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Theresa + Chris | Wedding Preview

Hello 2011.

Last weekend we were in Huntsville, Alabama to photograph Theresa and Chris’ awesome wedding. Theresa initially found us through – and a few weeks later Leah and I had dinner with her at Mi Barrio down here in Atlanta. I remember being about 30 minutes late to that meeting since I had gotten a flat tire after leaving the office that day (but hey! I’m a guy and you know, I totally changed that tire all by myself… and got really sweaty gross… yeah – that’s exactly how you want to be when you meet with a bride…)

Somehow Theresa overlooked the grease stains on my shirt and she was even okay with meeting up with us at a  run down Mexican food shack . (That was before we had a studio – and we were tired of meeting at Starbucks/another coffee shop.) A few months later we met up with Theresa and Chris in Nashville, Tennessee for their engagement session – and that was insane amounts of fun.

Finally – last Saturday we drove to Huntsville, Alabama for their wedding.

We left early on Saturday morning and instead of simply driving on the major interstates to save an hour – we took some smaller state highways through the Georgia and Alabama countryside. We left before dawn (to make sure we’d have enough tow truck time in case anything happened) and you know – there are worse things than watching the sunrise over the farms of northern Alabama. Sure I’m probably romanticizing things a bit – but to a large degree – I’m not. It’s a pretty great thing when it’s my job to wake up, watch a sunrise, and then spend the day with some seriously awesome people on one of the most special days of their lives.

We honestly could not have had a better 1st wedding of 2011.

Thank you Theresa & Chris. You. Are. Awesome.

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Rachel + Mike | Wedding Preview

This is Rachel & Mike’s wedding. You might remember them from their engagement session that we photographed back in June in Nashville. Along with Heather & Glynn in Indiana – Rachel & Mike were one of the first people to take a chance on us – I think we had only photographed 2 weddings (Haley & Chris, Jenn & Justin) when they sent us their signed contract and deposit.

Although they may have been impressed by those two first weddings – I think to some degree our ‘early adopters’ were taking a chance on the fact that Leah and I were improving – and they knew that by the time their wedding rolled around, we’d have many more weddings under our belts – and not just local weddings – out of state weddings in places like Indiana and Massachusetts.

Having lived in Phoenix, Az. for most of my life – I never thought I’d spend as much time in Tennessee as I have over the past year – of course, it’s not so bad when you don’t take the main highways and the sky opens up to forever.

Something we especially enjoy is the challenge of trying to also capture the atmosphere and general feeling of the location on that day. I’ve said it before – but there’s a difference between a wedding in Boston on a clear day, an overcast and raining Savannah, or a perfect afternoon in Smithville, Tennessee – and the wedding photos should reflect that.

The light just feels different.

Thank you Rachel & Mike.

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Theresa + Chris | Preview

We spent this past Saturday up in Nashville, TN. to meet up with Theresa and Chris for their engagement session. This is the second time we’ve made the trip up to Nashville – the first being an engagement session with Rachel & Mike.

When Theresa and Chris picked us up from the hotel we found out that our originally planned locations were out of the picture. There was a wedding going on at one and then they found a better 2nd location. Fortunately for us – we don’t plan or think too hard about all of this, so we’re never really tied to any location. No matter what, you’ve got to deliver right? Right.

Also – it’s always nice when the weather plays along.

Theresa found us through our write-ups on – and hers is the ‘Alabama’ wedding when we list all of the states we’re headed to in the next year (Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama!)

She was interning at a law firm in Atlanta over the summer and met up with me and Leah at one of our favorite mexican spots – Mi Barrio (literally a family run shack  that we love) and after that we knew she was cool – so we were really excited when everything was confirmed because hey – our clients are our friends and that’s the way we like it.

Like always – we try different things to see how they’ll work out. The first shot below is into the sun without any fill light – and then the next one is with a flash from the right side.

We’ve decided that we don’t see enough shadow play in people’s photos anymore. So we’ve been working on that. Part of the trick isn’t to just take a picture of the shadow, but to try and make the shadows their own characters or subjects in the photo, separate from the actual people.

The above picture is doctored to remove my shadow – and the below is what happens when papparazzi shadows get in the shot.

We can’t wait for their wedding in a few months.

Have a great day.

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Rachel & Michael | Engagement Session

Rachel & Mike’s engagement story (as told by Mike):
So, the big question, how do you do it and how do you make it special…

That was going through my mind for the days/weeks/months up to the actual proposal and throughout all my thoughts and consultations with other marrieds – I had nothing. Didn’t have a clue how to make this an extra special time for both of us. We eventually had a big dinner with some friends at a nice restaurant downtown, but I wasn’t feeling so hot, the dinner wasn’t that fantastic and the restaurant was too noisy – so I had to leave it in my pocket (thankfully it didn’t wander off) and think again.

The closer to Christmas it got, the more anxiety I felt, so I decided to just go ahead and ask via our Christmas tree.  I put it on a ornament hanger and figured the sparkle would eventually catch her eye and that would be that. Nope.  As we were getting ready to leave the house to see some friends, I heard her click the tree lights off.  Running into the living room, I turned them back on and pointed out our new ornament to her.  It was then that the old traditionalist in me dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. It was just like that.

Click here for the Photo Gallery.

Leah and I are really excited to go back up to Tennessee to photograph their wedding in a few months! Have a great day and check back here tomorrow for another engagement session post!
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