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Quick Post this Before it Gets Erased!

So on the day of the move (yesterday – Tuesday) I couldn’t find my Canon A570 camera, so I ended up having to use my 1.3 megapixel A10! These shots (except for the glorious fried chicken) are at 1.3 um, quality. But still! We’ve moved to Inman Park and we are both very, very, very happy about that. Of course, we understand that it’s a bit of a fortunate opportunity to be able to move a new place that you actually want to move to – as opposed to moving to a certain house/apartment out of necessity.

You know what’s also cool? There are at least two unsecured wifi signals here – and that helps a great deal since I was slow to call Comcast and have them transfer the internet/cable – and they won’t be out until this coming Tuesday – so that would’ve been 7 days without internet if it weren’t for these wifi signals. Plus, we don’t get the free City of Decatur wifi out here either. And now it’s time for a glorious fried chicken break!

Mmmmm. It’s golden breaded fat infused chicken goodness.

Hiring movers is totally worth the money if you can spare a few hundred. We used Mark the Mover (a bit on the high side I think @$140 per hour – but they worked hard and we had a lot of stuff) and this is the second time we’ve used them. Both times have been good experiences. I think it also helped a lot that it was the perfect weather for a move. It was cool in the morning and it didn’t get too hot by the time they finished. Oh yeah, we also bought them some Krispy Kreme donuts and water bottles + generous tips for each of the 3 people.

This is a picture of One-Two at the old house – if he looks big-as-in-size that’s because he IS a big cat, and so is Three-Four. Like usual, Three-Four has been brave and running all over the new apartment checking things out while One-Two has been hiding and slinking along the ground since we got here. The differences in their personalities are so much fun.

Oh look! More Glorious Fried Chicken and this time it’s coming at ya!

Um. Did we mention that this is church property that we now live on? Yes.

So. We’ve started the unpacking process. Everything’s in boxes and we’re trying to make our way through all of the kitchen boxes so we can stop eating out so much and finally start cooking – at least dinner. Then we have to put our new Ikea bed together and the sofa!

Oh. So apparently – according to the excellent Lizerati – we were recognized while at Kroger getting groceries tonight. AND – I remember the three people too! (They were the only group of three giving us odd looks.) BUT that’s awesome. (You’d think that we were used to people looking at us oddly in general for no real reason at all anyways.)

As left by Lizerati in the comments section of the last post:

Internet fame has caught up with you guys! I found this site via the couch post on the atlanta lj community (or was it LJ-atlanta?) and added it to my google reader a week or two ago. Tonight, two of my friends and I (lorigami and glueandglitter on LJ) saw you at the Edgewood Kroger and had a whole discussion about if it was you two or not. And if it was creepy or not that we were staring at you and trying to figure out if it was leahandmark or not. (admittedly, this was after some sake at ru-sans)

So, um, welcome to the neighborhood!

And with that… goodnight. 🙂

Pack Everything in a Box

Even though this is only a four day work week – it’s still Monday – so we’ll begin with something that makes us happy – Baklava! Honestly, I hadn’t ever eaten ANY baklava until… about 3 years ago when Leah’s grandparents? sent her some in the mail (well, you know, ordered it and had it delivered so it was still relatively fresh – and absolutely awesome.) Baklava has got to be in my top 10 ummm… dessert/pastry/type things ever. Seriously. Unfortunately, I could eat it for days. If by some unfortunate circumstance you’ve lived without ever having eaten any baklava – go and get some right now. Like RIGHT NOW.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we made our way to Ikea this past weekend. We bought a new sofa and a new bed/mattress. In the picture below, Leah’s pushing the Sofa and I’m pushing the bed frame parts. It was a good thing I had so much practice pushing our other sofa/bed combo to the curb the other day because I had to pull this down from the shelving and onto the cart since there were no Ikea reps around in sight. (On a completely side-note, I wasn’t sore or hurting at all after any of the furniture moving and hauling – and I normally would be all screwed up someplace, probably my back and shoulders area – except I’ve been doing workouts that mostly consist of running a lot, and using heavy kettlebells that they have my gym now. Ummmmmmm. Offtrack.)

