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You Are Powerful by +Raven

You are incredibly powerful. Do you know that?

No, like, really. I know for a fact that you don’t tell yourself that enough. Start.

I finally broke down and started reading this book on the subject of love and positive thinking recently {which I won’t name, in the hopes that I come off less like a walking ad for the book and more like a real person, haha}. And before you get your skeptical face out, hold up.

I was skeptical. And honestly, was kind of reading it as a joke. Something to make fun of {well, it’s true}. But . . . it said some cool stuff.

Most of the book is stuff I already believe anyway, but it’s neat to see it laid out in such an orderly fashion, especially by someone else. Kind of gives you some support or validation.

There are a lot of quotes – from world religions, leaders, thinkers, all kinds of people – used in the book to support and fill in certain points. And I wanted to share some of those quotes, simply because I thought they were neat, or were “WOW” moments for me. And, I kinda like you, and I like sharing stuff with you. 🙂

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.” – Gautama Buddha

“In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it.” – Martin Rees

And my personal favorite:

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth: ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a Love like that! It lights the whole sky.” – Hafez

You. Are. Awesome. Now start living like it.

Meeting 2012 Head-on by +Raven

Well, my turn for a new year’s post.

Since joining Pinterest a few weeks back {and yes, I’m obsessed}, I’ve seen a ton of really awesome inspirational things. Words of wisdom, little reassurances, awesome images others have taken, etc. My favorite one by far, though, was this: “My 2012 New Year’s Resolution: Be Better.”

I’ve taken it as my resolution, as well. It really covers all manner of things, all of the things I want to – when you break it down – be better at or about. Fitness, my fashion sense {which is getting better}, my photography, how I treat people every day, how I treat myself, how I spend my time.

There are a lot of really awesome things coming up in 2012 that I’m so excited about. There’s going to be a lot of traveling, including South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and even a bit back home in Atlanta.

I plan on exploding with awesomeness this year. So, watch out. <3

You. Are. Awesome.

April Ferocious!


Click Here to view the Preview Gallery:

I know. It’s been a while since we last posted – but we’ve been working hard!

Last Saturday we shot this photo shoot with April. She’s actually a music artist and is working on some new stuff that should be out in a few months. You can hear some of her older works HERE.

Our friend Zack came along to help us out on this shoot. We were on the top level of a few parking decks – and because it’s been so windy lately I haven’t been able to use the ‘umbrellas’ – this time I brought Zack along so that he could hold them in case the wind picked up.

Even though Leah and I moved up to Sandy Springs back in August, I was still driving down to Inman Park/L5p/Cabbagetown for photo shoots out of habit – those were the areas that I really knew and where I felt comfortable – so even though it was across town, I would still drive down there.

But I figured that I should probably find some areas closer to us – and I don’t think there are as many photo shoots going on in the Sandy Springs area. At least not ones that aren’t in some kind of suburban park that looks like… so many of the photo shoot/portrait sessions shot out here in the suburbs… of course we do live in Sandy Springs and it’s like… really suburban. (We live here ’cause we’re awesome alright?!?!)

And it’s not as if I have much time to ‘scout’ locations – so I just tried to see what I could see from my daily commute – and from the freeway I could see these glass buildings, and their parking decks. So yeah, it might take some searching, but I think I can keep finding different cool locations – even up here in the suburbs.


Click Here to view the Preview Gallery:

Ashley E.


Click here to see the photos!

This will be a short post. Partly due to the fact that my head is going to explode (from ideas!) and then partly because it’s taken me far too long to even write this amount of text. Still. This shoot with Ashley was on the same day I photographed Molly – and it was still in the 30’s and still very windy – possibly even MORE windy.

Despite the weather conditions that would keep most people in the studio – we were out and about Inman Park shooting. After shooting by the train tracks, we were in the car about to leave when we looked across the street and saw this abandoned lot with overgrown weeds – and coke bottles, used tires, and um, syringes – and like the professionals we are, we decided that it was the perfect spot for a photo shoot. Right? ha. Right.

Luckily Ashley probably didn’t think too hard about it because if she did she wouldn’t have gone in there at all, let alone wearing the heels that she had on. So I set up my lights in the tall grass (which isn’t that easy apparently) and we got to shooting.

I did see several people peering out their windows in the tall apartment complex across from the lot – I’m sure we looked… crazy or just dumb – things I’m totally used to at this point.


Here comes Monday.

Click here to see the photos!

Whitney S.


CLICK HERE for Whitney’s Photo Gallery:

I met Whitney back in July – during fight choreography for a small film that we both worked on for a second. She’s in the last photo of this previous post – and then more in the link to the flickr set in that post. Our characters actually had this big fight scene where she was beating me up (we were X-men type super heroes) – so it was fun to work with her again (sort of).

Oh look. Here’s her IMDB profile:

This shoot was right after the shoot with Addy so we were still in the same woodsy park area – except of course I wanted different photos so we went to the other side and found some other trees. Yeah. That sentence was actually much more interesting before I wrote it. Still – like the shoot with Addy I was really trying to give Whitney some photos that weren’t anything like the stuff she already had in her portfolio. Since she already has some headshots I decided I wouldn’t try to give her new ones. Besides, I wanted to make use of the remaining fall leaves that were still hanging around.


It’s kind of funny how much I don’t know (okay not really funny, more like it’s amazing how much I still have to learn). Because after every time I’d click the shutter, Whitney would move and change poses – just slight adjustments, nothing major – not exagerated like you often see other models doing during photo shoots. After the first few photos I had to stop and say ‘wait, you keep moving and posing – that’s awesome’. Of course that just tells you how often I haven’t shot people who are used to modeling. Then Whitney told me that a long time ago another photographer told her that she needs to make each photo different, even if it’s just a really small amount, just different.


So after Whitney and I walked around the forest with the light stand just off camera and always about to fall over – we were done and I learned something valuable from the shoot. In fact, that tip from Whitney really helped out during the last shoot of the day with Sarah and after I told her that piece of advice, it was like both Sarah and I were professionals at this photographer and modeling stuff.

Here’s one shot from Sarah B’s session:


The rest will be posted on Friday.