviting 30 people.

If you’re inviting 200 people – party the f*ck up and make it happen. You’re the one who hijacked their holiday.

But no pressure.

IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME AND AMAZING! (check out the slow-mo sparkler exit in the video below!)

You just have to do a few things (even though I don’t like saying ‘you have to do this…’).

But first – check out this video from a NYE wedding/party we photographed earlier this year.

1. Have your ceremony at an appropriate time.

Because really – you’re asking people to stay until at least midnight – and probably more like 1am+. So don’t have your ceremony at 5pm. Later, 7 or 8pm is great.

2. Bring on the New Year’s Celebration.

When you have your wedding on other holidays (4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.) you can probably get away with making it ONLY about your day and your wedding. Mmmmm, not NYE. Your wedding is on NYE. So have a NYE party – with the accompanying stuff – hats, noise makers, tiaras, whatever you can find – stock up and have plenty. Because then it’s also a semi costume party (and everyone loves a costume party where they didn’t actually have to come up with their own costume.)

3. No dry wedding.

IDK. Sorry I have to say this…. uhhhhh… seriously come on – NYE? Dry wedding? WTF. Just no.

4. Don’t be cheap. Don’t skimp. 

Okay. Usually I’m all like – hey it’s your wedding! Do whatever you want! Go budget style. Go REALLY budget style. But not on New Year’s Eve. It’s your choice to have a wedding on New Year’s Eve – it’s your choice to make it as great as possible for your guests – and if it’s lame – that will be YOUR CHOICE as well.

But again. No pressure.

NYE Wedding; New Year's Eve Wedding; Tips; How to; Ideas; LeahAndMark & Co. NYE Wedding; New Year's Eve Wedding; Tips; How to; Ideas; LeahAndMark & Co.


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New Years Resolutions & a Recap by +Jo

– Posted by +Jo

I hope your New Year has started off amazing. I hope you were safe and had a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve. You deserved it.

I’ve been rather vacant lately. This year holds so much potential – something I don’t think I fully took advantage of in the last. Growing up I always spent my New Years Eves with my Meme {aka grandmother}. Every one, until I went to college. The last few have held nothing for me. I was usually at home working on something for school or at a club bar tending/bouncing. {Yeah – lil’ ol’ me – but just the ladies.} So I was too busy to really take the time to think about the year in reverse.

This year I spent a great deal of time on the subject. It seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford to pass up.
Unfortunately, even with my supreme ability to ramble, I can’t really put it all into words.

This past year felt like a decade and at the end I feel like a child. I found many insecurities I thought I had left far behind me. I discovered the many faults I believed I had conquered. I’m very cynical and naive at the same time.  This year threw me in every direction and left me beaten in the corner. But I like to believe I have a little bit of an Ippo Complex. {Now, I realize you probably do not know who I’m talking about – he’s an anime character based on a Japanese Featherweight Boxing Champion. He takes a beating every time, yet always allows his fighting spirit to lead him to victory.}

That was this year.

I my have won the match but I am far from the championship. And I certainly have my war wounds.
Most of the lessons I learned are depressing and cynical: people revel in takeing advantage of others, even long time friends can/will betray you, your health will give out when you least expect it, people do not like to pay for things, being multi-disciplinary is not the best thing in this economy, people want good little soldiers, etc…

I don’t know how else to think about those things. I tried to find a better {positive} way to word all of these lessons. But I don’t have the words.
This past year was crap.

Then in the last few months – this past year was amazing.

And I have to remind myself that I found a new part of me this past year. I have an amazing life long companion in Eric. I have so many people rooting for me in the world. I know that once I’m given the chance I can do anything I put my mind to. I have found my way into new little friend-families after my old one split in Savannah. I know myself better than ever. Not completely, but better.

And still, I can’t seem to be able to express everything…

maybe I’m not supposed to.


Instead – I’ll leave you with some images:


Here’s to the next year.
I will be my own Champion.