These are Leah’s vegetarian Chiknuggets – which we ate at around 2am on Saturday night because she couldn’t sleep and was watching the 2nd season of Dexter (you have GOT to see this show) and I was attempting to work on some homework. Which brings me to another subject – how we don’t really have much actual FOOD inside of our fridge. It’s that weird situation where our fridge is FULL of stuff… but nothing to eat. We do have a large collection of condiments and parts – oh yeah, and of course Eggs… but not much real food.

Sunday morning? Belly of course! But I’ll spare you the latest pictures of the latest Nutella & Banana Panino sandwich. We also bought two Sunday papers for packing paper (and then realized that I could’ve just grabbed 4 or 5 of those ‘free’ papers like Creative Loafing or… Sunday Paper.

Looking back – it was a really, really long weekend – partly because we had the moving/packing/boxing job looming over us the whole time. We did get a whole lot done – about 3/4ths of the stuff and we even did yard work. Part of the problem is that I feel the need to box EVERYTHING. I mean almost EVERYTHING – and anything that’s not in a box… well, then it’s in a bag that we’re taking over and not having the movers bring over.

I just have this whole thing about having movers move anything that’s not big enough to be considered furniture, and stuff that’s not in a proper box that’s been taped closed. So that means I want to pack EVERYTHING in a proper box that can be taped shut and stacked. Other wise I feel it’s like… handing them a rolling cart full of loose items. I don’t know. Plus, we’re also trying to cut down on the time that the movers have to be there so the more ‘packed’ we are, the less ‘packing’ that actually has to go on when they get there – saving us money.

We ate a spot called ‘Tin Drum’ over in Sandy Springs this weekend and it was a good choice – not anything adventurous, but after our relatively terrible lunch at Saigon Cafe in Decatur… yeah, Tin Drum was awesome in comparison.

Penang chicken up above. Seriously. Lately I’ve been on this big um, ‘penang’ kick. It’s such a good flavor!… and I’m sure the coconut milk has relatively few calories right? I mean, like none. And fat? zero. Definitely. Well. Um. I guess I’ll take comfort in that it’s not ‘breaded and fried’ chicken right?

So. Work today. Homework. Yeah. Like every class, this latest one is really a bit of a struggle only because of the timing – but about half the time it’s really inconvenient anyways. I can’t not do the paper this week because it’s worth double the number of points of last week’s paper (which I did not due after the cost/benefit analysis of time vs. paper) so… this week’s paper, a MUST do. Hopefully I can knock it out relatively easy. Sometimes… it’s a real battle. Tonight? It’s the battle of me against the clothes.


The heat is ON!

Actually, the AC window unit and some fans are on in the LandM household. But we work best under pressure, and with our big move less than 48 hours away, the pressure is definitely on! The actual packing goes pretty fast… but we still have a bit of that left to do, plus taking apart a bookshelf, a desk, unhooking our electronics, and my least fave part: cleaning. I bet James and Terry are soooo sad to be in Phoenix right now, because they’ve helped with at least 5 of my moves in the past 4 years. And now they have to miss out on this one, which is probably the biggest one of all, since we actually own furniture now and we’re actually taking it with us. Minus the sofa that is still on the curb. I need to call the City about that…they were supposed to pick that couch up last Tuesday.

Anna and Chris are total rockstars and they brought over a huge case of beer and a bazillion boxes last week. Then Anna packed our huge Ikea bookshelf in like 10 minutes. Then they tried to do more, but we wouldn’t let them. Mwahaha. Really, we just like to put stuff off to the Very. Last. Minute. So, any guesses on what I’ll be doing at 4 a.m. Monday?

Okay….I’m really going to pack some more now. Really. Ciao!